Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tea Time Tuesday #175

Happy Tea Time Tuesday...oh, it's been so long since I have posted. With Easter so very early this spring, I decided not to put out my lovely St Patrick's Day things. It always makes me a bit sad when I don't get to enjoy my teapots and teacups.

I was really sick last weekend but was feeling better on Sunday afternoon, so Jim took me to an estate sale. I found this beautiful and very different teacup. It is lovely....Forget-Me-Nots and shamrocks! I am such a Tasha Tudor fan and she loved Forget-Me-Nots. I just had to take the teacup home. What a treasure.

I also just love to see a little design on the inside of the cup.

Don't you love the little pink bows too? So dainty and just that bit of color is perfect.

The cup and saucer are bone china, made in England. It is made by the Royal Stewart company.

I don't get to eat goodies too often anymore, but I did have a mint cookie with my tea. It's was such a wet and dreary Oregon day...I just had to enjoy one!

My friend Jan sent me this sweet card. I'm enjoying a cup of Irish Breakfast tea with my treats.

I'm looking forward to a gathering of my high school buddies this Saturday on St Patrick's Day.