Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #152

Tea cups, tea cups and more tea cups! We made a stop at a favorite antique shop when we were up on the Washington peninsula a few weeks back. The shop shop is called The Long Beach Peninsula Trading Post. We stopped there last summer on our vacation and I couldn't wait to return!

Rows and rows of pretty dishes to admire and dream about.

I think I feature this set last summer, but I'm still in love with it all!.

I did find a treasure for spring, so I will feature that in an upcoming blog spot.

Books galore.....

Fishing goodies....

Lots of fun kitchen items....

Kitchen tins....

Lots of dollies...

More dollies....

AND my Jimmy!

Sneaky shot by Jimmy!

Here's the shop!

Long Beach is a really fun ocean spot to visit. It's still family friendly and a bit small town.
We enjoyed some very fine seafood meals too.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

I have shared how I prayed for my little grandson when my daughter was pregnant with him. I still can't believe sometimes that Otto is here and I will always be so thankful that God answered my prayer.
I had a situation happen today that is very sad and upsetting to me. I don't understand the actions of Otto's father. I am Grandma Linda, not Otto's mother, so it is hard. I can voice my opinion and I have, but that is all I do. I can pray and I do pray for that sweet little boy who has stolen my heart. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday....#151

 It was tea time last Saturday with my Pacific NW Tasha Tudor group. We met at Diane's beautiful home in the country. Look at the beautiful table she had set for us!

My sweet friend Diane and partner in crime....Diane.

Sterling, flowers and pretty pink lusterware. Tasha Tudor had so many sets of pink luster. Several of us are on the hunt for a teapot. They are very hard to find.

Yummy tea time sandwiches....egg salad, curry chicken and salmon delights.

Pretty pink and red decor with a fresh fruit cup to enjoy!

One of our desserts was a cherry almond cake from Tasha Tudor's cookbook. The frosting was very light but it was really delicious.

Here I am with sweet Carla. She is a fellow quilter and quite the gardener.

Connie read us a wonderful essay she wrote about the missing rag doll. It was so touching.

Joyce and Connie enjoying tea time.

After we finished our tea, I shared a little craft with the group. It was fun and easy and everyone enjoyed it.

Susan and her daughter Lily look pretty serious along with Jane!

The little hearts for the dolly Valentine's turned out so cute. Everyone was quite individual. I had very good pupils!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Made....Valentine Hanky Dolls

The Gathering on Saturday went well! We had so much fun. I will post more about it this week and share more pictures but today is Monday Made on my Take Peace Tasha Tudor group. I wanted to share this Valentine dolly that I made for the gals in my group, using vintage hankies.

I found the craft with instructions on Pinterest. It was floating around and I checked it out. I did pin it on my Pinterest board. For directions and the pattern go to

I thought they would be so fun to make, so I started collecting vintage hankies. I did buy a few Valentine hankies as this was a Valentine party.

The blog gave me a print out for the two ladies, the heart and a back piece to hold up the hanky. I did adjust the heart as I thought the original pattern was too large. I added the paper heart dollies.

I used scrapbook papers and matched up the colors the best I could. The instructions will give you directions for ironing the hankies.

You glue the pieces together and slip the hanky top under the waist band to make finish off her dress.

I wanted them to hang, so I glued on little ribbons on the back under a little square tag to hide the ends of the ribbon.

I was very pleased with the finished product and the ladies really liked them. It was a fun project and it feels good to be crafting again.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ready For A New Tasha Tudor Adventure

I am so very excited tonight! We will be heading for Long Beach WA tomorrow for a little getaway.
My Tasha Tudor friend Diane and I have been trying to start the Pacific NW Tasha Tudor Museum Chapter for about a year and a half. We are doing it! We are meeting on Saturday February 18th for a belated Valentine's tea. It's going to be so fun to actually meet these ladies in person and get to know each other.

Tasha and her children had a little post office and the family made tiny Valentines for their dolls. They were delivered via Sparrow Post. As fans, we like to make doll Valentines for our friends.

These are some that Tasha made years ago. You can know buy the set from the Tasha Tudor and Family site. Of course, it is always fun to make your own. All the ladies who are coming are bring their dolls and everyone has made cards for the all as well as the dolls.

Diane has planned a Valentine tea for our group. We will meet at 11 am....I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Dinner

It was such a miserable wet and windy day yesterday on Valentine's Day! Duane came out to see about the roof on my cottage and I felt so bad for him, up on the roof in the wind! He said about 8 shingles were missing on the backside. He came over today and replaced them, so I am thankful.

Jimmy brought me roses and these are so lovely. They are named Arleen and I love the old fashioned look. Isn't the color so pretty? He is so faithful about bringing me flowers and  I do love it.

Otto and his mommy stopped by and brought me this fun little box of candy. He thinks the Hershey's miniatures are funny little candy bars. I'm not supposed to be eating candy, so these are treats. I will share them with him when he stops by. He had to show us his Valentine's from his preschool party. It sure is exciting to be 3 years old!.

We stayed in for dinner, so I set a little table and fixed a simple meal. We are going away this weekend, so we will have a nice dinner out in Astoria at one of Jimmy's favorite restaurants.

I fixed turkey meatloaf, green beans and a baked red sweet potato. It was simple but yummy.  All low sodium too.

Jimmy brought some chocolate dipped strawberries home for dessert. They were very good. I love to use my sterling silver strawberry forks. This is the pair I bought in New England on my first trip back there for our first Tasha Tudor Gathering.

Just for fun, I had to wear my Valentine socks! It turned out to be a pretty nice day and dinner was good...especially with my sweetie.