Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year! I'm expecting good things from you. Wishing the very best for my family and friends.

Goodbye 2010

December 31st and the New Year is almost here. We had such a fun time at the beach and during the holiday. It was nice to have Jim home now that he is retired. The weather is cold and clear today with a bit of wind.
Duane is making good progress on the buildings. We have decided to add doors with windows for better light and a tighter fit. They are looking so cute. I have been taking photos of his progress.
I'm working on some thoughts for the New Year and will post again later today or tonight.
Here's a few pictures from the season.
Looking back over the year, it's been another busy one. Knee surgery for Jim, moving dad into unassisted living, emptying his home, an estate sale at his house and now renting it, fishing trips, hunting trips, putting on three quilt retreats, going to Maupin retreats, 4th of July in Idaho with Allyn's family, trips to Illinois for Jim to care for his mom, Jim's RETIREMENT in August, Gina's visits from New Mexico, a trip with Angie to Clarice's book signing, LaVonne's visit from MT, meeting new Tasha friends and spending time with some we already had met, my birthday trip to Poulsbo with Jim (fabulous shopping and food),Gina getting her driver's license, Angie setting up a booth in an antique shop,becoming a dealer at the antique shows....lots and lots and lots of activity! Of course, sad times and trial too as with everyone's life. We keep moving forward and praying that God will give us the strength to survive.
Oh, I see that LaVonne has a new will have to find that and start adding my friend's links to my blog....growing and getting better, I hope!
I seem to have cut off some of my post when I added more pictures...hummm....too hard to go back and edit, so it is what it is!

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

We're off to the Oregon Coast for a little Christmas vacation tomorrow morning.
Today was spent finishing up Christmas, delivering gifts, visiting, grocery shopping for the trip and some food prep. It's hard to believe that Dec 25th is almost here. It all goes so quickly.
We'll open most of our gifts when we return on Monday...doing stockings only at the beach!
The Christmas cookies turned out pretty good this year. Maybe having Gina here to help made it all so much fun.
The storage units are coming along in the backyard. Duane does such nice work. They still look like boxcars, but the roof is next, then windows and doors. The wind has been blowing so hard, I don't know how he stands it out there...burrrrr!
Dad was happy today when Jim and I took his Christmas presents over to him. He looks good and I'm so thankful for his progress this past year.
My cousin Cathy's husband passed away last night after a year long battle with cancer. My heart is with them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Moon

Mother Nature has a show for us tonight-a lunar eclipse. Tomorrow is Winter Solstice and the Full Moon. Lots of good names for the moon:
Christmas, Bitter,Snow,12th, Cold, Long Night and Rain and Wind Moon.
I think I like Long Night Full Moon.
I'd love to see the coppery red moon tonight, but it's cloudy. We had some snow last night and there is talk about more on Wednesday.Ah, it is winter!
Gina is treating me to a pedicure in the morning and then we're going to bake cookies.
Angie spent the night we had lots of fun decorating ornament for the beach trip.
Still have to get a little tree and shop for the groceries. I think I'm done with shopping and just have a few more things to wrap.
I hope to deliver some Christmas gifts and cheer before we leave for the coast on Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Annual Christmas Card Day...

Ahhh, I spent all day writing out my Christmas cards. I'm one of those old fashioned people who loves to send Christmas card via snail mail. I had a nice warm fire going all day and listened to Christmas music while I was all alone today-nice! It's a fun way to remember family and friends.
I have them all stamped and now ready to post.
I saw the moon tonight before the rains returned. It will be full on Winter Solstice this month.
Time for bed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th

Spent the night at the Washougal Best Western hotel with Peggy to check out our new home for the retreats. We had a good time and she had rum cake and a wonderful birthday gift for me. We were able to get our Christmas cards done for our clients. It was hard to take the time out from this busy season, but it was fun and kind of a nice get away from the busy days of the season.
My friend Lynda made me a plum pudding for Christmas. She's such a fine cook who does amazing things with food. Everything always looks so beautiful.
Gina and Jim found a nice little VW Golf car. It's just perfect for her. A new adventure for her begins.
I hope to write some Christmas cards tomorrow or do some baking. Still so much to do and Christmas is coming!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All ready for Ms Gina!

Gina will be home from New Mexico tomorrow morning at 10:30. Jim and I spent all day getting ready for her visit. We always use the fish room for wrapping and just piling things up! I couldn't even see the bed this morning. Now it's all clean and the gifts are pretty much wrapped. Still have cards to write and Christmas baking.
Jim will pick her up at the airport as I had scheduled lunch with Lynda.I have to spend Thursday night at the hotel in Washougal with Peggy, so Jimmy and Gina will have some fun time together without mom.
Time for bed...I'm tired!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today is the third Sunday in Advent and the candle is called the shepherd's candle. I like that and it makes me think of LaVonne and my other Tasha friends who tend sheep.
Jim and I did some fun shopping and had an early dinner in Canby. Had to make a few stops on the way home.
I have been trying to focus on the true meaning of Christmas today and am taking a break from the hustle bustle.It's nice just to sit and look at the tree and enjoy the warm and cozy fire. Things can wait tonight.
Away in a Manger has been running through my head...such a sweet lullaby.

Christmas wrapping....

Oh, it's ok to wrap packages, but when you have to wrap and package gifts...ugh! I have all of Jim's family presents ready to go tomorrow!
Now I have to wrap my things. As we are going to the beach for Christmas this year, we are only doing stockings. We have a tradition, that all stocking treats have to be wrapped in tissue paper, so that's next for me.
It's the 3rd week of Advent to day~light another candle.
A busy week ahead...Dr. visit for dad, sewing party, cards to write, lunch with Lynda, an overnight stay with Peggy at our new retreat hotel in Washougal and then Gina comes home from New Mexico!
I must have more coffee and wake up!

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Birthday~December 8th

I had the most wonderful birthday this year. In the past, my birthdays have been something I just wanted to forget. Being in retail, trying to survive the Christmas rush or worrying about paying all the bills for the extra inventory, just didn't make for a nice birthday.
Jim took me to Poulsbo WA and we stayed over night. This was my 3rd time there this fall! It was sad not seeing Angie or Clarice, but it wasn't fair to bother them this time. It was a fun time to share it all with Jim! Great eating, beautiful scenery and fun Christmas shopping. The weather was pretty wet, but we did have some sun breaks yesterday and that was nice.
We love small independent shoppes and it's such a treat to find them anymore.
I got lots of cards, gifts and tons of Facebook wishes! I love FB! The best gifts are time with special people, good friends and staying connected.
Gina had a great birthday too in New Mexico. We are birthday girls and share the same birthday! She got her driver's licence...yeah! This is going to be a good year...and I am thanking God and believing that it will be filled with many blessings and opportunities to bless others.
Here's a picture of the little doll trunk Jim found for me and some of the holly gifts LaVonne sent me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

Today my Tasha Tudor group Take Peace celebrated St. Nicholas Day. It's become the beginning of the Christmas season and I have come to celebrate my birthday on Dec 6th too. They just sort of merged together.
After doing some errand this morning, I returned home and set up my St. Nick's Tea in my tearoom. Now that Jim is retired, it's more fun to share these Tasha events with someone.
We had the Dundee Cake, Honey Cake from the Russian shoppe and German gingerbread cookies. Lots of black vanilla tea to warm the windy day. I added a new twist...a wee glass of port before the goodies-a very nice addition, I must say.
Jim had a gift for me...a little antique doll trunk. I love it and it will be perfect for Annabelle.
Speaking of Annabelle, she was all set up for her tea too! She has become the little decorator.
Robin had my name and sent me several teas, two ornaments, a little box and a little pin. Such a fun package.
LaVonne sent my birthday present, which i just had to open. She had asked what symbol of Christmas was my favorite. It's holly and she made me a felted garland,sent a darling book, a holly kitchen towel and other goodies. The real present I got from her is she booked a flight to see me in February. Have to plan a Valentine's Day Tea to celebrate.