Thursday, May 28, 2020

Blog Catch Up!

It's been busy at my home! I haven't been blogging due to other projects that have been waiting. I decided to catch up with a post to show some of my fun projects.
Jimmy and I have both been trying to finish up our gardening. My friend gave me this little rose from her rose from Tasha Tudor's garden in Vermont. My first one died and she graciously gave me a second one to try again. It's doing well this year. Can you see the little rose blooming? So exciting.

After some gardening, I decided to finish up a doll and make her an outfit. There was a doll shoppe in Vermont called the Enchanted Dollhouse. They used to sell these little china head dolls. You would make the body and her dress. There were 5 doll kits made. They are dated and named on the back of their breast plate. They are cute, nothing real special, but fun. Several Tasha fans have a collection of these. So this is Nell and it was time to finish her. My friend Carla has Sally and she made her undies out of the same fabric as the dress fabric. I thought it would be fun, even if it isn't traditional.

I love the tiny lace on her pantaloons and slip!

Working on the puffy sleeves and bodice with some antique lace.

Her's Nell in her new dress. I think she is quite happy with it.

This is my Meg doll. I made this dress for her last November. I love the fabric. I am waiting for Emma to arrive from Etsy. I'm not sure if I will like the fabric of her outfit, so I may be working on another one SOON!

For Mother's Day, my daughter Gina gave me a gift card from Etsy. It was so fun looking and thinking about what I wanted to spend my money on! I was wanting a cradle for the little baby doll I posted a few weeks ago. I love the little scenes painted on the bed. Thank you Gina!

It also has little design and wooden knobs on the sides.

Baby Phyllis loves here new bed! She can sit up in it or take a nap. She just fits perfectly in it.

Isn't is just the cutest?!

 A lovely lady in Florida found my blog and sent me an email. She wanted to know if I would like this book. It's a classic and I was happy to get it! I wanted to pay for postage and she wouldn't let me. So sweet from a lady I have never met! Blogger friends are just so wonderful and do such unexpected things.

She also sent some goodies that she had made and a couple other dolly booklets.

She does such beautiful work. Thank you so much Maria.
So, that's what has been keeping me busy this week. I hope you are doing well and taking baby steps to return to a few things as we reopen. Stay safe. 


mamasmercantile said...

A joy to visit today and see your dolls and their little outfits. Loved the cradle. Take care.

Bernideen said...

What a fun post and your cradle is "dolling"! Ha! I love that you have a rose bush from off of Tasha's bush - I guess a cutting someone knew how to root which is wonderful. I have dropped out of the Take Peach FB group. I find I am just not as into some of the aspects. It was mostly the flower gardening and crafting that attracted me and I love her books. I do love my garden and looks like you have a sweet garden too!

Prairie Pines Sewing Room said...

I love miniature roses. I do hope yours will do well. I have the same doll book that you is wonderful. The doll dresses are precious, both of them. Love your new doll cradle too.