Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Pumpkin Moonshine Day-Halloween!

I like to call Halloween ~Pumpkin Moonshine Day~ after Tasha Tudor's delightful book also called Pumpkin Moonshine. It was her first book and was published in 1938!

A busy day doing shopping and planning for our upcoming quilt retreat this week. Peggy and I got alot done and I am beginning to get excited. I can't share too much yet as I don't want to spoil the fun.
I have been blessed with so many friends and I want to share some gifts I received recently.
My friend Sha sent this felted potholder. She appreciates handmade items and has such good taste in the gifts she chooses. I love it and it's bright and playful colors.

One of my Tasha friend in Topeka KS-Jan-sent me a wonderful pinkeep that she made. She is quite a
quilter and her work is just perfect. The tiny quilt block in the center is darling. I will cherish this forever.

As I was leaving the antique show on Sunday, Kelley, who was next to our booth last summer, gave me this little beauty. Her mother made some for her to sell at the show. So cute... thanks Kelley, it was so fun to see you again and I loved your booth! Her little boy Wilder was there off and on. One night he was crying when they left because he didn't want to go home. Now that's the way to bring up the next generation.
Halloween is almost over and we only had a handful of Trick- or -Treaters. It sure isn't a fun night like it was when I was growing up. Memories...
Well, on to Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teacup Thursday #32~Trick or Treat!

October Fun!
"October's the month                            
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a shower
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins,
Leaves sailing down-
October is red
And golden and brown."
-Can Teach Songs-

 The nights have turned a bit chilly and October is almost over! Our days have been so delightful. The birds have been active and I saw my first Flicker...they only visit us in the fall and in the winter. The Juncos are back too. Although our seasons are not severe, we do get to experience each true season in this part of  Oregon.
And so on to Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday. Today, I'm sharing a little set of four yellow Japanese lusterware cup and saucers. They are small, pale yellow and very sweet. I thought they'd be perfect with my Halloween teapot dressed up in it's candy corn tea cozy.

Don't forget to read Tasha Tudor's Pumpkin Moonshine! It's the cutest little story. I like to call my carved pumpkin a Pumpkin Moonshine! Happy Halloween and time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. I love Turkey Time. Cherish this special time of the year with your friends and family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Estate Sale and Show Finds

Jim and I did some antique shopping and estate sailing on Sunday afternoon and we found a few really special treasures. He found this great Fairy Soap box that we can use for displaying mdse at our shows for now. It's in pretty good condition...the paper label isn't real great but all in all, it's a fun piece.

We offered the people at an estate sale a bid on this really nice vintage quilt from the Depression era. I was thrilled that they accepted our offer and brought home this little beauty complete with prairie points.
All hand quilted and good bright colors. I really like this quilt and you can't even make a quilt for the price we paid for this vintage one!

I was delighted to find this quality embroidery hoop...the wood is beautiful and I know I'll enjoy using it. It's just different from any that I own.

Those of you who know me, know that I have been longing for a vintage child's sewing machine. They are spendy and I just hadn't found one in my price range or it just wasn't the right color or vintage. LaVonne always tells me to be patient and things will come to me in due time. We walked into the Rose City Collector's show and the very first thing we saw was this sweet little machine! Just the right size, look, time period....everything was right along with the price! I still can't believe it. It's a Christmas present, so I only got to look at it once and then Jim took it away! December isn't that far away! LOL

An older man was selling it and he said he was closing out his antique shop. He said this had been his mother's. I like to believe that it was but of course you never know.

One of the blog posts I was reading inspired me to go outside and take a few pictures. The blueberry bushes are beginning to change color. We got quite a nice little harvest this year.

The holly berries are getting ready for Christmas. I love holly. One of my favorite Christmas carols is The Holly and the Ivy.

And last of all, here's my squirrel friend Buddy. He practically taps on my door waiting for peanuts or other goodies. He's so cute. I have great bird feeders that keep the squirrels off, so never have to worry about that. Buddy has his own feeder, as well as free handouts!  I hope you are enjoying these last precious days of autumn.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teacup Thursday #31....Fall Continues!

Fall continues to delight in the Pacific Northwest! The sun is shining this morning as I write and it looks like another beautiful autumn day. It is my favorite season and I'm glad there are weeks left to enjoy.
It's Teacup Thursday once again with Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday! I hope you pop over to her blog so you can enjoy all the wonderful post and more teacups to covet!

Here's some fun fall books I own and was enjoying this morning. AN ENGLISH COTTAGE YEAR by Sally Holmes and Tracey Williamson is charming~filled with thoughts, recipes, and fun quotes about fall. My favorite for today is "Nothing I like better than a baked apple." Jane Austen, Emma. Oh I agree with you Emma. I think I need to make some more soon!

I think the pumpkin soup bowls are longing for another pot of soup....maybe lentil soup this time?

So here is my Teacup Thursday offering today. It another fall cup and saucer that I found when I was going through things a few weeks ago. It has a bit of wear but I really like the leaves cascading all round as if the wind was blowing them here and there. It's made by Royal Stafford-made in England.
My photo of the marks is a bit blurring as I'm running late this week with my posting and then I had some technical problems with the computer!

I hope you are savoring these last weeks of fall. I'm busy with the final projects for my November retreat and I'm still trying to build up my photos and postings on my Etsy site. Our daughter Angie's birthday party is this Saturday night. It should be fun as we are going to an "Elvis" show with all her mid century loving friends! Should be fun......can't believe she's turning 35!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tasha Tudor Group Fall Exchange

My Tasha Tudor Take Peace group does a few gift exchanges through out the year. We had been discussing mice and bunnies in September, so we decided to have a fall exchange and suggested that we include a little mouse or bunny. Many of us like to make things, so it's nice if you can send something handmade. I think we had 14 people participate this time and it was really fun.When LaVonne was out visiting me, we made little wool cut mice using her beautiful yarn from her sheep in Montana. We really had a ball making these. She was so patient with me-she's a great craft teacher. She works as an artist in residence back home with children, so I guess I she could handle me! I couldn't post pictures of the little darlings before as I didn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone!
Here's the photo of our mice.Mine is the cubby one on the right...of course!

I spent my package to Sandra in France. Here's a picture of my package just before it was sent so far away! We sure know how to have celebrate.

Yesterday, the mailman brought me a package from Terri who lives in New York. I saved it until this morning so Jim could see me open it while we were having our coffee.

This is what I found when I opened it up! What a fall greeting for me! I was so excited!!!!

I spread everything out on the floor so I could get a good picture of all the treats. She even included a box of Earl Grey tea which I love.

I love this little fall bunny. She might have to live in my tea room with all my dolls. I think she'd be happy there!

Terri made this wool pin with a cool button which looks vintage. What a fun project, and it will look really great on my coat.

Look at this happy little ceramic squirrel candle holder and tea light. Just makes you feel like fall.

I hung the scarecrow on my chair...he can welcome my guests when they come in.

So, a big heartfelt thank you to Terri. She's a new member on our group and I think she qualifies as a Tashette now.

If any of your would like to join our Take Peace group, you can find us at It's a happy place to be, we have lots of fun and I've made some wonderful friends. We will be doing an ornament exchange for St. Nickolas Day along with a virtual tea.

 St Nick's Day 2010

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quilt Show at Aurora Colony

Jim really enjoyed sitting inside the little cabin with coffee and cookies. The fire was going in the fireplace and it was so warm and cozy inside. They had a little store set up inside with the proceeds going to the Aurora Colony. Of course, I had to help them out by purchasing just a few items! I found a little ironing board for Annabelle too but I don't think she was too pleased with it when I brought it home to her! Too much like work.

Here's an assortment of vintage quilts and new quilts that were hanging in the museum.

The theme this year was "Bountiful Oregon" and this is the quilt that is being raffled off. It is hand quilted by a group of ladies that meet each week at the colony to do hand quilting.

This is the featured quilter was Mary Doak and she had her amazing quilt on display...NATIVE SPIRIT and it was based on the coastal Native American and First Nation tribes. Not your traditional quilt, but my favorite of the show.

She was very kind and loved sharing the story behind her very special quilt. It was fun to visit with her.

I took this photo of one of the volunteers doing some hand quilting. She's often there working on quilts. I'm sorry I didn't get her name.

Of course I found a doll upstairs in the children's room...a doll and a doll house!

Such a fun event! We went on to Hubbard and bought German sausage and the most wonderful bacon at the Voget meat market. We've been going there for about 40 years!
Stopped at our friend's stand for some apples and lots of veggies...tomatoes, squash, cauliflower-even some egg plant. Pat and Bernie are just a riot. I was disappointed that they didn't have their famous apple cider ready yet.

Then onto the Glockenspiel restaurant for a fabulous German meal at Mt Angel. YUMMY and such a cute place. A great day with my hubby. Thank you Jim for such nice day.