Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Moonshine Day! TEA TIME TUESDAY #172

It's almost 10 PM and it's been a long day. Happy Pumpkin Moonshine Day....Tasha Tudor's name for Halloween. I love this gentle images from one of her books. It was also Tea Time with Tasha today, so this is what I featured on our Take Peace group.

I love candy corn and it's almost time for it to disappear again.It was my little treat for the day.

I really like this tea! I am a fan of Rooibos, but had never tried Rooibos pumpkin spice before...yummy!

I love my bowl fillers....candy corn!

The tea cozy is quite cute and perfect for my candy corn theme.

I made navy bean soup and cornbread earlier today to take over to Angie's home tonight.  She fixed a  veggie soup for me and had hot apple cider. It was all really good and Otto was so much fun. He is growing up too quickly for Grandma Linda.

 After dinner, it was time for mommy to get Otto dressed in his dragon costume.

The weather was dry and brisk but no rain and not too cold. Amazing! He was so excited about every thing he got. He's showing me his loot.

Here he is waiting for the people to open the door. He really got into it all this year. After all, he is four now!!!

Mommy and her little green dragon!.

Daddy was checking out the candy.

Yummy Otto...that's the last piece of candy tonight!!!! If you eat too much candy, you might turn into a drazon!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Expo Showtime Again

Once again, it's time for the Antique and Collectable show at the Expo center. I got it all set up on Friday and we had a GREAT selling day. Gina drove down from Everett late on Friday night to help Jim on Saturday. They also had a great selling day! I am so thankful for the good sales. We've had a lot of expenses since summer, so this is quite a big help.

Enjoy the pictures of our goods, I actually didn't get to take photos until Late Friday. I didn't get the photos taken until quite late in the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! I am sharing something different from my usual fall tea items. My sister Debbie recently went to Scotland. She has been Pen Pals with her friend since the 6th grade. Her friend's son was getting married, so Debbie and her hubby Bill and daughter Amanda were invited to attend. Debbie and I have been doing some DNA testing and we are more Scottish and Irish than we thought, so it's pretty exciting.

Time for a cup of tea this afternoon!

This cup and saucer are mind and I almost got rid of it last fall. Now, I am so glad that I decided to keep it. It's a Royal Staffordshire bone china cup and I love the name.....Bonnie Scotland. It features the Graham Clan. I love the colors.

Debbie brought me home a beautiful wool scarf. This is my family name...MacPherson and this plaid is one that was worn while hunting. Deb said it was one of the few shops that carried wool scarves from Scotland and not imported from China...pretty sad. 

I guess they hd shortbread everywhere they went, so she had to bring some back. Jimmy will get to enjoy this treat!

Isn't the plaid pretty! I love the colors. I need to get a warm winter coat as I am going back east in December...I think I need to find one to wear with my new scarf!

I collect smashed pennies, so she had to bring me back one! What a surprise.

It was such a pretty fall day today, even with the strong east wind blowing. I just needed a sweet cup of tea to drink in my tea cup. Stash makes a yummy one and I did enjoy it.

Hope your fall is going well. It's been a busy one here. Jim will be exhibiting at the Expo Antique and Collectible show this weekend. I will be setting up his booth on Friday and Gina will be coming on Saturday to help him on Saturday. He has some nephews lined up for extra help too. I always go in fresh Sunday night to help take down the booth. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Made

My friend LaVonne has been here in Oregon for over a week and has to return to Montana tomorrow. She splits her visit between me and her daughter. She brings some of her dolls on these annual trips and we often have some dolly fun with them. I decided to make her Hitty and my Hitty a new fall dress. Here they are in the tea room with their new frocks. Hitty of MT is also wearing her cute shawl which Hitty Autumn was really admiring!

I ordered a pattern on Ebay by a Tasha Tudor friend who is on my Take Peace FB page. It is tiny, as Hitty is only about 6 1/2" tall. I am trying to learn how to be successful with doll clothes making.

Setting in little sleeves is quite a challenge.

Here's my Hitty showing off the newly made clothes. I really like the little tucks in the skirt.

An orange ribbon just made the dresses ready for fall.

Here are the girls having a little tea. I also made the little quilt on the quilt rack.

Hitty Autumn with her tiny Hitty from the UFDC conference last year. LaVoone and I took a class and had to make the tiny dresses.

This is LaVonne's Hitty with her little tiny doll. Gosh we had a great time.