Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annabelle is at it again!

I just can't leave that girl alone! While I was gone, she decided to
have her friends over for a tea party to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day. She
was baking up a storm. I think Clarice has had quite an influence on her lately.
She set up her table and knows how to plan a lovely tea for her friends.
tea, they decided to work on some sewing projects, so Annabelle brought
out her fabric, patterns and other sewing items. I'm not sure what they
plan to make, but they look pretty serious about it all.
She did
tell me she wished Annabelle from MT could have attended the fun today.
I guess MS Annabelle of MT is a bit down in the dumps lately. I think
she needs a trip to Oregon again.
Happy Tasha Tudor to all the Annabelles and others dolls out there.

Happy Tasha Tudor Day

I was planning to be home today, but Jim and I decided we needed to get
away, so we took off yesterday for the Oregon coast. We're sitting here
looking out over the bay in Astoria. It's a very old Oregon town with
lots of Victorian homes that have been saved.
I read LaVonne's lovely post on FB and got to IM with Suzanne this morning and was invited to Clarice's
book signing! What a morning. The friends I have met through my love of
Tasha Tudor's work and lifestyle, has opened the door to so many
wonderful friends and fun adventures, I just really can't believe it.
So, the new album will wait at home for another day. I have been able
to visit several quilt shoppes on our journey, so I think I'm going to
start on a Tasha quilt. I want to be able to take it with me when we
have our next Gathering...which I am hoping may happen next year????
The framed silhouette in the photo was made my LaVonne last Valentine's Day. I keep
it out in my tearoom all year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day is coming...August 28

Tasha Tudor Day is almost here! Seems like my Tasha friends are really getting into it this year and planning some fun events. I'm so happy, as I think it's really up to us now to keep her memory alive. She will always be loved and her art work is charming, but I love belonging to a group who actively plans events and fun things to share all over the country and beyond.
Even our Annabelle dolls are planning! Annabelle of Oregon is going to have a tea party with her newly acquired sterling silver punch bowl.
I have a project that I am working on too.
My favorite gift shop, The Feathered Nest, is having their harvest open house that day too, so I just might have to go shopping in honor of Tasha. I may find another crow to add to my collection!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Full Moon

Full moon tonight...Woman's Full Moon. Look up in the sky for a treat!

Mrs. Moon by Roger McGough

Mrs. Moon
sitting up in the sky
little old Lady
with a ball of fading light
and silvery needles
knitting the night

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting ready for another quilt retreat...

Peggy came in from Central Oregon today to help me work on our Apple
Harvest Quilt Retreat. We had a fun day, cutting fabric, discussing our
pampering gifts and even meal planning. We will have a nice group and
we're looking forward to meeting some more quilters that will soon be
new friends. Tomorrow we will go to the wholesale fabric
house to pick out fabric for our gift to our customers.It's always a fun adventure.
weather cooled off today so it wasn't as hot in the house.Peggy brought
me a whole box of trim, tiny buttons, lace, and two darling doll
plaques....veryTashaish! I'm going to use them in my remembering Tasha Tudor day next week. Peggy is so sweet to think of me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treats from Italy!

Gina arrived back in Troutdale from Italy late Tuesday night....her
luggage didn't! It was on our doorstep the next morning, so that was
good. It was wonderful to just hold my daughter. Whatmarvelous things
she saw and how traveling abroad changes one! Jim flew out for Illinois
the same morning and they were actually able to visit in the Chicago
airport about a half hour. Amazing that their paths would cross. Jim
will be in Springfield to take care of his 93 year old mom for two
Treats from Italy...a cutting board made form olive wood, a fancy dessert, charming note cards and even a little fold out book for Annabelle from Florence.
The best gift is having my Gina home!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Life has thrown me a few difficult days. It's those times when you
discover who your very special friends are. Thank you my friend. I'm
really happy that you have had some good days with your camp and your Etsy sales. You are so giving and I know God will bless you and reward you for your kindness to others and to me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th

August 4th...our wedding anniversary. Today we celebrated 37 years of
marriage. It was such a nice day, not too hot, just lovely. Angie
invited us to have lunch with her at OCAC and we got to watch her at camp with the kids. She should be a teacher as she is so good with kids.
We drove out to Canby and the quilt shop there. Jim had fun teasing the owner of the store and it was just fun to wander around lost in fabric.
We enjoyed some antiquing in Aurora and then went on to Mt. Angel for dinner at the Glockenspiel Restaurant. Oh, yummy!

I have been blessed to have been loved by a wonderful man for so many
years. Thank you Jim for loving me and for taking such good care of me.
I love you. Here's to some more years together, especially now that you
are retired!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nice weekend....

Jim is retired! Thanks Jimmy for all the years of hard work and sacrifice for Angie, Gina and for me. I hope you have time to relax, time to fly fish and camping at your gold mine camp as well as time for lots of new adventures. Take time to dream a bit too.
The weather was perfect this weekend. It was nice to take a break from the packing and moving. We went to the Farmer's Market, enjoyed a pretty good estate sale, went for a couple drives in the county and grilled up some chicken in the backyard. Oh, we had to have an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen.
Angie called this morning and we also heard from Gina in Italy! It's always a good day when you hear from both of your lovely daughters.
Happy Retirement Jim! I love you.