Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dolly Thursday and Thursday Finds

It's Dolly Thursday on my Tasha Tudor group again, so I wanted to share this sweet little miss. She is a reproduction doll, but I think she is so beautiful. Her face is darling. She was left in a back room at an estate sale last fall and I just couldn't leave her there, so she came home with me. She was also 1/2 price.

Her dress is sweet and she even came with her little locket. I haven't given her a name yet. She is holding a few friends for the season.

I stopped at an antique store on the way home from the beach last week. I found a few fun things for Easter gifts and a few goodies for me. I love tin dishes and containers. I found this sweet little sugar canister in the basement.

I collect plastic rattles and Easter animals, so this duck will be added to the gang. I think he was quite pleased to join the group.

I always look for vintage books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. This one just has the perfect look.

Someone started to do the embroidery work on this fun little panel and never finish. I think it will make a darling little fun pillow once I get it completed.

Don't you love the ducky?

This is where I found the cute little Beatrix Potter trio that I shared on Tuesday. I just love anything Peter Rabbit.

I think we are actually going to have a sunny day tomorrow! I am excited to see the sun. What a wet and dreary spring we have had.
I was supposed to join in the Tea Cup Exchange reveal today, however, my exchange partner is having a hard time and was delayed in getting my package out. That's just fine, as I understand. It will be fun to share it when it does arrive. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #158

Happy Belated Easter Greetings to my blogger friends! I was kind of shocked when I saw the date on my last blog post...April 7th! WOW! SO much has happened in my life that I will have to share over the next few days. I was able to go to a quilt show, a quilt retreat, we celebrated my dad's 88th birthday and Easter sort of skipped by me as I got sick the night before Easter Sunday....

So, on with the blogging! Today is Tea Time Tuesday and I will share a bit of my Peter Rabbit china by Wedgewood. I have been collecting it for years, just bit by bit which is fun. I was able to find a few more cup and saucers this spring. One of these years, I hope to have a Peter Rabbit tea.

When I returned home to day from my quilting group, I had a cup of tea. I can't eat the yummy cake you see anymore, but it is a family tradition and I still make them for my family.

There's nothing like a cuppa in the afternoon to pick you up! It's even better when it's in a charming teacup.

This is a Blarney Stone. I feature them every Easter because they are a family tradition. My grandmother made the on St Pat's and they were always green. My mom changed the tradition to an Easter dessert and used colored frostings to look like Easter eggs. They are just a white cupcake, frosted all around and rolled in coconut or chopped pecans. They are really rich, loaded with sugar but they are yummy. I have made tiny ones for baby showers or bridal showers which are really cute.

On my way home from my quilt retreat, I stopped at a favorite antique shoppe. I was delighted to find Floppsy, Moppsy, and Cottontail to go along with my little Beatrix Potter animals. So cute!

Over the years, I have found several egg cups. I thought they would look pretty cute with a plastic egg resting in each cup. I love it.

A dolly person MUST own a child sized Peter Rabbit tea set! I also have tiny ones for my small dolls.

Don't you like the egg sitting in the mug? I only have one of those eggs with a Beatrix Potter design.

Lots of Peters...waiting for spring and Easter.
I do hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday. We will have another egg hunt on Sunday to make up for my missing the day with the grands. Kids love egg hunts! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Half Doll Pinchushions

Another busy busy week! I am going to a quilt show this morning and off to a quilt retreat on Sunday. My dad's big 88th birthday party is tomorrow night and my daughter Gina is coming home to visit tonight. My projects are ready for the retreat, so just need to finish packing my clothes and getting my food things ready. I get the fresh things when I get down to the coast.

We are expecting a strong April storm today, It is calm right know what they say about the calm before the storm.

Jimmy found these three beauties at a sale last week. I am in love with half dolls, especially the pincushions. These really are in great shape and are so pretty. I can keep them if I wish. I am just enjoying them for a few days and will decide later. Our next show isn't until October, so I have a while. Temptation!

So enjoy!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #157

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! After a busy day....blood test, errands, Etsy shipping and visiting with my dad this afternoon, I took a little break for some tea. I am waiting for spring to come. It was supposed to be nice today, but the rains moved in and it was another gray day. I am used to rain living in the Pacific NW, but it has been so wet this year. UGH. So I am enjoying any bit of spring that I can. I put up all my Easter things last weekend and that cheered me up.

I just love this sweet little teacup. The overall rose pattern is so darling and I love the soft green trim.

The teacup and saucer is marked Rosina, is bone china and was made in England.

These sweet bunny ladies are enjoying a spot of tea today too!

I love this little bunny's outfit. She is ready for spring!

This is the tea I am enjoying today. The packaging is so cute.

I am going to a quilt retreat at the coast next week and can't wait. This is one of the projects I am going to make with a layer cake pack and the sweet little flower fabric will be used as the binding.  I am totally into floral and flower prints this spring. Pink pink pink!

A perfect match! Did you have time for tea today? I hope so. 

Shawn the Sheep Cupcakes with the Grands

I have been trying to post my day with the grands last week when Ava was on spring break. I watched them on Wednesday and with the six year age difference between them, I thought I should take a fun project to do with them. I found these sheep cupcakes on Pinterest and as Otto LOVES marshmallows, I knew it would be a hit. They just look like Shawn the Sheep with their funny eyes.

First we made the cupcake batter and that was fun to watch them. Ava was a pro and Otto just followed. The cracked egg ended up on the counter, but we managed to save it. The hardest part is always waiting for the cupcakes to cool so they can be frosted.

Otto is such a ham when the camera comes out! Notice that he marshmallow in his little hand! Ava was quite serious with her assignments. Yes. that is pink dye on Ava's hair. Her daddy just redid it, so it's pretty intense. It looks quite nice when it fades out.

Ava was so good at adding the eyes with a bit of frosting. We used Reese's peanut butter Easter candies for their faces. They really were the perfect size.

When the cakes were cool enough, we frosted them with vanilla frosting and then decorated them with mini marshmallows. Otto could even do it! They turned out so cute.

We watched the Shawn the Sheep movie after we finished. It was a fun day for Grandma Linda.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #156

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! It's been quite a week and I didn't get back to my blog after last week's tea post. Our daughter Gina needed some help up in Everett WA and we had to make a trip up north. It's been an emotional week but I am hoping that things will get better.

So, here we are back at Tea Time Tuesday. I took a little break and thought it would be fun to use a couple of my pretty pink older tea cups.

It's still wet and dull outside and pretty grey. I have to rely on silk flowers for now. I have been thinking about my flower beds and looking at garden plans lately. I have to hold off here until May to plant...especially this year. It's just wet the poor little plants will just rot. That's happened to me in the past when I get too over anxious about gardening!

I was really craving sweets today, but I have to be good...sigh. So I decided to have some strawberry chocolate tea. It is yummy and sweet. It's not a good tea if you are having dessert but nice if you just want to enjoy a cuppa.

The cups are old fashion...this one was made in Germany.

This one is marked Austrian.

I enjoyed reading through this tea booklet that I have had for several years....Tea with the Bennets. It is delightful. The author is British and adds so much charm to the recipes. Enjoy a few examples here.

I need to get to bed early tonight. It's spring vacation and I will have to watch Ava and Otto tomorrow. I have some crafts and a fun cupcake idea lined up. Both kids just pull on Grandma Linda and there's six years between them. I have to find things that both of them can do.