Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Thoughts...the season of Lent.

Spring is coming, Easter is coming and the season of Lent continues. How are you doing preparing your heart for Easter? It's so easy to get caught up in "life" and the business of it all!

I was just thinking of some positive ways to keep my heart right this coming week to help prepare myself Easter. I'm keeping this simple today, but here's some ways I hope to show Christ living in me. I picked one thing for each day this week:

Ask a retail clerk how her day is going!
Hold the door open for someone.
Check on an elderly friend.
Call a friend...instead of sending a text.
Pray for those in your neighborhood.
Send a snail mail note to a friend.
Give someone an extra hug.

Are you up for the challenge?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Little Miss Revlon and Dolly Memories

Once a week, I share a dolly post on my Tasha Tudor TAKE PEACE site. It has developed into something really fun. I decided to share one of my most favorite dolls from my childhood.
This is my Little Miss Revlon that I got for Christmas in 1958. She is a 10 1/2" inch doll and she was
manufactured in 1958....right before the big Barbie push. I didn't even like Barbie when she first came out, but of course, I wanted one a few years later when all my friends got one!

I found this wonderful little booklet at the last doll show. The Ideal company that made the Little Miss Revlon, was really smart to connect the REVLON name with the doll. Fashion and make up was big in the 1950's and the company hoped that moms would relate to the doll and the little girls would remember the Revlon name when they were old enough to use cosmetics.

This book has patterns and information about the dolls and the fashions of the 50's that reflected the times.

I never named her...she was always Little Miss Revlon. I think that's funny now, but I didn't then.
She has been carefully packed away and is in good condition. I had the dark haired doll and my younger sister Debbie, had a blonde one, as she had blonde hair.

Most of the doll's clothes were made by my mom. My dad worked for Woolworth and during the Christmas season, he worked long hours. My mom would put us in bed, turn the Christmas music on and she would sew. She had her machine in her bedroom and it would hum us to sleep along with the sounds of Christmas. It took me years to figure out what she was doing in there! Santa's little helper.

The clothes do reflect the times. She always made 2 of for me and one for Debbie.
After my mom passed away, my dad gave me all the doll patterns that my mom had saved. It makes me happy to have the ones she used to make these little outfits.

The doll was sold only in her undies. I still have the girdle but her bra is gone. I don't think they lasted too long. My mom did make her matching panties and a bra.

If you read my blog, you know that I love dolls of all kinds and collect them. I have only realized that my dolls from the past are now collectible! I decided it was time to treat them better. I really need to get this little miss a new suitcase for her and her wardrobe. It is just hard to part with the old round one that she has lived in for so many years. Hummmm....need to think about that. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tea Time Thursday #103

Happy Tea Time Thursday! Oh, it is the most wonderful spring day here in the Pacific Northwest! It is a bit windy, but the temps are in the 60's today! I guess that is why I am thinking PINK today for my post. Spring is in the air.

I adore Shelley tea cups and china. I think it is so romantic and dainty and just pretty. Jimmy loves it and when he is out scouting, he always has his eyes open for a Shelley. He was lucky to find a trio. I get to "borrow" the set for awhile as it is slated for his upcoming show. Isn't it just soooo pretty?
Soft pink flowers with a touch of soft pink trim...ahhhh.

The name of this pattern is Bridal Rose. Such a perfect name. How lovely would this be if you had a set for a sweet bridal shower? Swoon.....

Soft pink trim with tiny pink roses inside the cup favorite!

My dear friend Ann gave this tea time pin to me years ago as a gift. I think it was a birthday present. The pink roses with a touch of green makes for the perfect paring with the Shelley.

This is a tiny covered box that my sister Alisa gifted me years ago too. I keep it out in my tea room, under a little dome glass cover. It is a favorite of mine too.

It opens for tiny treasures. I actually found something I had tucked away inside that I was looking for the other day! FUNNY! It will probably appear on another post someday.

So think pink and spring and roses and's coming soon, I promise!

It's also time for another tea cup or mug exchange with my dear friend Stephanie at THE ENCHANTING ROSE. It is open to anyone who wishes to play! I have done all 8 of them and it is just so much fun. Do pop over and read some testimonials that she has posted today. I hope you choose to have some fun.

I am also linking up to Sandi at ROSE CHINTZ COTTAGE. Sh has a lovely NO PLACE LIKE HOME party each week. It's actually starts on Mondays, but I like up on Thursday after my Tea Time Thursday post.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Treasures

Good morning blogger friends. Oh, the hunt was good this past weekend! I can't even share all my finds in one blog, so will save some for next week! Tuesday Treasures galore! We had such a fun Sunday afternoon with a few goodies to keep and lots to sell.

I am always looking for dolly treasures! Fun little treasure for selling. Doll items do well for me and I guess it is my favorite thing to list on my Etsy. The little dolly pink panties still have their original sticker! Don't you love the little roller skates?

Another wonderful crocheted heart. I love these and a lot of people collect them.

Dollhouse favorite!! Some to keep and some to pass on. The wooden lamp will go in my little Strombecker room. The crock is amazing.

Annabelle gets to keep this lovely piece of furniture in her house. She was over the moon when she saw it. It is a very nice upgrade for her home. My favorite purchase of the day.

This is one of 4 dolls for resale. The man didn't want any of them in his booth and gave me a great price for them. That's what I love!

A darling little group of Ohio Toy Company metal tea cups. These are keepers. I adore these little metal toy dishes. They will live with a fine collection in my Mary Engelbreit room. So bright and so cheerful.

And who can resist these little lusterware Japanese toy dishes? I quite like the pattern on this one. It was a nice bargain.

Yes, I did have a grand time collecting treasures. Jimmy found lots of goodies for his upcoming show. It's time to get everything cleaned and priced for the show the first weekend in March.

Linking up with Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration. She is also getting ready for another teacup exchange soon.

Happy thrifting. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Made...Metal Bobbin Necklace

Today is Monday Made on my Tasha Tudor group, so I thought I would share this on my blog today too. A few years ago, I bought this cool necklace at a quilt show.

My friend Peggy is a beader and she invited me to her home so we could make these necklaces. It was so much fun. Of course, she had all the equipment and beads. I brought the metal bobbins. Most of our sewing machines have plastic bobbins now, so this was a good way to recycle the old metal bobbins.

I made mine longer than the one I purchased. I think our's turned out as neat as the one I bought.

I'm linking up with Bernideen's blog party again this week. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

Good Sunday morning blogger friends. It is the season of Lent for those of us who are Christians. I love this scripture verse not only for it's reminder to do what is good, but for the promise it holds for us too.

This week, I am going to remember not to "tire of doing good". It's really not hard to do good, is it? It makes me feel happy. Focus on your many blessings and see how easy it is to do good with a thankful heart.

God has work for you this your heart.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy Tea Time Thursday! It is chilly and very wet today after days of warm weather. It's funny how you get used to warmer temps and then it feels so cold when the weather returns to normal.

After a lovely bible study this morning, I returned home to get the fire going to warm up the house. This is Jimmy's day with Otto, so the house was empty. I decided to put on a big pot of homemade veggie soup. Yummm...the house smells so good.

You might thing that this is a regular sized tea set, but surprise! It's child sized and very cute. It blends in so nicely with my larger transferware pieces.

This is the complete set...teapot, creamer, sugar, and 4 matching cup and saucers. It's just so cute.

I was thinking about how blessed I am at this stage of my life. In so many ways, I lead a very CHARMED life. I play with dolls, collect fun things, enjoy tea time and I have a lovely family. I am safe and warm. I'm not wealthy, but I have enough to PLAY!

I served up this yummy tres leaches cake for Jimmy this afternoon with tea. It is his favorite. I am trying to be good, so just had tea with me.

This is one of my favorite charm tea and hearts bracelet! I wanted to share it today as it's still February and I love tea and hearts anytime of the year.

I love the little TEA CHAIRMAN charm! I have fun with this when I go to tea with friends. I get to be the chairman at the table.

Afternoon tea break with some fun!

Sweet....lots of these charms were given to my by friends. The little beaded teapot is so cute and it was a birthday gift. Just CHARMING!

These are a few books I have checked out at the library to enjoy. I may have to add them to my collection someday.

Do you have a charm bracelet? My mom and dad started my first one on my 13th birthday. Sadly, I do not have my first one. A naughty classmate stole it out of my gym locker when I was in the 8th grade. I do have all my others. I will have to share them another time.  Time for dinner...keep warm and toasty.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Treasures....Ya Ya Ya!

Hello blogger friends! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and President's Day. It made for a long weekend for some of you. Jim and I had fun at a few sales and had dinner with our kids and grandkids on Sunday afternoon.

Today for Tuesday Treasures, I have some German goodies to share with you. My heritage is German and I am drawn to German goods. It's funny how you find a group of similar items when you are out shopping sometimes.

Isn't this little miss adorable? She is a hand puppet! Her head is wooden and she is in great condition.
I have a thing for puppets too.

I think I need a find a good German name for her...ideas?

This is a stern little German lady doll. The owner told me she was probably a cottage industry gal. Her outfit is detailed and I love her shoes. It looks like her face is made from nylons.

This is my most favorite find of the shopping spree! It is a darling board book, printed in German. It reads Old Rhymes with new Images (or Pictures). It is illustrated by Else Wenz-Victor about 1925. She was a very popular illustrator. Her work is just charming. As with other illustrators of children's books, I seem to fall in love with their work. I will be on the hunt for more of her work. I do wish my German was better...high school was a very long time ago!

This is a little paperback book, also with darling illustrations. I'm not sure of the date or who did the illustrations in this book. I need to spend some more time on this one.

This is a very small plastic pin. The characters seem to be in traditional costumes and it's just so cute.

My SIL Chris is also German....Chris Wirth. He enjoys German made items too. He told me I had a couple Christmas gifts coming. He had ordered them from Germany, so they were a little late arriving. No problem for me! I love presents any time!

This is a tiny Santa. He sits on a little wooden bench. He is holding a flocked tree. It's only about 2" tall.

This is just beautiful! It's a glass ornament with a little Christkind in the center. Pretty special, huh? Thank you so much Chris.

I'm linking up with Stephanie's ROSES OF INSPIRATION. SO many fun things to enjoy from her blogger friends. Pop on over.