Tuesday, May 31, 2016


It's strawberry time in Oregon! our favorite variety is Hoods as they are a bit sweeter. We have had some more warm weather, so that means more sweet strawberries to enjoy!

Today for Tea Time Tuesday, I was in the mood for some strawberry fun tea items.

The mailman brought me a package this afternoon, just in time for tea and perfect for my blog post today. I found this sweet tea cup on Etsy and the seller shipped it to me very quickly. The teacup was Made in England is is marked Marlborough. I love that it says Strawberry perfect is that?

The pretty saucer shows the progress of the berry from blossom to ripe berry.

I love these strawberry linens. The embroidery work is done with silk threads and is my favorite to collect.

I even found some fun stickers that I forgot I had. I like the old look of the stickers.

My daughter Gina's MIL Susan, sent me this Alaska Wild Tea. She lives in Anchorage. I thought it was the day to try it!.

My little red teapot that I found at the Goodwill last week is so perfect for my little tea time. I've been working outside today...finally getting some work done. It's quite warm, just did clean up today and will plant later in the week while it is a big cooler. Better get it done before the mid 90's that are predicted for the weekend. We actually put up our AC units today.

I'm going to start linking up with a few friends again. I haven't been very faithful about that lately.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

A day to remember and a day to be very thankful for the freedom we all enjoy here in America. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Lost Quilt

A couple years ago, I decided to make a flannel lap quilt for my dad for Christmas. I worked on it at a quilt retreat. I couldn't get it long armed before Christmas, so I gave it to my dad and then took it back. I didn't get the binding on right away. One day Jim took it over to the store room, not knowing that I was working on it. Well, I am embarrassed to say, but it got lost. This spring, Jim was cleaning out the storage unit and he found my quilt! I started to work on it and want to give it to dad by Father's Day.

I found my photos from the retreat, so you can see the work in progress!

I finished sewing on the binding last night. I still need to make a label.

This shows the machine quilting up close. It's so soft and it's the colors that my dad loves and has in his living room.

The finished quilt all folded up. I know he will like it and be happy to see it again! It will feel nice and warm this fall.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Treasures

I was busy last weekend with the estate sale, so Jim and I didn't get to go "shopping" as we usually do on the weekends. Today, I took a few things to the Goodwill to donate, and thought I would just pop in to see if there was anything to take home. At first, I didn't find any goodies, but then, there they were!

How could I leave this sweet little demitasse teacups? It is a keeper for sure!

I thought this wallpaper trim would be great for card making! I often make cards for my tea group....Afternoon Tea Across America!

Ava will like this for our American Girl Dolls. This will be great for them to have a party.

I always look for paper goods too. I found a some great scrapbook papers, some Daisy Kingdom garland to sell and a cute chicken pattern for resale too.

Look at this wonderful German smoker! I'm going to give it to Jimmy with his Father's Day gifts. He loves these and it's a fisherman! Perfect!

I HAD to get this darling small red teapot for my Mary Engelbreit stash. It's really a nice little size.

I couldn't resist this little goodie! It's a darling little salt and pepper set. I even love the box...two little peas in a pod.

I didn't find this today. My dear friend LaVonne sent it to me! It's a great cardboard house that has little drawer and the roof lifts up for storage. Isn't it just adorable?

Well, it is late, so off to bed I go. I have been working on hand sewing the binding on my dad's quilt tonight. I will have it done tomorrow! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #114

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! I get to share one of the teacups I got at the estate sale this past weekend. I absolutely love it. It's just different than most of my cup and saucers and I think it's really quite spring like.

It is a Royal Winton, made in England. It is very much like the chintz designs that this company made. It even has the little gold band on the inside of the cup.

It has been wet and chilly here in Oregon. I took a break this afternoon and had a nice cup of tea....a cranberry spiced white tea. It's a delicate yet yummy tea. I took a few minutes to glance at one of my Tasha Tudor books...First Poems of Childhood. It's a sweet book.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Estate Sale Worker!

Today all I did was relax! I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working an estate sale with one of my friends Sandra. About a year ago, she asked me if I would help her when she had an estate sale for her friend. It was something on my bucket list, so I agreed. It was fun to see how these sales happen. Wow, it is a great deal of work. There's a lot of set up time, pricing, cleaning, organizing and running the show! Jimmy and I go to so many sales and it was fun to work one.

So many lovely teacups! Yes, I did get to choose a couple that I will share later. I wanted to bring them all home, but....

Lots of fun Bauer and similar items. Maybe you will see something from this table later too!

This fishbowl was just amazing. I don't like to take care of fish, but I was tempted. Sooo pretty.

A view of the living room before the sale. I liked the umbrella holder and it sold quickly. The lamps were good sellers too. The carved chair was a show stopper, but it was pricey, so it did not sell.

Vintage clothes are really popular here in the Portland area. We had several dealers in early on the first day.

Lots of charming aprons and they were also good sellers. I love old aprons.

Most of the hats sold early too.

Bedding with hand embroidered pillowcases done so nicely.

Pretty things for the dresser from days gone by.

Vintage phones sell very well too....especially rotary phones. That's really funny to me.

These two mid century lamps were also show stoppers. They are made of crushed glass in resin. They are really heavy and look great when you light them up.

This was only half of the sale. The basement items will be offered in June, so I will help Sandra again. The people you meet at these sales are really fun. They love to chat about what they collect and get so excited when they find goodies. It's really interesting to watch people as they shop. We also had people who were buying things to help out friends. I loved it. I had a great time even though I really am tired today! I'm thankful I didn't have anywhere to go today.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #113

I wasn't introduced to Anne of Green Gables until my girls were growing up. I just fell in love with the stories and lately, I have been longing to watch the movies again. I found this unopened box on Etsy and decided since this is the version I enjoy most, I would order it. I am going to start watching the whole set soon!

I have been looking for a teacup for quite some time and found a delightful seller in Canada who had one to offer. I was pretty excited. I long to visit Prince Edward Islands someday.

The cup and saucer is just perfect. I love the colors and the house. It's a nice addition to my collection with meaning and memories of my girls when they were little. It is a Royal Grafton and is in wonderful condition.

I just HAD to order this raspberry cordial tea! What could be more perfect for enjoying an Anne of Green Gables movie?