Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Teacup Thursday #70

Time for tea and Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday. I'm still enjoying thoughts of Tasha Tudor Day which was so much fun. I so loved using all of my Carlton Ware items and it was fun to have my collection all together to help me celebrate a special day.

The cup and saucer I'm sharing today is really interesting. Jim found it for me at an estate sale for $2 and it's just beautiful. It's marked Silesia on the cup and Germany on the saucer with the same company mark. It is a matched pair. The country of Silesia has quite a confusing history...boarders changed and the country changed hands involving Poland, Germany and The Republic of Czechoslovakia.

The roses are just delightful and I love the different design and colors of the teacup. A tiny rose bud graces the inside of the cup! I have a plate from Germany that goes well with the cup and saucer.

The little book in the background is called "My Ladye's At Home Booke" and states "That my Ladye Faire may register her at homes and other engagements." It was given to Jessie Vivian Underwood from Ruby Ruth Selleck and is dated 1900 and 1902 on some of the pages that have been filled in.
It's from a very small town in Central Oregon-Boyd. I have actually been there. It really a charming little book.

Thank you to all my friends for prayers for my BIL Marcos. He has been moved out of ICU to a rehab floor for his long journey to recovery. He has no movement on his right side right now, cannot speak and cannot swallow. He is being fed through tubby tubes. My sister is doing well under the circumstances. Continued prayer is so appreciated. Things will never be the same for this family.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering Tasha~Tasha Tudor Day!


Those of us who love Tasha Tudor remember her on her birthday...August 28th and so it has become known as Tasha Tudor Day. Our internet group has enjoyed Tasha's love of herbs and so we have been calling this year " The Year of the Herb". Some of us have been growing herbs and sharing our gardening stories. It's fun to have a theme each year to focus on.

My love for Tasha came through her books which I discovered when my girls were young. I still love her art work and adore her books. I never tire of reading them or just looking at the charming art work. I have collected many but still have some special ones on my wish list!

So the other day I decided I wanted to have an outside tea using my Carlton Ware teapots and  china and try to put together a tea time menu using herbs and vegetables from our garden. It was fun to find some yummy recipes that  were different from my usual tea time treats. This was more of a savory tea than a sweet cream tea.


Of course I invited Jim to join me for tea.....and look who he brought with him!

Tasha Tudor Day Tea Time Menu~

❖ Watermelon, blueberry and feta cheese salad with balsamic vinegar
❖ Tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese salad
❖ Cheese and Italian herb scones
❖ Ham, spinach and garlic mustard sandwich
❖ Avocado, goat cheese, mint and dill sandwich with cucumbers (my favorite)
❖ Blackberry and raspberry cobbler
❖ Red Lavender Tea

I wasn't sure I would like the lavender tea, but it was made with Rooibos tea, which I love, so I gave it a try. It was wonderful! Jim and I both really likes it.

I had a lovely afternoon sitting in my backyard, having tea and sharing Tasha stories with Jimmy. It was a great way to celebrate Tasha's life and to remember her. I have been her fan for many years and have met great friends. I always miss my Tasha friends on days like this.

This was a little treat I found at the  thrift store just in time for Tasha Tudor Day! A great little "Tasha" wooden chair for my dolls....a 99 cent bargain.

Every year I send my Tasha friends a cookie cutter that has something to do with our theme for the year. Here's a peak at my gifts this year. I couldn't find any "herb" cookie cutters, so I sent  bees, bee hives, snails and dragon flies with lavender tea candles and a sprig of lavender from my garden.

So, if you're a Tasha Tudor fan, how did you celebrate today? I know you had fun remembering Tasha!

Happy Birthday Tasha

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gina's Bridal Shower

I have been wanting to post pictures from Gina's Pink Lingerie Shower for quite some time, but as you have read, life has really been interesting, so I am way behind posting this for her and for my bloggers!

Angie and I did some planning a few days before the shower and had fun plotting and planning.

This was Jim's gift for his daughter....a beautiful cameo and a sweet little nightie.

This is my gift to Gina. It was a mid century tidbit tray that she had seen at the antique show. She didn't buy it, but I went back and got it for her. Then I wrapped little gifts up and tucked them all in and around on the tiered tray. I put a giant cello bag over it and tied it up with a big pink bow and ribbons.

Everything was ready and waiting for Gina's family and friends to arrive!

Angie and her Godmother Debbie checking out all the "pink" goodies!

Gina opening her gifts with helpers Ava and Marley. Nancy is busy making her ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal dinner. Nancy did a great job making it with all the ribbons from her many wonderful gifts!

The BRIDE TO BE all decked out in her pink feathers! What fun everyone had, even with the very hot weather the day bought!

Gina and Kelsie....friends forever!

All the cousins! Maria, Isabelle, Desi, Gina, Angie, Anna, Jenny and Amanda.  Lots of fun!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wedding Favors....Crafting Therapy

My brother-in-law is doing a little better today. Jim went to the hospital and was happy to see some progress.Thank you to all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers....he sure needs them!Alisa had friends with her to help today so I used my day to make the little Jordan Almond wedding favors for Eric and Gina's wedding. It's the only thing she asked me to make, so I was excited to spend the day crafting.

I got the darling tags from LesRoseBoutique on Etsy. Sweet and simple, just perfect.
I used the little net rounds, filled them with Jordan almonds, added a bit of lace and ribbon and attached the darling wedding tag. It did take awhile to make about 150 but they are so cute. I tied some with black ribbon as her colors are black, seafoam green, and a pinkish red along with white and cream.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacup # 69 and Update

It's been a few weeks since I've much has happened and it's hard to start telling the story. Jim and I went to the Oregon coast last week to meet some friends from California, Bend and the Seattle area. We didn't have WiFi in our lovely room, so that caused a delay in my posting. On Thursday we received word that my sister's husband Marcos had had a serious stroke. He is only 54. Then my brother had to go to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection in his back. We have been busy helping family and visiting hospitals. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride but some good news today. I think my brother is going home tomorrow but will be on antibiotics for a month and so. My BIL opened his eyes today and they are hoping to wake him up slowly to access the damage. Lots of prayers, support and good wishes have been keeping us all going.
When I was at the hospital yesterday, my niece took me for a walk in the children's fun. I took some pix to share and get me writing again.

I loved the bird houses and that gave me the idea to feature my bird cup and saucer for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday.

Here's my lovely teacup that I recently got at the Aurora Antique Street Faire.

Sweet little birds! It's marked VICTORIA  Bone China England on the bottom.

This clear glass bird candy dish is also a favorite of mine since I'm sharing bird items!

I've been wanting to show this teapot that I bought earlier this spring. It's Carlton Ware, which I love and collect. Don't you adore the little teapot top? I wonder how it has survived all these years without being broken!

When I was visiting my friends up north for Clarice's birthday, I was given a wonderful gift from Angie. I do believe this is one of my most favorite handmade gifts I have ever received. I was so touched! She knit these gloves with my friend LaVonne's yarn from her sheep. The blue trim is Angie's hand dyed yarn from her sheep. I am a lucky girl! Aren't they just wonderful? Love the birds and all the little birdie tracks. Thank you so very much Angie!

I was given an embroidery pattern and supplies from  my friend Lynda that I finally have gotten ready to work on. It's so cute and she gave me dried lavender to fill it when I'm finished with the stitching. I like to have something small to do in the evenings....well, maybe before too long.

My daughter Gina told me today that her wedding is only 16 days away! YIKES! Lots to do yet. Praying for strength to get everything done between helping my family during this trying time.