Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It was a busy weekend with Gina here and the Antique show. We are thankful for a very profitable show. Jimmy is pretty tired today.
Making two pots of soup for dinner tonight at the grands. Our traditional ham and navy bean and a veggie soup for Grandma.
It's windy and rainy, so the perfect day for soup.
Can you believe that October is gone?
Have fun. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

This is going to be my bible verse this coming week.....I had some more difficult news and will be seeing a kidney specialist next. It is so hard to stay strong and continue to hope, to be patient and to keep praying. Some days it just comes so naturally and other days, it just doesn't.
My daughter came home this weekend and we had some good talks. I forget that I am sick and that I need time to mend and time for the meds to short, I all takes time. PATIENT IN AFFLICTION? I just want to be better so I continue to hope and pray. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Aurora Colony Quilt Show "Home At Last"

Every October, I can't wait to attend the quilt show at the Aurora Colony. Jim and I are members of the historical society and love any excuse to visit! This year's theme was Home at Last and it was the 44th annual quilt show. We have been working on getting ready for the Expo antique show, but we got our work finished and headed out to Aurora. It is a small quilt show, but it's just so sweet and charming. We like to support the colony too.

I am fascinated with wool quilts these days. This one was stunning. Can you see all the quilting on it too? This was one of my favorite quilts at the show.

I had to take a photo for LaVonne! Chickens and roosters seem to pop up on quilts!

This was a stunning quilt. A couple quilters and I had a fun talk about this one and really appreciated it. It is a scrappy quilt, but what a dandy. The quilter really tied it all together with her sashing and border work.

Nice quilting too. So simple but yet just a lovely quilt.

I liked all the work on this one too!

Who's that guy buying those raffle tickets?

This is another favorite of mine...lots of applique on this one. I love all the colors too.

I especially liked the quilting and the interesting border. Borders often make the quilt just fantastic.

In this photo, you are looking at a petticoat and part of a special exhibit at the show. I couldn't believe the work on this. Special articles of clothing were often quilted for warmth. Wool batts were used as the batting.

The exhibit also showed several different sizes of quilted bonnets. Very sweet and useful.

You will always find a fire going in the little laundry room The local herb society sells fun products in this building during the show. It's just an inviting little building to visit.

Firewood ready for those fireplaces on a wet fall day.

Jimmy waits for the cookies that are served in the little cabin and store. He always sits and has coffee and cookies while I do a bit of shopping. All the money goes to the colony from the sales. I always find something I just can't live without! Jimmy leaves extra money for the extra cookies he eats. The cookies are all homemade by the volunteers.

It was wonderful to take in this little show. I can't wait for the show next year! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Sunday Afternoon

I'm looking out my back window, watching the falling leaves as the wind is blowing them from my maple trees. It's been a long month since I last posted. The weeks have been full and I am thinking, oh my, fall is here and it will soon be on the way out. So many changes have filled my days. I have gone to Montana, enjoyed my brother-in-law Allyn's visit from Illinois, have had too many labs and medical visits, diet changes and this past week LaVonne has been here visiting from Montana. So, I guess you could say it's been quite a mixed bag.
I am still not feeling normal as the doctors continue to adjust the meds. I am not a patient person and have learned a great deal about myself this past month. Prayers from faithful friends have been so coveted and appreciated. I very much want to get back to normal, but I know life will never be as it was before all of my heart and blood pressure problems showed up! I don't do well with change but am faced with it now. I need to get back to some of the things I love to do, such as blogging. I hope this time I can continue. This is my humble beginning. I do love fall! I don't want to miss all of it's beauty this year.