Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Morning Blues and Lots of Thank You's!

My sister and her family sent these pretty flowers to me yesterday. I just love flowers and it was a lovely surprise and they really cheered me up. So thoughtful.

I love daisies...I had them in my wedding and the the fabric that the girl's dresses were made out of also had tiny daisies in the print.

We had to chuckle as there are green carnations in the bouquet. My sister didn't ask for them, but as we had a wee bit of Irish in us that we adore, it was just fun to see that they had been added.

So, one week ago, I ended up in the much has happened in a week! I went to see my primary care Dr yesterday and was upset as my BP was up. More adjustments, more meds. I am thankful to be here, but it's been hard being on a roller coaster with all these meds. I just feel a bit down today. My sweet Jimmy, who was a pharmacist, keeps trying to cheer me up and assure me this is normal and it will take time to get me adjusted. More tests scheduled next week at the hospital.

This gives me the opportunity to send out heartfelt thanks to my blogger friends. I just don't have much energy to visit you all right now...hopefully soon. But I do send big thank you's for the prayers and good thoughts and sweet replies. It is so encouraging to me right now and I do thank you.

I need to just relax and take things day by day. God is bringing that home to me! Man, it's hard to learn new tricks when you're an old doggy. I'm not good at patience either...sigh. It's hard to face all of this and learn to let go of things that really don't matter much. It's hard to feel worse after a health issue, but I do. I never felt bad or had any pain before and now I don't feel good.

So, I hope that blogging will help me track my journey. I am looking forward to seeing some improvements. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Home From the Hospital and A New Life Ahead

Well, I had no idea when I took a break from blogging that I would find myself in the hospital and need to take even a longer blogger break. I think I really need to start blogging now to help me move forward.

I went to the doctor last Friday. I needed to get established with a new primary doctor and I have been having a lot of problems with my left foot. I was very nervous when I went in, as it has been way too many years since I had visited any doctor. I know, stupid. I waited for Dr Jen Butler on the recommendation by my daughter that she would be a good fit. She is wonderful and a hugger and a good listener. That's what I need. So my blood pressure was sky high and went up during the visit. She listened to my heart and then sent me over for an EKG. The next thing we knew, Jim was driving me to the hospital. They were waiting for me at the emergency. I had super high blood pressure, a racing heart beat and AFib. Not good. I am so blessed to be alive. It's a miracle that I didn't have a stroke or a heart attack. I guess God has more plans for me, as I really shouldn't even be here.
They gave me meds and kept me in emergency until about 8 pm and decided I needed to stay over night.
I had the best nurses and kind. The chaplain was so kind and sweet...really love her. She brought me a bible as I didn't have time to get anything before we went to the hospital. One of the nurses, Katherine, was just a gift from funny and so understanding. She sat on the bed and held my hand when I feel apart.
They sent me home on Sunday and so the journey begins. I am on Coumadin, which really sucks. I have to learn what I can eat and what I can't eat. I am also on a low sodium diet. There is hidden salt in everything. It's going to be hard to figure this all out. I know I have to. It is a bit overwhelming too.
I decided it was it will be good for me to blog about least I can get it out and express myself.
Oh, I am so thankful to still be here1 i am grateful that nothing happened when I was watching my grandkids, so thankful.
I had a really bad night last night. This is hard and not fun. I will have many changes and that is always hard for me. I want to get well, I want to be healthy, I want to be here longer. So, I will do what I need to do.
I don't want my blog to be a downer, but it might be occasionally...I need to write sometimes.
The sun is shining this morning, I can only have one cup of coffee, but I'm still here! I might have a sick heart, but I have a grateful heart.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation and Blog Break

Well, I stopped the mail and posted a note on my Etsy site, but I forgot about my blogging! Jimmy and I are on a little vacation so I am also taking a little break from blogging. Summer is winding down. Trying to enjoy the long days before fall arrives! Fun posts will be coming later. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Treasure

My Thursday Treasure is my Jimmy! Today is our 43rd anniversary. I just don't know where all the years have done...43!

Jimmy had to watch Otto today, so we decided to go out for dinner close to home. We are very lucky to have McMenamin's Edgefield about 5 minutes from home.

The hotel is lovely and it's a very fun place to visit. The grounds are lovely with lots of flowers.

Grapes are growing in the field as you drive in. So fun!

We like to park in the back and this is the path up to the restaurant. It was quite hot today.

My Jimmy  and his chicken wings!

It was the great beet salad that was my delight! It is my favorite salad. It isn't alway on the menu. I especially liked the golden beets that were used in this one tonight.

Jimmy always brings me roses for our anniversary! This dozen is just such a pretty color.

Next week we are going away for a few days. Gina is coming down from Seattle to watch Otto on our regular babysitting days as our gift. Angie gave us a cute summer pail filled with goodies and a CD for the trip....James Taylor and Carol King!

As we enjoyed our dinner, we were thinking over our 43 years of marriage. We really haven't had very much time just for Jim and Linda since Jim retired. We have loved being with Otto, but as we realize we are aging and having some health issues, we need to enjoy the next few years. We would like to do some more traveling and just have some more time to be together. I do hope that will's time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #122

Summer time in Oregon at our house means tomatoes! Jimmy's garden is doing well and producing lots of little tomatoes. We only grow the small ones as we just don't get enough sunshine to harvest a great amount of large ones. We can have fresh tomatoes everyday now and lots of different kinds. The Italian grandpa planted 15 plants this year.

I thought it would be fun to show off my tomato teapot today! I just think it's so cute for Tea Time Tuesday.

Yummy tomatoes waiting to be gobbled up. I love all the variety.

I just had to stop and have a little cup of tea this afternoon. We had a mostly cloudy day, so a warm cup of tea was in order.

I enjoyed a cup of Green Mountain Grey tea. It's another flavor from the Sunshine Cottage of Vermont. My friend Melinda sent it to me. Green teas are not my favorite, however, this was a light green tea and very nice.

 Summer tea time for sure...and a bit fun!

I acquired this tomato or LOVE APPLE when I was working at the estate sale earlier. I just had to have it for summer.

It's marked The Pantry Parade USA. I don't know anything about the maker. I did find that it is made by Standford Pottery and there are other pieces....cream and sugar, salt and pepper and even a big pitcher. It was made in the 1940's.

A lot of my friends love Susan Branch. I was looking for a tomato recipe to share and found this one.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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