Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

Enjoy your summer Sunday...such a wonderful time of the year to be with friends and family. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Beatrix Potter's Birthday Tea!

Oh my goodness, it has been such a busy week! Gina has been home from Seattle since Sunday, Otto has been celebrating his 3rd birthday for days and it's Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday! Yesterday was the big birthday day! I started planning a little tea for fun!

I always like to set the table the night before the tea, whenever possible. I had kept my Peter Rabbit items close at hand after Easter. I don't have a lot of Wedgewood china pieces but it all mixes well with pretty floral and garden patterns of china.

A few soft plush characters decided to join Peter in the decorations.

All set with silver serving pieces, linens and glassware! Let the fun begin....bring on the food1

The food makes the table come alive. I enjoy a buffet style tea as my kitchen is quite small.

I haven't been eating sweets and I did enjoy EVERYTHING today in little bites.

This was my very favorite and fun Peter Rabbit! I found the cute idea on Pinterest. Such a cute way to serve up a veggie plate. I made a yogurt dip to keep it in the healthy department.

I dd make cranberry orange scones for Jimmy. You can't have a tea without scones!

Fresh fruit for all...the perfect time of the year for a sweet little dish of sweets.

I was able to use my garden fresh little tomatoes with the mozzarella and basil skewers.

I love blue cheese! It's supposed to look like a carrot. I served it with rice crackers...yummmy.

I know it's a busy table but it was very fun and enjoyable. I served a black almond tea that was really nice with all the goodies.

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter! It was fun celebrating with you and Peter.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #121

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! I hae been waiting for this day to share this most delightful breakfast tea set that I found at an estate sale last Friday. I walked into the sale and saw it on the table and just about squealed! I was afraid to look at the price, but it was $30 and I had some cash in my pocket!
I think it's just so very sweet and I knew I was going to be sharing some Peter Rabbit things this week as it's Beatrix 150th birthday on Thursday. Gina is home again, so I am hoping to do a little tea on Thursday.

Peter was pretty happy with my new purchase too! Fresh roses from the garden to help celebrate.

The breakfast tea set has a sweet teapot, open sugar bowl, creamer, teacup and a little tray.
The colors are just so Peter Rabbit!

The sweet little pink rose sitting on top of the teapot just makes the set perfect.

This is the markings on the bottom of the items. Each piece is marked.

The tea for today is Sleepy Rabbit...from an Oregon Nursery...Nichols Garden Nursery. It's a great place to order seeds and plants. Yummy tea too.

This wonderful book is a treasure. I found it last year in Vermont on our great trip. It is charming. I so would love to visit Beatrix Potter's home. I don't think it's meant to be, but it's fun to see all the photos and dream.

So Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter! Thank you for all the stories about Peter and his friends. They all make me so very happy.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Treasures

Today for Thursday Treasures, I have a lot of fun things to share from last weekend. We actually went to two events and sure had a fun time shopping! The weather was quite nice for outside shopping. It's not fun when the temps reach up to the 90's! It was overcast yet quite warm.

The garage sale was just across the river into Washington, only about a half hour from home.
They get a very good turnout at this event.

I was ready to go and this is how I found Jimmy! I just had to laugh.

This shot was taken back in Oregon at the Expo show. I was fascinated with this booth and it's rolling showcase booth. It was drawing a great deal of attention.

In the summer, this show has a huge outside area. We no longer exhibit at the summer Expo. We will be back for the October date.

The sun popped out a bit right before we left.

Jimmy was packing out his goods...those are snowshoes over his shoulder. He sell every pair he can find!

When we get back home, we always enjoy a share and tell and spread out the goodies! He was quite pleased with his finds!

I just love this old box! It may have to stay around.....

The black dolly is fabulous. I love her dress and she will fit in quite well with our booth .

Older copper molds are always welcome! Jimmy also found 4 fishing rods to sell, so he was quite happy about that.

Now, for my goodies! What a different look, heh? That's the fun about each of us selling different things. Fun Fun Fun!

Was I ever pleased to find 4 Holly Hobbie dolls! Most of mine have sold and they are such great sellers. There's a wonderful piece of HH fabric on the left side...a great find!

Old quilt blocks and a wonderful clay cookie mold. I will be keeping this one! I have never seen a quilt pattern one.

A few goodies for the tea collection! It's a real treat to find a pink luster teacup out here in the NW.
I was happy to find the little Japanese teapot to send to a friend's dolly. Ida will be happy. The small teacups are child sized from Queen Elizabeth's coronation. They will be joining my sweet!

Look at this charming rag doll pattern by McCalls! She has very cute clothes patterns too.

I am always happy to find some ephemera. Most of these were taken from a cute children's book.

My most favorite find was this Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top. I love the colors and it's nicely done. It was fun to find a top made with hexies, as I'm into that right now.

And look at this gorgeous piece! It's an embroidery hoop that attaches to a table top. We think it's made of maple and it's so pretty and in very good condition.

You just screw it on and off. Jim wants me to keep it and I think it would be a wonderful piece to have! Thank you Jimmy.

Well, I did have a great time but it was hard on my old sore feet. Just a month left to see the doctor.

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I missed my Tea Time Tuesday this week as I was sewing for two days at our church, making bags for a missionary trip. It was fun. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Visit to the Troutdale General Store

The other day I went down to my favorite store in my little town of Troutdale....the General Store.
It's a great place to find a little gift, get a cup of coffee or grab a sandwich. I've known the owners for years and it's just a fun place to stop in.

I was buying my items and the owner Jodie asked me if I had been downstairs. She said she had just finished decorating and wanted me to see it. So I popped downstairs and walked into this! I was amazed. It was like a fairy tale land. I took a few photos to share on my blog. I think she should win an award for her work. It took her 4 months to finish it all!

I love the gold and silver Christmas and the neat sign...PEACE! It is sooo pretty!

You have to have some snowmen to welcome in the holidays. Cute little guy.

I adore fall and was really happy to see her presentation. The sign pointed the way to more fall goodies.

Turkey time, pumpkins and sunflowers!

 I love crows! This little miss was so cheerful and I sure wanted to take her home.

I'm not as fond of Halloween, but lots to look at here too!

A bit of Love is in the air! Happy Valentines Day!

A wee bit of the Irish for some magic! I'm thinking I would like a little white tree for the other holidays....

And of course, don't forget the Easter Bunny.

I really wish you could see her holiday room in person! It's so amazing and so magical.