Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Doll's Wedding....Tasha Tudor Fun Ahead!

Save the date! This summer, my Tasha Tudor friends in Vermont, are having a doll wedding. We will be touring Tasha Tudor's home and then the Tudor family has given us permission to have a doll wedding on the property. We will be able to use the stage. This is a dream of my friend Melinda. Her doll Daisy will be the bride who has quite a Tasha connection. Atticus is the groom and he was made by Marjorie Tudor. Both belong to Melinda.

They are in love! The wedding is drawing near. There will be a reception for dolls and adults at the hotel after the home tour. As you can imagine, we are all busy working on projects for the wedding.
I decided it would be fun to record what I am doing for the wedding on my blog. This is a very special occasion for dolly friends and Tasha Tudor fans.

 In 1955, Tasha Tudor staged a doll wedding on her property in New Hampshire. Life magazine sent a photographer out and I have posted some of the photos from the article. It is so charming and what a treasure that this was recorded then. There is also a film version that has the wedding in it. It is called THE GOLDEN KEY.

Notice the little girls have wreaths that allow them to walk their dolls. I was given the task of making these wreaths for our dolls. Our colors are pink and white.

Last January, Melinda and decided on the garland and I chose grape vine wreaths. I thought I would be able to just glue the garland on, but I ended up sewing it onto the wreath. It took awhile, but it worked out better. I added a few daisies and some baby's breath. I think they turned out great.

I had to make 11 of them. After the wedding, they will be used as table decorations. I am shipping them back east this week. We will have to attach the ribbons in July to get the right lengths figures out with the dolls and the group.

This is the bride's wreath. It is fuller and has more flowers than the other's.

Stay tuned for more wedding adventures! My next project is going to be the dress for my doll the bride's maid. So much fun.