Friday, February 26, 2016

Little Miss Revlon and Dolly Memories

Once a week, I share a dolly post on my Tasha Tudor TAKE PEACE site. It has developed into something really fun. I decided to share one of my most favorite dolls from my childhood.
This is my Little Miss Revlon that I got for Christmas in 1958. She is a 10 1/2" inch doll and she was
manufactured in 1958....right before the big Barbie push. I didn't even like Barbie when she first came out, but of course, I wanted one a few years later when all my friends got one!

I found this wonderful little booklet at the last doll show. The Ideal company that made the Little Miss Revlon, was really smart to connect the REVLON name with the doll. Fashion and make up was big in the 1950's and the company hoped that moms would relate to the doll and the little girls would remember the Revlon name when they were old enough to use cosmetics.

This book has patterns and information about the dolls and the fashions of the 50's that reflected the times.

I never named her...she was always Little Miss Revlon. I think that's funny now, but I didn't then.
She has been carefully packed away and is in good condition. I had the dark haired doll and my younger sister Debbie, had a blonde one, as she had blonde hair.

Most of the doll's clothes were made by my mom. My dad worked for Woolworth and during the Christmas season, he worked long hours. My mom would put us in bed, turn the Christmas music on and she would sew. She had her machine in her bedroom and it would hum us to sleep along with the sounds of Christmas. It took me years to figure out what she was doing in there! Santa's little helper.

The clothes do reflect the times. She always made 2 of for me and one for Debbie.
After my mom passed away, my dad gave me all the doll patterns that my mom had saved. It makes me happy to have the ones she used to make these little outfits.

The doll was sold only in her undies. I still have the girdle but her bra is gone. I don't think they lasted too long. My mom did make her matching panties and a bra.

If you read my blog, you know that I love dolls of all kinds and collect them. I have only realized that my dolls from the past are now collectible! I decided it was time to treat them better. I really need to get this little miss a new suitcase for her and her wardrobe. It is just hard to part with the old round one that she has lived in for so many years. Hummmm....need to think about that. 


Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Linda. I love dolls of all kinds, too. Your Miss Revlon is the pizazz. Darling! Thanks for the comment after reading my notation on Denise's blog. I appreciate your vote of confidence. Susan

Cheryl said...

Oh, how precious, Lady Linda! I love old dolls, too. Recently, when my husband and son cleaned out our attic, we discovered two of my dolls from childhood...Marsha and Polyanna. They were both bought for me by my dear Mom and Dad, and Marsha's legs used to fall off, and my Daddy would stop whatever he was doing to put them back on. Later, I realized that it was just a matter of reattaching the rubber band in the top of the leg, but, at the time, it seemed that my Daddy did something as complicated as major surgery! LOL! Precious memories indeed...oh, how I miss them! Reading about how your Mom passed away and your Dad gave you the patterns made my heart go out to you. I am so thankful you have those wonderful memories, too. God bless you, sweet friend!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a sweet doll, Linda and so nice that you have had it since childhood with all the precious clothes made by your Mom. I love the memories you have of her sewing with the Christmas music playing. With 4 little sisters, my dolls did not survive, but I loved dressing them and setting them up for tea with my sisters. In summer we would wash all their clothes and hang them on a little clothes line my Mom would set up. I had a little ironing board and iron that plugged in and actually got warm. Oh, sweet memories.....I love that you have all the patterns from your Mom. Take care and have a lovely weekend. x Karen

mamasmercantile said...

What wonderful childhood memories of your Mum, such treasured memories you have you are truly blessed. She certainly is a amazing doll with some stunning outfits. Take care.

Szara Sowa said...

What beautiful mentions. I also love dolls, from the childhood I have one. We were poor. My mum made the sweater for my doll from her beret mohair. Of blest Sunday.