Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Tea Time Thursday #59

Merry Christmas dear blogger friends! Wishing you many Christmas blessings today. I hope you have time to enjoy a cuppa of your favorite tea this afternoon. These little dolly goodies are sitting in my beautiful holly Haviland teacup.  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tea Time Thursday # 57 Christmas Teapots

It's been such a busy week and it's hard to believe that my last post was last Tea Time Thursday. I have shopped, wrapped, written my Christmas cards, kept Otto overnight,  had my car in the shop for a major repair and finished two major sewing projects to be shared later. We are leaving for an early Christmas in Seattle on Saturday, so I have been forced into getting everything done.
Ok, so let's get back to Tea Time Thursday! I love this postcard of the little girls and their dollies having  Christmas tea. Today, I would like to share some Christmas teapots. These little pieces of a dolly tea set are so sweet and I just found them at a shoppe. They are old and charming and perfect for the dolls.

I was at a flea market and picked this little demitasse cup and saucer. It's just so cute and it was only $2, so I wanted to sneak this in today too.

I think this is my favorite Christmas teapot. It is English and I love the shape. I've had it for about 15 years or so. I used to sell them in my retail shoppe....Holiday Card Shoppe. I love Father Christmas and of course the holly design.

This is the teapot that matches the Christmas Cup of Tea cup and saucers. It also has a nice shape and is a simple design. I have collected the cream and sugar and a few teacups.

I can't remember where I got this teapot. I like the lattice design. There are no markings on the bottom.

I HAD to add the Spode teapot! It has the famous Spode shape and keeps the tea nice and warm.
I love my Spode collection.

As you know, I am a big fan of Sandy Lynam Clough. A Cozy Christmas Tea book is full of tea recipes and charming graphics. It was fun to read through it again.

This recipe for Orange-Cranberry Tea looks delicious! I would like to make this during the Christmas season. I think it must be very pretty with the cranberry juice.

4 cups of cranberry juice
3 herbal orange tea bags
Thinly sliced orange wedges

Heat cranberry juice to almost boiling.Place tea bags into the pot to steep for 3-5 minutes.
Serve in mug with orang wedges for garnish.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #56 Wreath and Angels

A few weeks ago when I was working on my Tasha Tudor paper cornucopias, I wanted to add a chocolate angel to the cones. I have always been able to purchase them but I could not find any this year! The stores offered a snowman, a Santa, an elf and even a penguin but no angel... how sad is that? Angels are messengers from God. I guess God can't send us any messages this Christmas. I started to wonder, where have all the angels gone?

But first, I am late with my post for Tea Time Thursday, so on to my post before I get back to the angels.

For Tea Time Thursday, I wanted to share the wreath I have on my Tea Room door. I put it together years ago and hang it every years.

I tie on various silver tea related items. This is a teapot tea ball that Jimmy bought for me in Victoria on our first anniversary. There was a gift shoppe in the Empress and I fell in love with this little goodie. It is still my favorite.

Here's a sweet little fork that I love to use on my tea table.

 A nice tea strainer that's a good size to use. It sits nicely on a teacup.

This is another teapot shaped tea ball. This is another special one. Don't you like the shape of this one?

Oh and I really love this tea basket. It fits on the spout of a teapot so it can catch any tea leaves when the tea is poured out into the teacup.

Now back to the angles. When I was babysitting Otto, I took a look around my daughter's house to see if I could find any angels. I am happy to report, I did find some! This is a sweet mid century candle that lives on their mantle.

Angie has a pink bathroom and this little girl sits on the window sill. She is a cutie.

This little angel belonged to my mother. Angie has it on the window sill too.

When I returned home, I took a look around my own home. I found this quilted little miss a few years ago at an estate sale and she wanted to come home with me!

A vintage Hallmark ornament from 1980. It always reminds me of my two daughters...Angie and Gina.

I love this tiny wooden angel ornament. She was made in Germany and has been on our tree for many years.

I have these angels on my bathroom shelf. I also love the mid century little wax candles.

A trip to my tea room and I found more angels!

Our bedroom is blue and shows my love of quilts. This angel has wings made from an old quilt. It's a bit hard to see them.

My Tasha friend Janice, sent me this little angel and she just joins right in with the other quilted Christmas things. Very sweet and thank you Janice!

I had a busy day of Etsy and wrapping packages for Christmas. Jimmy and I did have a little tea break this afternoon. Just tea and some yummy shortbread. How are you doing getting ready for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Birthday Fun

Last Saturday, my daughter wanted to take me out to breakfast for an early birthday treat. Chris and her picked Multnomah Falls which is fairly close to your home. We met about 10:30 AM. The day started out foggy but turned out to be a very nice day. The waterfall was just wonderful.

The stone lodge and gift shop is really nice. We always have to make a stop in the gift store. They have a smashed penny machine in there.

The restaurant is upstairs...all warm and cozy with a fireplace.

Otto and his daddy Chris~all decked out in their Christmas sweaters.

Mommy Angie had on her Christmas plaid jacket too.

I love hash and eggs, so here's my yummy breakfast. It was good! The restaurant has used this same china forever.

I walked up a bit so I could take some pictures of the Wirth family. You can see the falls behind them.

I love this one!

We said goodbye and went off to the Open House at the historic Harlow House in Troutdale, our home town. I think the last time we visited the house was when our girls were in grade school!

I went upstairs to take a peek at the bedrooms. The children's room was so cute with toys and dolls.

The master bedroom was very small with lots of vintage items to enjoy.

There was also a sewing room in the corner room.

Our next destination was the Wade Creek House out in Estacada, which is a delightful shoppe with a mix of antiques, collectibles and handmade items. It's always a fun place and we always find a treat to take back home.

Mr Snowman was keeping his eyes on old Jimmy!

O just love how they take everyday items and make simple decorations that look so good.

This is their chicken coop. They only had 4 chickens this time. Love the quilt block on the building. They are going to have a class on how to make them next January.

Not far from the Wade Creek House, we always go past this historic home and have never stopped. They were also having an Open House, so we decided to stop in. It's the Philip Foster House and it was just charming. Some delightful young people were helping to run the place. It was once a major stopping place for those travelers on the Barlow Trail going on to the Willamette Valley after crossing the Oregon Trail.

I loved the inside of the house and don't you love the old quilt on the spool bed?

Jimmy was visiting with the volunteers and Santa while I was snooping around and taking pictures.

I wish I had a this one! The kitchen was my favorite part of the house. Can you image all the wonderful meals that were cooked on that woodstove?

There was a big barn and even a small blacksmith's shoppe on the property.

A trip to the store was wonderful. It was really cute inside. I got wrapped up with the clerk and didn't take any pictures. I guess I'll have to return someday.

A little history to read,,,,

We really had a great day. It was fun to go out in the country and visit some historic homes.