Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday Treasures

Our recent trip to the coast was quite fun and we found so fun goodies to keep and of course to sell.
I found lots of things that are just perfect for my Etsy.

You know, I was jumping up and down when I found quilt blocks and a doll quilt. All the fabrics were really in great condition...bright and colorful.

The star blocks are just beautiful! There are 5 of them constructed with fabulous fabrics.

I found a whole stack of the Wedding Ring quilt blocks. I'm sure someone would love to give new life to these blocks.

One large Dresden Plate block would make a great bag or pillow top

I'm always excited to find a doll quilt! They are always a good seller for those little doll cradles or doll beds.

Jim is always looking for small dressers for his booth. This one is so charming. I get excited when I find anything Holly Hobbie! I think I have to keep the Wee Wisdom children's magazines...just too fun!

The maple wooden bowls are for Jim's booth. He got a great price on them and they were made in Vermont! Love old tin cookie cutters. We have found quite a few now for the next show.

Jim is just crazy about Bennington pottery. This is a smaller pitcher and it is charming. It will stay in Jim's collection.

As you can see, we just had lots of fun doing something we love to do together. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #118....Getting Ready for the 4th of July

This morning Jimmy dug out 4 tubs of fun 4th of July things that I haven't seen for probably 10 + years. They were buried in the back of our garage. It was like Christmas opening the boxes and finding all kinds of treasures! I had forgotten about half of the goodies. We are usually gone on vacation on the 4th of July, so I just stopped decorating. I spent all day decorating my hutch and the house with my new found items!

This past weekend, Jimmy bought me the Liberty Blue teapot. I have wanted that teapot for years and years. He got it for 1/2 price at an estate sale, So it ws pretty exciting. I had the creamer and sugar, cups and saucers, plates and some bread and butter plates. I now collect the red transfer ware, so it all is just perfect together for the 4th.

I do love my Uncle Sam teapot, but it does NOT pour well at all. The spout isn't in the right place, so it's a disaster when you try to use it. I just enjoy it for decoration.

You have to have teacups for tea time!

I used to collect Lucy and Me bears...I still have a few holiday ones Little Betsy Clark is good to give away.

I found I have a lot of Uncle Sam items. I had no idea. I must have REALLY liked them at one time.

Here is my Uncle Sam Lucy and Me beat waving his flags. He's pretty cute too. When we had our drug store, years ago, Lucy Riggs came to the shop for a promotion and signing. We also got to go to her beautiful home in Seattle one time with the Enesco Company. Oh, those were fun times.

I can't believe that it is almost July. I hope to post some more of my decorations this week.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Road Trip Eats!

I am married to an Italian who enjoys good food! My Jimmy just loves to eat and we get to dine out a lot as it is part of Jimmy's entertainment! On our road trip, his first favorite restaurant stop was the Pacific Oyster Company.

We had a really pretty day for traveling with sunshine!

Isn't he a happy camper? This is his beloved oyster stew...with double oysters. You get 18 oysters in the bowl! WOW...not my thing, but it sure is Jimmy's!!!

I love their cute logo...

Thursday morning we passed the Pronto Pup shoppe! You have to understand that Jimmy LOVES pronto pups AKA corn dogs and cozy dogs. Jimmy calls them by their Illinois name...cozy dogs. When we rounded the corner and he saw the giant pronto pup on the the top of the building, he almost had a heart attack!!! LOL!!!

Can you believe they had a pronto pup ride for kids? Too funny!!!

He's ready for eating...3 for $8.00. I had one and he had to deny himself a few more!

Way too funny...a giant pronto pup!

When we were up in the Astoria area, we asked a young man at the museum where we could have a very nice seafood dinner. He suggested the Baked Alaska. So, we gave it a try.

What a great suggestion! The place was just charming and the food was delicious. Jimmy looks pretty happy, huh?

You sit right on the water and we enjoyed the ships being turned by the tug boats. It was just fascinating. You can see that the weather wasn't too great!

Scallop dinner! YUM YUM YUM!

My choice was prawns and crab spahettini....a very light spaghetti dinner with no heavy sauce. Just lovely.

What a wonderful way to end our trip. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

This is my sweet SIL's father...Hubert Stoll. He is a gem. He worked hard all his life as a dairy farmer and farmer in Illinois.His daughter Brenda is married to my brother in law Allyn.

We are keeping Hubert in our prayers as he has been in the hospital for a few weeks now. His family expected him to be leaving us all yesterday, but I guess the Lord has other plans and he is doing better today. He has a wonderful doctor and pastor that are right there with him. What a blessing.

This sweet soul has been sending out a bible verse every day, plus a little poem he writes and happy birthday, anniversary, congratulation, or any other good wishes for his large family. He has been doing this on the internet for years and I just cherish his daily posts.

We love you Hubert.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Road Trip Shopping!

Jimmy and I didn't have to babysit this week, so we decided to take a little road trip to the beach for an overnight. The weather was pretty the first day, but it poured rain over night and was really wet on Thursday, but who cares when you like to go to antique shoppes?

We enjoyed lots of wonderful shoppes, so I wanted to share a bit of the goods we found. I love this little grouping of purple souvenir milk glass. I just was enchanted by it.

Oh, I loved this little German cardboard home complete with farmers and lots of animals.

The 4th of July is just around the corner and several booths were decorated for the upcoming holiday.

Children's books are always calling to me...this was a really cute Christmas one. I was good and left it there....

A sweet Japanese children's tea set, still in the box. If it would have had 4 teacups and 4 saucers, I probably would have had to bring it home!

I don't know what I liked better...the vintage metal dollhouse or the quilt blocks!

I am always drawn to little shelves and cupboards! Cute little dishes too!

Doll clothes are always so sweet and so fascinating to me. Most are homemade and that makes them even more charming.

You just have to love these little baby carriages. I love the one I own.

I actually loved the wooden blue chair more that then cute teddy bear.

Dollies to love!

She was a cute little stuffed doll sitting in a cheese box!

These were two lithographed children's dust pans with darling graphics.

My other loves is always dishes, teapots, and pretty things! Look at all the goodies on these shelves!

I was sure tempted by this beautiful rose biscuit jar!

A wonderful chocolate pot. I have a one very similar.

Fun fun fun!!!

A nice collection of Liberty Blue. I have a wee bit of this but would love to have the teapot. Maybe someday....

I hope you enjoyed a peak at our shopping. I will post more of our trip later. It was so nice to get out of town and just think of ourselves. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #117

Tea Time Tuesday! Today, I shared my mote spoons with my Tasha Tudor group. I like to do my blog post on the same subject. A mote spoon is a spoon used to remove the tea leaves in a teacup. Most of the spoons are slotted for that reason. Mote means speck and so the spoons were used to remove the little specks of tea. They were replaced by tea strainers. Mine are all sterling silver.

This was my first mote spoon. Jimmy brought it back to me from Illinois and it's my favorite.
It has tiny star shaped holes stamped into the silver.

The bottom of the spoons have little arrow shapes and were used to remove the tea leaves that may get caught in the teapot spouts.

Often these spoons are confused with olive forks. I had an antique dealer try to convince me that her mote spoon was an olive spoon.