Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tasha Tudor Day and Tea Time Thursday # 47

Happy Tasha Tudor Day to all my Tashettes and Tasha friends! Her fans have chosen to celebrate her life and her work on this her birthday~August 28th. I love that it is also Tea Time Thursday so I have the perfect way to have some fun. I usually treat my Jimmy to a special tea on this day, however, he is away flyfishing. I also had my sweet little Otto over night, so I really couldn't do anything big this year.
Last year we were in Montana and LaVonne has a tea for me on her porch on the farm. It was just magical and I wish we could have been together again this year. Ok, back to this year....

The Tasha Tudor family published this and as you can see, Tasha would have been 99 years old today. Next year is the big 100th year of her birth. Yes, we should plan something very special.

Here is my little tea I had for myself with Miss Annabelle. She brought a few tiny friends and her tea cart too. It just turned out to be a raspberry tea. I love raspberries.

I found a lovely herbal tea at my local Russian store. They have the most wonderful selection of different teas. Don't you love the pink color of this tea by Greenfield? It has a delicate berry flavor.

Fresh raspberries...yum! A wonderful taste of summer and a most welcome addition at tea.

A lovely raspberry scone, a raspberry mini cheesecake and a little lemon cake...just because.

On my first trip back to Vermont in 2007, I made a scrapbook of my trip so I would always remember the events and the friends that I made. It was really fun today to look back at that trip. It was the first time LaVonne and I met in person! What a delightful friendship that has become so very special.

I took a lot of time putting this book together. I even printed all the text. I am so glad I took the time to do this. It really was fun too.

I also was able to buy a darling photo album at the Rookery with a Tasha Tudor print on the front. I wish they still carried this item.

So I want to make another scrapbook to remember my trip this May. I finally ordered all my photos off my camera and purchased albums. I had hoped to work on it today, but I had my sweet little grandson over night last night and I didn't have enough time to start the project today. But, I have all the things i need now, so one day soon, I will start work on my new scrapbook and photo album.

I had another treat today when I had my tea. Our Take Peace group had a summer exchange to celebrate Tasha. Our moderator Suzanne drew names and we sent a little gift to the person to arrive by today. A good Tasha friend Nancy and I were gift partners. Nancy lives in West Virginia and we have know each other via the internet for years. I love my goodies and thank you so much Nancy! She does such nice embroidery work. The little purple item is a darling purple bird made from a gourd. It's just charming. The soap smells heavenly. Annabelle even got a chicken! I loved her note too~a keeper.

I can't let this Tasha Tudor Day slip away without mentioning this spring time addition of Doll News that actually arrived when I was back in Vermont. It is just wonderful and most of it is all about Annabelle and Tasha Tudor's dolls. It is a must have for your Tasha collection.

The magazine also featured a lovely article on Christine Crocker who is an Oregon doll maker, artist, who lives in Madras OR. She is also a member of our Tasha Group.

What a delight to see my doll featured in the magazine...Ladye Lydia Rose. She was a gift from my husband.

Lady Lydia Rose lives in my tea room. She does miss all her friends who live with Christine, so she wanted to send a message to them today.

I hope you found a way to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day with JOY! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The End of Summer, The End of the Month and Oh So Busy!

The calendar is just about ready to flip over to a new month! August has been a busy month and a happy month. On Saturday, Jimmy and I were invited to celebrate the marriage of Anna and Mike.
Anna is one of Gina's long time friends and everyone was excited about this wedding. The weather was perfect for an outside event at Anna's parent's home along the Sandy River.

Everything was ready to go! The groom and his parents were discussing picture wishes with the photographer. The clock was ticking and it was almost time to begin.

The officiator was decked out in his royal purple attire...all smiles and waiting for the nervous couple.

Our SIL Eric played a special tune as the wedding party was ready. I love this photo of Mike and his parents...everyone is smiling. I love weddings.

All set? Oh no, we had to wait for a jet to fly over! It was really funny. Anna has a fantastic sense of humor and mouthed her vows while we waited for the plane. Such style and class Anna girl!

Time to be serious and exchange vows...very sweet.

 The bride's mother and father.

Let the fun begin!

Gina and her papa. Of course we were all remembering Eric and Gina's wedding~almost two years ago.That's hard to believe!

Have you ever seen a dinosaur wedding cake before? That's Anna...

As Jimmy and I walked back to our car, I looked up at this beautiful canopy of Douglas Fir trees. I had to pause for a moment. As I stood there admiring such beauty, I just had to say a little prayer that God would bless this newly married couple and that He would grant them a very happy marriage.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tea Time Thursday #46~Books, Bees and Mint

Jim and I sit outside most mornings when we have out coffee and lately I have been watching the bees go crazy in my mint. I let most of my herbs flower, just for the bees. I have let the mint take over one area too where nothing else really likes to grow. I love to brush by the bushes and smell the mint.

This is an illustration by Wayne Anderson of the mint fairy in a book called THE MAGIC CIRCUS.
He is a British illustrator who does a lot of children's books. I love his work and need to explore his art.

I love that she has one foot on a lovely bee.

Look closely and you will see a bee on the mint flower. I tried to get a bee or two in each photo. My daisies are done in the front yard, but a few are still flowering in the back with the mint.

I have a pumpkin plant that has gone crazy and is growing up into the mint. It would be fun to get a couple pumpkins.

I spy a pumpkin under the rose bush! I will have to watch it. Maybe the fairies will protect it!

I picked ups some fun books a few weeks ago at an Estate sale. I was excited as I found some that I didn't own. The lady was a tea person as you can tell.

Years ago I read all of Jan Karon's Mitford books and just loved them all. I was sad when I had read all the books in the series. I not a strong reader but I so enjoyed them. If you have read her books, you know they are always talking about food, so she put out this cookbook. I have checked it out from the library but at $2 I decided to take it home. It's a lovely book and filled with great recipes...very enjoyable.

I decided to share her recipe from the book for CYNTHIA'S HEAVENLY TEA.....

3 Lipton family-size teabags, tags removed
2 sprigs fresh mint leaves, plus mint sprigs for garnish
1 cup granulated sugar
1 (6 oz can) frozen lemonade, thawed
2 (11 1/2 oz) cans apricot nectar
6 tsp almond extract

Place the teabags and the mint in a pottery or glass pitcher and pour in 2 cups of cold water. Bring a kettle with 3 cups water to a rolling boil. Pour the boiling water over the teabags and cover the pitcher with a small plate. Steep for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove the teabags and the mint leaves. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Stir in the lemonade, apricot nector, almond extract, and 3 more cups of cold water. Serve over ice and garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Makes about 10 cups

There's still a bit of summer left to enjoy some ice tea and use your fresh mint leaves from your herb garden. I don't have Lipton tea in my house, so would probably just use a nice black tea.

Happy Tea Time Thursday!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Post From the Last Frontier

Eric had a few last minute places to share with us before our flight back to Seattle! He took us up to Flat Top look out which offers a spectacular view of the Anchorage area. We didn't climb the trail, but there is a small trail that even us old folks could handle. That's our little blue rental car in the parking lot...we put over 600 miles it!

Jimmy sure looks relaxed. He fell in love with Alaska and I have a feeling that we will be back soon.

After our scenic view, we were all getting hungry. Eric wanted to take us to the Artic Roadrunner, which just might have the best hamburgers in Alaska! Jimmy's being funny in the parking lot.

 Eric had one more tourist stop for us... the Alaska Wild Berry Products store. It's really fun, well done, nice local products as wells as souvenirs! It reminded me of the Vermont Country Store.

And then it was time to head to the airport. What an adventure for the summer of 2014. Thanks so much Eric and Gina. We will always remember this trip with fond memories.