Thursday, December 29, 2016

A New Outfit for My China Head...Dolly Thursday

It's Dolly Thursday with my Tasha Tudor group and I am still enjoying all the Christmas decorations and even music. It's not over for me! I love Christmas and it's fun to enjoy it all for awhile longer.
Isn't this just the sweetest graphics?

For my birthday, Jimmy gave me some money to spend on Etsy. He knows I love to shop there and told me if I didn't spend it, I had to return it. My pretty China head doll has been wearing an outfit that is too large for her for way too long. I found this lovely velvet green dress for her and it fits perfectly.

She was my very first China head and I do love her. She started me on my doll collecting. She always sits in this little chair in the tea room. I love the color and the fit. She is most happy now.

Doesn't she just have the sweetest face?
Now I have to find an outfit for a smaller little China head who need to be dressed better too. I will have fun shopping tonight.

The death of Carrie Fisher and now her mom Debbie Reynolds has been so sad this week. Jim took me to see Rogue One, the newest Star Wars movie this afternoon. I really enjoyed it...lots of action and suspense.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday

How is everyone doing after the big day? I have been taking it pretty easy for the last two days. I did manage to get my Etsy orders out and the wash caught up today. Gina has been with us for over a week and it has been just delightful having her home.

I did have a cup of tea this afternoon. It was a rainy day and I had a few minutes to myself. I have to confess, I did tea that mushroom gingerbread cookie!

Jim gave me this sweet little cup and saucer for Christmas. It has a sweet little holly pattern decorating the cup and saucer, however, there is no mark on it. I just love the look.

It somewhat matches the little plate that I have had for years. I love anything with a holly pattern.

This was the second little cup. It's a bit smaller but just as charming.

I had to use my favorite tea pot this afternoon as the season will soon be gone. I was reading about the 12 Days of Christmas today. I love to leave my decorations up until Jan 6th.

This is the vintage book you can see in the background. My friend LaVonne gave it to me a few years back.

I will be babysitting my Otto tomorrow. I hope to post some pix from our Christmas fun the next few days. It's been such a busy but fun Christmas season. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday...more snow and ice!

I was up early to get to the lab for blood work, the post office for mailing and a bit of shopping today, BUT woke up to a winter weather advisory and snow and sleet! It's supposed to change into freezing rain and then rain later today. So plans are on hold...ugh. I really need to get out.

So I decided to post some pix of an outing Jimmy and I went on a few weeks ago. I never got this post started, so now is a good time. It's funny to see green grass in my photos, as we have had snow covered grass for almost a week now. This is not the norm for Oregon.

This is Wade Creek House out in Estacada OR. It's a darling little house filled with antiques and hand crafted items. It's always a fun trip out to see what's new. They offer a lot of fun classes through out the year and I hope to take some.

Love the old truck with the Christmas tree out front!

Here's a look at the offerings and the feel of the shoppe.

I thought this was a cute idea for a jar...a truck in a jar!

Home made cute.

I have a thing for vintage wool blankets. Isn't that a cute Santa pillow too?

This was one of my favorite booths in the house. It was just darling and the red painted cabinet just set it off.

Joy Joy Joy!

Jimmy enjoying the goodies. It was a really fun trip to the Wade Creek House. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

4th Sunday of Advent...the LOVE candle.

And here we are...almost at the end of Advent! This season has gone by so quickly. Today we light the 4th candle of Advent which is the love candle. Ah...that word  that we long for everyday.
We have a deep desire to be loved and cherished. We give our love to those around us with a happy heart.
This has been a very special Advent season for me. I think I am more thankful and appreciate everything more now since I have been sick. I have treasured my friends and family and the time I have been given. I have taken the time to just enjoy whatever comes my way....including all the snow! I feel like we have had winter already and it's not officially winter.
I hope you have had a nice Advent. I had hoped to blog more and get around to more blogs, but you know, it just didn't happen and that's ok.
So this week before things get way too busy or crazy, think about how you can show the love of God to others as He has shown to you. Just some extra help or kindness or comfort when you are given the opportunity. Show others that God is living in you and you want to pass that love on to others. Don't miss those chances God gives to you to show love.
Have a great week as we prepare for the birth of the baby Jesus on Christmas Day...for unto YOU a Savior was born!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday....a little late!

Good morning! I just got the fire started in the wood stove and thought I would get this posted before I have to leave to babysit Otto today. Snow is in the forecast, so we will see what the day brings.
Yesterday, I got my crafting cottage all decorated for Christmas. I didn't think it would happen, as we had misplaced the tub of decorations. Hubby helped me find it! I wrap presents there and with Gina being home (she's coming in day or two), I wanted it to be all Christmasy.

I had a cup of tea late in the afternoon in my Christmas teacup by Mary Engelbreit. I love it.

Since this is the 3rd week of Advent and the JOY candle was lit, I thought this cup of COMFORT and JOY was perfect. Doesn't it just make you happy?

A few more tea things to enjoy. The dolly is actually a tea cozy. Pretty fun, heh?

The stocking was chimney down in my cottage, but lots of JOY! I made this one a few years back.

A newer dolly has joined the fun this year! She's not quite sure!

I love fun pillows!

This one is so cute...with buttons!

I got a surprise package yesterday from my for my birthday. So pretty and such a total surprise. She is a sweetheart.

Full moon tonight! It's the cold moon and what a perfect name. I caught this last night, but not sure I will get to see it tonight  with our weather.

Have a great day.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday....El Nacimiento

A year ago, my SIL told me about the large nativity scenes in Spain and Mexico calledEl Nacimiento. He wanted to build one for this Christmas season, so he started looking for items and added to the collection all year long. It is filled with rich traditions and customs and a lot of symbolism. It's all quite fascinating. It covers their entire dining room table.

The nativity is in the very center. You start working you eye from the right side (old would Eruope) to the the left side (Egypt). I loved the tents on the Egypt side with little lights glowing inside.

Of course, there are lots of animals and even a shepherd's field.  Ava and her daddy put it all together in about 3 hours. It is just amazing. She planned a game where Jimmy and I had to find items in the scene. It was hard!

This is Angie's photo so you can see the whole thing a bit better.

Yep, this is the family that is ALWAYS introducing us to something new each holiday! They were having a lot of fun.

Ava planned this littel tea for us. She sure is growing up so quickly now.

The new teapot with a cute knitted cozy. It's their first teapot. I have been giving them lots of trouble about not having a TEAPOT!

It was really fun to  be grandparents and to have new things to celebrate and join in with their family.
We may get more snow this week! WOW!

My dad's Christmas concert is tonight at his retirement home. My two high school buddies are joining me to have dinner with him and see the show. Fun time of the year. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Thoughts...JOY

This Sunday we light the pink candle...for JOY! We move away from the purple and look forward to the coming of the Lord with joy.

We often think of joy as happiness, but there is quite a difference.We can do things that make us happy...we can seek happiness. Joy is a gift, it is something that comes to us often when we least expect it. As Christians, we are given the gift of Joy through Jesus...that gift that is offered to us if we choose to believe.

My very sweet friend Lynda gave this little plaque to me this week for my birthday. I just love it. She got one for me, one for her friend and one for her.

After thinking about the gift of JOY, I think this is a great reminder to choose our gift of JOY. Hold on it, be thankful for it, rejoice in it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday....St Nicholas Day!

Happy St Nicholas Day! Our family didn't enjoy this celebration when I was growing up. I didn't do it with my children either. After I got into my Tasha Tudor group, it became a fun day to really kick off the holiday season. Tasha always had tea so it's fun to have a special day with my Tasha friends all over the USA.

St Nick paid a visit to our house last night and filled our wooden shoes! So fun.

A few things friends have sent and things I have collected over the years. It's just fun!

My doll Annabelle put her little shoe out and St Nicholas left her some goodies too, so guess she was a good girl this year.

Since I got sick in August, I have had to really learn to eat differently. I am doing better and it's getting a little easier. I haven't had a tea or been to tea during this time. I have to skip the scones and baked goods, so wasn't sure how to put a tea together. I didn't want to miss having tea today, as I have had a tea for Jimmy and me on December 6th for years. So, I just jumped in and did my best, just having a small tea with and keeping it kind of healthy.

I had fresh strawberries, tomato and cucumbers with cute little picks and open face curry chicken sandwiches to cut down on the bread. I did have one tiny piece of chocolate cheese cake and there were spiced cookies for Jimmy and a few candies. I skipped my coffee this morning and had two cups of tea this afternoon.

Love using all my Spode Christmas china. I just love it, always have.

I always enjoy this tea at Christmas...just a nice blend to set the mood.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. It didn't last too long but it sure was pretty. Temps are dipping tonight and the east wind is going to pick up tonight. That's a set up for ice and snow where I live. Looks like Thursday will be the bad day. That's my birthday, so we are planning to just staying home and stay cozy. It may be a good day to work on my Christmas cards! I love to do that.

I FINALLY got to see the podiatrist yesterday. The boot is gone and I now have a very light weight  ankle brace. I need to get some good lace up shoes. The young doctor was great and a good listener. I did have to have a cortisone shot. I did pretty good with it and today the pain is so much better. It's a first step and at least something has been done for my problem...three months later!