Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #156

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! It's been quite a week and I didn't get back to my blog after last week's tea post. Our daughter Gina needed some help up in Everett WA and we had to make a trip up north. It's been an emotional week but I am hoping that things will get better.

So, here we are back at Tea Time Tuesday. I took a little break and thought it would be fun to use a couple of my pretty pink older tea cups.

It's still wet and dull outside and pretty grey. I have to rely on silk flowers for now. I have been thinking about my flower beds and looking at garden plans lately. I have to hold off here until May to plant...especially this year. It's just wet the poor little plants will just rot. That's happened to me in the past when I get too over anxious about gardening!

I was really craving sweets today, but I have to be good...sigh. So I decided to have some strawberry chocolate tea. It is yummy and sweet. It's not a good tea if you are having dessert but nice if you just want to enjoy a cuppa.

The cups are old fashion...this one was made in Germany.

This one is marked Austrian.

I enjoyed reading through this tea booklet that I have had for several years....Tea with the Bennets. It is delightful. The author is British and adds so much charm to the recipes. Enjoy a few examples here.

I need to get to bed early tonight. It's spring vacation and I will have to watch Ava and Otto tomorrow. I have some crafts and a fun cupcake idea lined up. Both kids just pull on Grandma Linda and there's six years between them. I have to find things that both of them can do. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday # 155

Happy Spring and Happy Tea Time Tuesday! The calendar says it is spring and the sun actually did pop out for a bit. I thought I would bring some sunshine into the house to cheer me up a bit. I love daffodils and jonquils and green and yellow!

This is the spring tea cup I purchased in Washington state during my Tasha Tudor Valentine Gathering weekend. I wanted to save it for this spring time post. Isn't it sweet?

The cup and saucer is marked Hammersley and it's named Yellow Jonquils. Sorry my photo is a bit blurry.

I love the embossing on the pieces. It just adds such so much to the china.

Ready for a spot of tea? I really enjoy this Queen Mary tea. It's so yummy.

This is a new addition and such a darling little perfume bottle lady. I adore her.

The bottle top is actually a half doll. She has a cork on the bottom to act as a stopper.

She is marked Germany on the bottom of the bottle and she is in great condition.

I love the darling round doily with crocheted daffodils. Someone did a lot of work...such a craft that is disappearing.

I am not sure what this little flower's purpose is, but it's very cute. It may be a candle holder.

Jimmy found this adorable Steiff chick last fall. It's so cute and perfect for spring.

I like to hang this little butterfly doll on the wall decor with little jonquils. It's time for spring!

And who wouldn't love the Daffodil Fairy?

I hope you have enjoyed these little sunshine yellow springtime treats. Think spring, flowers and sunshine. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

Just taking a few minutes to write a simple Sunday post. We have had such a nice day...truly a day of rest. Morning coffee together, church, a flea market, an early dinner out, a nap and some great March Madness TV!
I hope you had time to rest and time to recharge your batteries for a new week.

Spring starts tomorrow! YEAH. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I love St Patty's Day. My mom enjoyed decorating and celebrating all the holidays, so I guess I got it from her. My dad worked for Woolworth's so we always had access to party decorations and fun goodies.

My Italian hubby loves corned beef and cabbage. Since I am on a low sodium diet, I can no longer enjoy the standard St Pat's dinner. But Jimmy loves it and I make it for him. Here it is cooking in the crock pot. It smells so yummy.

I had fun decorating the table. The cute plates, placemats and doilies all came from the $ store. It's fun to mix and match with my St Pat's china.

You HAVE to have a few chocolate gold coins for the day!

This little guy doesn't seem to know what's going on. He's been napping for years.

Just a few chocolate mint cookies for dessert.

Only the BEST butter for today!

It's fun to use a few different cup and saucers at dinner.

Just look at that smile!   Give the guys some yummy food and he's a happy camper!.

Even though I could have the corned beef plate, I did have a yummy ftesh shrimp complaints.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dolly Thursday

Miss Daphne does NOT want to be the Irish Washer Woman! All the other dollies are in hiding too! I found this little primitive stand in Washington when we had our Tasha NW Gathering. It came with a little red wooden tub. I added the other goodies and Jimmy gave me the little copper boiler. I found the wicker basket at the antique show we just did. It is the perfect size.

Undies to scrub in the little red wash tub.

Dolly lace, Turkey Red napkins and some embroidery work are stashed in the little

The copper boiler, a gift from Jimmy, is filled with more wash to be done!

Daphne is looking at all the clean folded wash in the wicker basket...all neat and tidy.

Looks like there's a few irons waiting for the task too!

Looks like the Leprechauns set a little tea table to tempt some dolly to get the wash done! I do love sharing Dolly Thursday with my Tasha Tudor group. It's fun to roll it over to my blog for others to enjoy the fun too. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #154

Yesterday the postman delivered a package that I have been waiting for for a quite some time. I signed up for the Tasha Tudor Valentine's Day and my package never came. My partner lives in New Hampshire and has been snowed in a good amount of the winter. Her hubby forgot to mail my package too, so it was really late in arriving.  I was thrilled with her box and what she chose for me.
She learned that I was watching the Victoria special on PBS and discovered that I love all the English shows on PBS. She put together a little tea in a box gift.

I love the dainty cup and saucer. The colors are perfect and it's a fun addition to my collection.

Here's the markings on the bottom of the's marked Old Royal Bone China England.

This sweet little porcelain lady was also included. Isn't she wonderful? Do you think she is keeping a secret? I think so.

I loved the card that Allyson sent...very Victorian and so pretty.

And what a grand box of PG Tips tea! It's such a wonderful tea...always a classic.

Nice and hardy for a rainy day.

I can buy King Arthur's flour out here in Oregon. I was happy to find a package of their scone mix in my box! How fun. I can't believe how delicious this mix is. I made them in the drop form, which is so easy and it's pretty hard to fail. Jimmy was just thrilled. He loves cranberry orange. It did give a little recipe for a glaze that really added a nice touch.

Yummmm....the finished projects.

Flaky and so flavorful.

Such a delightful treat on a rainy day. I will be participating in the Tasha Tudor Easter exchange and Stephanie's Tea Cup exchange next. Happy Tea Time.