Friday, August 31, 2018

How the Dolls Celebrated Tasha's Birthday!

The dolls also wanted to celebrate Tasha's Birthday on August 28th, so they planned quite a birthday tea! They showered Tasha with treats and gifts too. She looks so happy, doesn't she?

The dolls chose an antique China tea set for the occasion. It is a favorite of Tasha's.

Cakes and pies and yummy things!

The dolls were delighted when Linda found a box of tiny English crackers for the party. They are perfect for the dolls.

A whole box to enjoy...but who could actually use one? They do pop and most likely have something inside, but....

Quite the gathering of good friends came to celebrate!!

Love this little miss!

Ladye Lydia Rose was invited, of course!

This is Melanie....she is Daphne's cousin, who came for a visit. She came with her little floral suitcase.

Isn't she a pretty one? She was so nervous to meet Tasha.

She was holding on to her suitcase....I think she was afraid she might have to leave quickly!.

Daphne calmed her down and told her not to be afraid. They are good friends and enjoy each other's company.

See...there was nothing to be concerned about! Tasha was very welcoming and was happy to meet the new little lady.

Melanie's dress is quite lovely. So she is going to live at Harlow House and all the other dolls are quite pleased about it.

So Happy Birthday Tasha! It was a wonderful day for the dolls and their owners. Let's do this again next year! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration

Today, August 28th, was the birth date of the illustrator Tasha Tudor. She would have been 103 years old today. As big fans and members of the Tasha Tudor Museum Society, we love to celebrate on this day. Our Take Peace group had a gift exchange, however, I didn't participate this time. My surgeries just fell at the wrong time for me to join in the fun. Today is Tea With Tasha Tuesday, so several of us had a special tea today too.

My Jimmy has been such a great caregiver, so I thought I would put together a tea for him today too.
He drove me to the grocery store yesterday after we attended my sister in law's dad's funeral. Yes, I am still not driving...sigh. I had planned my menu so I was able to pick up my goodies.

I planned to have a lighter summer tea time using fruits and vegetables. I was happy with the results. I used my red transfer ware dishes and used lots of pink. I love setting a tea time table.

The blackberries area almost done and the peaches are really good right now.

A few yummy brownies, some pink chocolate chip cookies and a little coconut creme pie...YUM.

I used some of Tasha's books, her silhouette (a gift from LaVonne), some candles and a sweet African Violet plant.

I just made two sandwiches...egg salad and cucumber/strawberry open faced little hearts. The combo was really refreshing with a bit of cream cheese. I can now eat more tea goodies after the surgery, so it was quite a treat!

My friend sent me a box of goodies the other day. She made this wild violet jelly and oh, it is wonderful! I thought Jimmy was going to eat the whole jar. It was just delicious on the drop scones I made.

The little tomatoes are still producing , but I think we may only have fresh tomatoes for a few more weeks.

I adore little salts. These little birds and bird nests are some of my favorites. The pink salt was perfect.

So here is my very happy and very pleased Jimmy. He does love food and a good tea. We enjoyed tea chatting about Tasha friends and Tasha events. I am blessed to have such a sweet hubby who enjoys my love of Tasha Tudor. It was a very fun day. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

45 Years of Marriage

45 years ago, on August 4th, Jimmy and I were married in the St Rose church where I was a primary school teacher. It has been quite the journey. It is hard to believe....45 years.
As I was thinking I would get back into blogging...I was wrong again. I ended up with two emergency surgeries the end of July and I am still recovering.
A few weeks ago, a friend of mine brought up the topic of marriage vows. She said her husband would never do anything against the vows he took when they married. It seems so old fashioned now, as I don't think people even think about vows. My Jimmy has always kept his vows to God and to me. He certainly learned the part about in sickness and in health this past month. How do you thank your partner for sitting the ER and holding your hand and never leaving as you wait to find out what is really wrong with you? He was always there, right there. It is so scary to be in a hospital all alone. It does force you to come to grips with things in your life, your relationship with God, your relationships with your family and friends and your faith. In the quiet, you have to face many things. I am thankful for good doctors and very kind nurses.
So now, I am recovering. That's not easy for me  either....I am not very patient. Rest rest rest.....
Yesterday, we actually went on a little outing to get me out of the house. It felt good. I did get tired and had to rest along the way, but it was grand to just be out of the house.
So thank you dear Jimmy for taking care of me all these years. I am blessed with a good husband.
Happy Anniversary Jimmy.