Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pretty Fall Days

It has been just a beautiful fall here in Oregon! The days have been warm and sunny and windy!

After days of strong east winds, the trees are getting a little more sparse.  Oh, but there are lots of leaves left to fall!

The wind piles the leaves up against Jim's cottage...they are piling up.!

I decided to do a bit of baking to enjoy a bit of tea today. Something for me and something for Jimmy.

I've been experimenting with almond flour. The tea bread is a pumpkin spice almond flour bread.
It's very moist and has a lot of flavor. It only has 2-3 T of honey, no sugar. I had a 1/2 can of pumpkin, so made Jim some soft drop pumpkin cookies with an old fashion butter cream frosting. YUMMY.

I have had these pumpkin mugs for over 40 years. I got them at the Oregon State fair when we were first married. I have used them every year.

My friend LaVonne gifted me with this darling acorn teapot. I brewed a chai tea by Stash-mild and delightful.

Our weatherman says we will have about 5 more days of this lovely weather.