Friday, August 31, 2018

How the Dolls Celebrated Tasha's Birthday!

The dolls also wanted to celebrate Tasha's Birthday on August 28th, so they planned quite a birthday tea! They showered Tasha with treats and gifts too. She looks so happy, doesn't she?

The dolls chose an antique China tea set for the occasion. It is a favorite of Tasha's.

Cakes and pies and yummy things!

The dolls were delighted when Linda found a box of tiny English crackers for the party. They are perfect for the dolls.

A whole box to enjoy...but who could actually use one? They do pop and most likely have something inside, but....

Quite the gathering of good friends came to celebrate!!

Love this little miss!

Ladye Lydia Rose was invited, of course!

This is Melanie....she is Daphne's cousin, who came for a visit. She came with her little floral suitcase.

Isn't she a pretty one? She was so nervous to meet Tasha.

She was holding on to her suitcase....I think she was afraid she might have to leave quickly!.

Daphne calmed her down and told her not to be afraid. They are good friends and enjoy each other's company.

See...there was nothing to be concerned about! Tasha was very welcoming and was happy to meet the new little lady.

Melanie's dress is quite lovely. So she is going to live at Harlow House and all the other dolls are quite pleased about it.

So Happy Birthday Tasha! It was a wonderful day for the dolls and their owners. Let's do this again next year! 


The Victorian Girl said...

Such a lovely birthday party for Tasha! It must have been so fun to set it all up. I got some of those little crackers too and used them at my Farewell to Downton Abbey Tea Party. They do pop and have little riddles inside. We took turns going around the table and opening ours up and reading the riddle. It was so fun to guess the answers!

Szara Sowa said...

I love all Your dolls. Doll Tasha Tudor is extraordinary. It was a wonderful birthday party, with these all miniature things for tea. Belessing Sunday. :)

Susan said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet post, Linda. Tasha would have loved it! So happy you carry on her traditions. Life was so much simpler then...ahhhhhhh. Susan

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Simply Shelley said...

Just lovely. Tasha would be pleased. Blessings