Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor! Our Pacific NW Tasha Tudor Society Gathering

Today is Tasha Tudor's birthday! She would have been 102 years old. As her fans, many of us like to remember her on this day in some special way. This year, we have a very magical weekend celebration with our Pacific NW Tasha Tudor Society group. Two of our members, Joyce and Carla, offered to have the meeting at their homes in Puyallup, WA.

Diane and Sue met me in Longview, WA at 8:30 am Saturday morning. We left my car at Diane's brother's house and off we went! We were a wee bit early, so we stopped at a thrift store and Sue got some books for her classroom.

We arrived at Joyce's darling home around 11:00 am. Robin and her neighbor Erika joined our group.  She has a lovely home, filled with antiques, toys and DOLLS! She was so eager to share it all with us.

Joyce is such a Tasha Tudor collector and has been for many years. She made this Tasha doll years ago and it is so cute. It was fun to listen to her tell us the story how she made the doll. Several pieces of the doll furniture was made by Seth Tudor, Tasha's son who built Tasha's home.

Look at all the fun items on top of the corner shelf! There is so much in these two rooms to study.

The stove is just wonderful and to die for!

I am lucky enough to also have a little spice cabinet like this one that was made by Seth too.

Of course, you need to have a corgi in the dollhouse!

I loved the crockery...especially the teapot. What a great job Joyce.

This is the doll that Marjorie Tudor, Tasha's DIL made for Joyce. It is a representation of Joyce as a little girl. She has made clothes for this doll from photo's of herself as a little girl....charming.

Joyce is so sweet...she put this wonderful redwork quilt out on her bed just for me! Oh, it is just fantastic. It is in excellent condition too.

In another room, you will  find more fun things...a little bedroom scene and more dolls!

This sweet little child's bed used to sleep her preschool children when she ran her little business. Now it is enjoyed by very large baby dolls.

I loved this story! This chair was made by Seth. Joyce had been to an event and Tasha was sitting on a chair like this. When Joyce returned home, she decided she really wanted it! When she called Seth, he said he had 2 chairs and couldn't remember which one Tasha had been sitting on! So, they had Tasha sit on it and he took a photo to send along with it. When she received it, she dressed up and had a picture of her sitting in the chair too.

She framed both photos. Isn't that fun?!

She has darling child size items in the little area where she once ran her daycare. Oh, I loved everything in that room!!!

How about this stove?

Rub-a-dub-dub....three babies in a tub!

After we got to enjoy the downstairs, she took us one by one, up to the attic. Oh my....more dolly treasures. Diane is enjoying some of the goods and hearing a good story from Joyce. Can you see the clothes behind Diane? That little red coat was SO adorable!

This cabinet was the home of small dolls and her Hitty.

After everyone had a chance to be overwhelmed by toys and dolls, it was time for our picnic. The weather was nice, a bit warm, but we were happy to be outside. The lunch was so good, cold cuts, bread, Tasha's baked beans, blueberries, watermelon, pasta salad, yummy kale salad and a great iced tea.

Of course, the dollies were invited and they also had a yummy picnic. Such a variety and so many nice dolls.

Joyce has a lovely garden with all kinds of fun things to look at.

We went down a little pathway and found the Secret Garden.

Look what was in the secret garden...the outhouse is actually where she stores her garden tools. Pretty funny.

Our sweet hosts....Joyce and Carla. I caught Carla with her eyes almost shut but I still like this photo. Carla made their aprons.

After we finished up our lunch, it was time to travel over to Carla's home...two blocks away. But first, we made a stop at Erika's home to see her special dolls. Oh my, such beauties.

She was also selling a few dolls as she is down sizing.  I did have to take one home. I will feature her at another time.

All the little ladies traveled over to Carla's home too. Our hosts had goodies very similar to our goodies...they even had churned ice cream, as we did! They also had a floating cake...a Tasha birthday must have!

Can you see the cake floating in the little tub?

Carla's garden is also amazing. She keeps chickens and has these doves that sound like the are laughing.

And here is our floating clever and pretty cute idea.

Robin and Diane are enjoying some of Carla's lovely Tasha books from Japan. I have never seen most of these.

Carla has not been a doll person. She enjoys gardening and loves Tasha's work, but has never gotten into the dolls. Now she has made two of the china dolls from the kits that were put out sometime ago. She made the clothes the dolls are wearing.

The ladies also had a craft for us. I love this photo of Diane, laughing as she was trying to separate the embroidery floss. We were all laughing with her.

Carla is stuffing her little corgi fabric dog with lavender.

Sweet Sally the corgi wanted to be a part of everything!

Our project supplies....

The finished projects.

The dollies were finishing up the afternoon visit and each had a can of pop! I had to laugh when I went back to look at them.

We packed up and said our good byes and Diane, Sue and I took off for our hotel in Bellevue. We made a stop at Hobby Lobby and boy was that fun. I have NEVER been to one, so it was a treat. Of course, we all found a few treasures. We got checked in at the Red Lion and went out for dinner. We all crashed when we got back.

We had breakfast in the morning and then went to the doll show.

Erika and Joyce met us there to join in the fun. They know a lot of dealer, so it was fun. Actually, about 6 vendors were ones that I buy from at the Portland Doll shows, so that was fun to see them  in a different place. I also met a dolly friend there from home and we were so surprised to see each other.

I just got the biggest kick out of was her first time at a doll show. It won't be her last. Doesn't she have the best smile?

The hotel gave us an late departure time, so we went back to our room and had show and tell before we left. Poor Sue, a elderly lady needed CPR at the show and Sue stepped in to help her. It was scary. I was so glad Sue was there, but it was upsetting to her after it was all over.

We hit a Starbucks and another Goodwill on the way home. More books for Sue!

We had a full trunk and a full car! Oh what a fun weekend.

These were my party favors and my hostess gifts for my friends.

Daphne and Gretchen sure had fun. They were so pleased to have new clothes for the party.

We are hoping to plan a fall event and are thinking ahead to spring.

Well, Happy Birthday dear Tasha Tudor.