Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #44

Last weekend I was at an estate sale and spotted this teapot and the demitasse cup and saucer. They have that English look that I just love! It has flowers, little ladies, cottages and gardens. I'm not sure if there is a word for this "look" but I love it. I mixed it with a few goodies I had already and It just all goes together and makes me happy!

The teapot has the cutest shape! I couldn't get my eyes off of it. I couldn't find a price, so I asked the lady working the sale. She said it had a little chip under the lid and said, $5. I was just looking at it and was going to take it and she said, oh how about $3!  Yes! It is adroable.

I just love the little cup and saucer. I'm such a sucker for cottages and this one has a thatched roof too!
I had the cake plate and have used it many times for tea. It has been a favorite for years.

Such a pretty lady in her garden. These pieces often have blue trim...another selling point!

I also was able to buy this lovely cottage small table cloth that just matches perfectly and was in such
good condition. It goes well with the teacup embroidered little napkins I already had in my collection.

Of course, I just couldn't leave this sweet book of poems there! It was first printed in 1913. My copy is from 1916. It is filled with interest poems with helpful messages for the reader.

Happy Tea Time Thursday! It continues to be hot here in Oregon. I have been drinking more iced tea than hot tea. I miss my afternoon tea times with Jimmy. COLD beverages are in order these days. Stay cool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I was feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning as yesterday wasn't a real good day. I found a few more fun toys for my collection over the weekend and thought I'd do a little post this morning. Well, I was just doing a search on toys and this museum popped up! It the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood toys in London! Oh, can you just imagine how fun it would be to visit? I have never been to England, or even Europe, so I will just have to enjoy this virtual glimpse.

This is the lobby at the entrance! I think they would have to kick me out at the end of the day. I just love toys...always have and always will. I have never outgrown dolls or toys. They still make me happy. Look at the dollhouse!!!! I almost went crazy. I did notice a shopping online button. I wonder if they have books on the various collections. How fun would that be!

Ok, back to reality. These are the 3 little toys I got this weekend. Aren't they cute? I think one of the reasons I love my Mary Engelbreit cottage is because I can mix vintage toys with her cute style. It just all goes together.

This little wringer washer is plastic and I can remember my mom and my grandmothers using these. We were always cautioned NOT to put our hands too close to the wringer. I didn't get an individual photo of the little mixer but it is a charmer. It may have had a little mixing bowl. I haven't done any research on it yet.

This little metal iron has seen lots of play time. I have quite a few in my collection now...just love little toy irons. I think they are great in a sewing room!.

Well, just a few more goodies to share. It's much cooler today and I am not as crabby. I will be ready for fall this year. I am trying not to rush the days away, but August is almost here and it is always our warmest month. My cottage has AC, so it's a great escape and a room that makes me happy!

I just want to thank a very sweet blogger friend, Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart for being gracious, helpful and very encouraging to me. We have never met in person but I value her friendship! Thanks Susan. Please visit her blog...she works hard at it and it's always so fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter! I just couldn't let today go by without a little post to celebrate one of my favorite children's illustrators. I have always loved Peter Rabbit and all of his friends.

I wish I had this talent to make a darling cake! So cute by Sweet Bee Bakery.

I love this photograph of Beatrix when she was a little girl, about 5 years old. And of course, I love the classic photo of Beatrix by her wonderful door! I wish I had an entrance to my home like this.

My mind has been wondering back to May when I was in Vermont and my friend Wilhelmina gave us a Peter Rabbit tea.

Even her dolls had the table set with a tiny tea set...all Peter Rabbit inspired with lots of details. Wilhelmina is such a dolly person and just gets lost in the world of dolls.

These photos are part of her collection, which is quite amazing. She was so kind to share it all with us.

Of course the visitors-Annabelle of Oregon and Annabelle of MT were invited to another tiny tea in the  dining room. Note Wilhelmina's collection of Peter Rabbit books on the shelf.

How fun to have a tea to celebrate this lady's great works. Happy Birthday! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Blog Tour at The Enchanting Rose


Happy Monday blogger friends. This is my rose by my front door that is in full bloom again. It's such a pretty flower that blooms off and on all summer. It's perfect that it is in bloom today as I want to share with you that next Monday on August 4th, I will be taking sharing with you on a BLOG LAND TOUR. It is actually my wedding anniversary too, so it will be a fun blog post.

Today, one of my most special blog friends, Stephanie is having her BLOG LAND TOUR. She is one of the sweetest bloggers I know. I do hope you will be able to visit her beautiful blog and meet a new friend. Click on the link under her logo for an enchanting visit.

The Enchanting Rose

Stop by next week to visit my blog tour. I will be sharing a few more blog friends who will be joining the tour next for you to enjoy. This is a great way to meet some new bloggers and see what motivates us to blog. Have a lovely week ahead. Can you believe it's almost August?

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Special First Birthday for Otto!

Happy First Birthday little Otto Wirth! Today is your real birthday, but we had a grand party last Sunday! Everyone had lots of fun and lots of friends and family came to celebrate your big day!

Look at all the fun food your mommy and daddy made for you!

Your daddy made a special BLUE VELVET cake! What a big cake for the birthday boy. Everything was so cute.

See your special cupcake waiting for you with a candle! FUN FUN FUN!

Ava was with you all day and was such a good big sister. You are so lucky to have her. She sure loves you. I think you were both waiting to go in the pool before the party started.

Grandma Kathy was there to watch you too. You do love the water!

Ava and her friend were excited to be together and they were playing Barbie and other games waiting for the party to start!

This is my good friend Nancy Black, who likes to be called Aunt Nancy. This is the first time she met you! Of course, you charmed her.

Cousin Amanda, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill stopped by to see how you were doing and how you had grown.

Aunt Gina and Eric came down from Seattle too...and there's Papa John, your great grandpa. We were so glad he was able to make the party.

Here you are, it's almost time for cake! You are always ready for a little goodie, or a sweetie as your daddy calls it.

You weren't quite sure about that lit candle...but we all sang Happy Birthday to you and mommy and Ava helped you blow out the candles!

Of course, daddy had to put some frosting on your little nose. It didn't bother you! You just wanted to eat your cupcake!

Look at that BLUE cake daddy made! WOW!

Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Gina and Ava were there to help you!

Looks like you are doing just fine on your own! YUMMY!

The happy WIRTH family on a special day!  I think you just wanted to finish your cupcake!

OH NO....what happened to the baby???? A food allergy??? Blue cake and icing is NOT FOR OTTO!
Daddy put some cream on you and you started to turn back to normal!

Stylin' Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina with Papa John!

Lots of presents!

Grandma and her little RED man! Love you baby!