Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #74

The sun is shining and the temperatures are warming up daily! Happy Tea Time Thursday. It's almost May, so my thoughts turn to planting my flowers gardens. Jimmy got his veggies in yesterday and is quite pleased about that.

My pretty floral teacup is sitting in my seed box that was a birthday present one year from Jimmy. We both fell in love with it out in Aurora and so it came home to live in Troutdale.

The graphics are so bright and I love that it is not too large. I'm sure it sat on a counter tempting customers to take home some packages of seeds.

I have a small collection of old seed packages and think it fun to display them in the open box. I'm always on the hunt for some older packs.

I picked up this cup and saucer last weekend at an estate sale. It is just soooo perfect for spring. Our daffodils and tulips are done blooming this year, but  there's always next year!

It's trimmed in gold, but the handle is painted a soft green and I like that!

The fine bone china cup and saucer is made by Salisbury and named "Tulips and Daffodils". It is made in England and is waiting for tea time!

I just love to look at the graphics on the vintage seed packs and seed catalogs. Just so charming.

So I'm going to have a cup of tea now and dream awhile about planting my flower garden. I always like to look at pictures and garden plans before I make that first trip to the garden center, but it will be very soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Won a Lovely Give Away!

A few weeks ago, I entered a give away on a friend's blog and I won! I know my blogger friend as Lady Jane, but her real name is Sharon. She is a very creative person and right now, I'm enjoying her adventure with her quilt blocks! I didn't know she made such beautiful cards...but she sure does!
She is also into miniatures, so I enjoy both of her blogs. You can find Lady Jane at Our Cozy Abode and For the Love of Minis, so pop on over and see what Lady Jane is up to!

She made a box for me to keep the cards in, but I had to put it together. Lady Jane, I just used double sided tape to make life easier!

She sent 12 cards, three of 4 different designs. This type is amazing with all kinds of fun additions! Only special friends will get these!

I think this is my favorite card! I just love that song and used to sing it to my girls when they were little. Now I can sing it to my grandson.

So Lady Jane, a big thank you for my treats and for all the work you put into these beautiful cards. I am blessed to have been the winner. Thanks so much and happy crafting.
This is my first blog post on my new laptop. I'm getting it figured out...slowly. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Barbie Fun!

Barbie...just the name brings back a flood of childhood memories! I was 10 when I got my first Barbie doll for Christmas. I didn't think I liked Barbie the first year when she was new. By the second Christmas, I was hooked! This is my original Barbie suitcase. I always took care of my dolls and when my girls were little, we only took down my Barbie things from the closet on special occasions. That was a the best way to keep all my doll things in good condition. My mom made some of the outfits and I do have some of the first official Barbie clothes. The only thing that somehow has disappeared is her shoes! My girls swear they never took them, so who knows

Here's a look inside my suitcase with my second Barbie with her bouffant hair do! I had dark hair then and my sister was a blonde, so I always got the dark haired dolls.

When I was playing Barbie with my granddaughter Ava, I discovered that my suitcase was really packed full! I go to lots of estate sales, so I was on the hunt for another smaller one. I found this single case and Jimmy negotiated a great price for me.

This is my original pony tail Barbie. I did get a blonde one...hum...maybe they weren't making the dark haired dolls yet. This case is great for her evening gowns.

I was at flea market and found this classic round Barbie case...yes, I had to get it. It was in such great condition and I always wanted a round suitcase.

More dolly clothes! Nothing is swished now! I never really valued MY dolls from the past until I started going to doll shows and realized just how old my dollies are! Goodness! Anyway, I am trying to take good care of my dolls now I have a sweet little Miss Revlon doll that actually was my favorite. She's about 10 1/2" tall and my mom made most of her outfits...that will be another blog post.

Thanks for sharing my doll post and I hope you have a great week ahead.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Blessings to you and yours this Sunday! I hope you are enjoying this day of rest with your loved ones.
This is our daughter and SIL's second anniversary. Happy Anniversary Angie and Chris. God has blessed you with a wonderful family. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea Time Thursday and Blossom Time #73

Blossom time...springtime...beautiful time of the year! Don't you just love all the pastel colors that dot the green trees coming back to life? As I drive down the road, I marvel at all the different pinks and whites and even purples of the blossoming trees in spring. They never last long enough for me!

For this Tea Time Thursday, I am sharing a beautiful teacup that we found last weekend at an estate sale. Yes, it just had to come home with me! It is sooo pretty and perfect for spring. Notice the spring branch inside the cup, a feature that I always love in my teacups. It is called Blossom Time by Royal Albert. You just have to love those Royal Albert teacups. They always have such a distinct look and such a nice quality.

Pink, pink,, love, love! Mother Nature must delight in her new spring outfits.

I found this lovely book on Amazon called Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen. I think It will be on my wish list for Mother's Day. Wouldn't you just love to find one of these sweet little cakes on your tea plate? So yummy and so beautiful. You can pull her recipe off on Pinterest for these little gems.

Our weather is chilly today, so it doesn't really feel like spring. I just have to look at this post and I feel like it's spring again! I know some of my blog friends got some more snow yesterday! SNOW!!! I am thankful I live in the Pacific Northwest. I think it's time for a cup of tea to warm up a bit. Happy Spring.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Annual Quilt Retreat at the Sandbox

Last week I got to join my quilting friends for our annual quilting retreat at Gleneden Beach on the Oregon coast. It's held in the SANDBOX room at the Beachcomber's Haven in the lower room of this building. It is owned by a quilter, so she had the room set up for quilting retreats. The lighting is wonderful with windows all along the side to look out towards the ocean. We have gone there for many years and it's really fun. We have 4 apartments and it's like a little home away from home.

The weather was just beautiful most of the trip. We got to stay from Sunday afternoon until Friday morning. It's so reasonable and just so much fun.

I'm not sure which of our quilters made this lovely table topper, but it was really pretty and nicely done.

Each room takes one night to prepare the dinner meal for the whole group. Not much cooking and it's nice to stay in to share the evening meal. The food was really yummy this year.

My group usually has the Sunday dinner on the first night. This is Donna and Nancy~ two of my roomies making dinner and having some fun.

Ina always brings her little Featherweight. Those little machines are such workers that last forever. She looks pretty serious!

This is my friend Gloria in the background and Vicki was new to our group this time. She is a long arm quilter and  makes lovely quilts. She brought her coffee machine and made us wonderful coffee drinks. Thank you Vicki....what a treat!

This is one of Vicki's quilts she was making for a friend.

Gloria loves lots of fabrics to fussy cut.

Kathy got to sit by me this year. I really got to know and enjoy her during this week. She was working on a large quilt for a friend. Such pretty fabrics!

This table topper was also Kathy's creation. It was soooo pretty and interesting.

Peggy was also working on the same pattern. Sadly, Peggy's hubby Al, had a heart attack and had to have a double bypass, so Peggy had to leave. I'm sorry I didn't even get a picture of her. Al is doing well, but it will be a long haul for the patient and the care giver. Our best to you both Peggy.

More quilting friends....Karen, Roberta, Jan and our other Vicki. Jan and Vicki pump out the quilts like you cannot believe! They do beautiful work too. I didn't manage to get photos of Vicki's work! I really missed the boat!

Two more of Jan's quilts!

And, we cannot forget our Donna! Funny funny Donna who also manages to whip up so many quilts at each retreat. I can't even keep up with her!

This was a favorite of everyone. It's just so bright and cheerful.

When we went over to our room for a break, we found Joy enjoying a Coke...everything goes better with Coke...right? There were a few candy wrappers too! She said she was busted! LOL.

This is one of Joy's mini quilts. She is just getting interested in them and wants to frame this little one.
Very sweet.

Joy hated this fabric, but look how great it turned out! I just loves the print and the colors.

This is our other Nancy in the background and our youngest quilter Torie. She was just so upset, struggling with a project. We have ALL been there. It turned out really cute, but she didn't like it.

And last but not least, my good friend Nancy! We stayed up talking late every night and I always have the best time with her! I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of any of her quilts! She would have them up on the design wall and when I went to take a picture, they would be gone! She does beautiful work and also long arms quilts.

I can't show you any of my work, because my projects are going to be given away this summer at a special party for my high school buddies. I promise to share them all before I give them away. They are really cute and I am having fun making them.