Monday, November 29, 2010

A Busy Monday

Got all my Tasha Tudor St. Nick's gifts all done, packaged and mailed for December 6th.
I'm so excited because I figured out how to get the Playlist music gadget on my blog! Yeah.
I'm learning bit by bit.
Duane was here this morning to discuss building some storage units in the backyard. I'm excited, but will have lots of work ahead to do!
Tomorrow I'll get all the fall decorations down and will get started on Christmas.
Better get some sleep.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post holiday

It was a very nice Thanksgiving at my sister's home. The cousins had a good time. A time to be thankful for so much. My dear friend Wilhelmina lost her father tonight and it just made me stop and think how blessed I really am.
Duane is coming tomorrow morning to give us some bids on more house projects and then I hope to start taking down the fall decorations and start on Christmas. So much to do. Need to get my St. Nick's gifts off to the east coast tomorrow too.
Christmas is coming.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter weather has come early to Oregon. I had icy roads on Monday night when I drove to the airport to pick up Jim from his trip to Illinois. It was really icy this morning and it's cold tonight! As you can see in the photos, the hard freeze has put an end to the flowers now.
We are trying to be positive about some bad news Gina received today from NMSU.Due to budget cuts, it looks like she will only have one class to teach next semester. Jim and I have been thinking of ways to help her as it's important for her to keep teaching for her resume. Angie spent the afternoon with her sister and I think that really helped.
We dropped off the white Camry for John and Ang to use and brought the girls home for homemade lentil soup and bread and an evening of just being together. We hope to find a place to spend Christmas at the beach tomorrow and will probably do some more Christmas shopping together or just have some fun. Need to stay positive and be thankful for what we do have.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm working on learning some a few more things from Gina for my blog so she's making me practice...MS Teacher!
She shared her friend's wonderful site so I'll try to see if I can post this link. I hope I pass my test!

So, click on the her link at Colette Patterns and enjoy.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gina's home!

Picked my baby up at the Portland airport last night and just hugged her. She looks great! Stopped and had breakfast and talked some more.
Came home and fired up the woodstove as it was cold.We talked some more and tried to fall asleep, but I kept talking.
It's fun to catch up. I haven't seen her since August...isn't that hard to believe.
I made her favorite M&M cookies to greet her. We're going to have fun today and will go to see Papa.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baking round two!

I don't know why I'm into baking this year for
Christmas! I got up early and made Clarie's Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake!
Oh my, the house just smells yummy yummy. I have to soak it in port for
weeks now. You can buy her little baking book on her Storybook Woods
blog, which I love to read.
It's another rather gloomy day in the
Northwest. Just talked with Gina...she'll be home tomorrow night. Can't
wait. We've been planning out our Friday. Lattes to Aunt Alisa, a visit
with Papa, maybe the craft show at theTroutdale park, a trip to Craft
Warehouse to buy sea shells for the beach trip Christmas tree! Still
trying to find a place at the coast. Thought we had one, but the price
was $350 more than quoted. Not going to work.
Off to meet Peggy for a bit of fun and need to review the last quilt retreat.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On my own~

Jim is in Illinois again so I'm on my own until Gina arrives from NM on Thursday.
sure have been getting a lot done! It's really chilly and grey outside,
so glad I have inside projects.Snow in the mountains and maybe a few
flakes down at our level. Glad Daune hauled up some wood for me.
Just finished the little quilt I started at the quilt retreat. Lost a lot of points...maybe taking cold meds isn't a good idea when your trying to sew. At least it's not a UFO any longer.
Baked the Dundee Cakes yesterday for the Tasha Tudor St. Nick's ornament exchange on Dec. 6th.
They are yummy and turned out good this year. I think I'll try to make
Clarice's chocolate cherry fruitcake next. She's such a fantastic cook
and baker. She is amazing and so willing to share her recipes.
I'm pretty excited for Christmas this year.It's all MS Gina's fault.
Time to start thinking about gifts for everyone.I have a few ideas floating around in the back of my head. I'm glad I have a little time to make some gifts.
The Troutdale craft show is at the park this weekend. It's a very nice show with quality items. I'm sorry Jim will have to miss is as he really likes this one.
Sha and her friend will be there and I'm hoping we can see each other. I think Gina would like to go. There's also a show at the Mission Museum in Salem that I'd like to go to. Need to swing through Aurora on the way down...need Christmas Tea from Time After Time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aunt Arlys

My very special auntie passed away Thursday night. RIP dear one. You will always be in my heart. How funny you were-always making me laugh and laugh and laugh. I was only 28 when Uncle Rich left us...way before his time. I always thought you two were the cutest couple. Mom didn't even get upset when you came for a visit and she just didn't like company.
You were a great lady and one of my favorite aunts.
I will miss you.
Much love to you always.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking time to be with dear friends....

I've been too busy for too long! A dear friend asked me to meet her and her mom at Multnomah
Falls this morning for breakfast. Why is it so difficult to set aside a
bit of time to just be together with friends? I drove my new (well, new
to me) car Mary Todd up the old gorge highway and oh, what a wonderful
autumn drive! The sun even agreed to peek out and warm up the chilly
We had a little pot of tea and and a nice breakfast while
we gazed out of the window at the falls. The wind and harsh rains have
just about stripped the trees of their painted leaves.

This morning was a lesson
in friendship-a reminder that relationships are dear and the time given
up to spend time with others is a blessing. I need to practice this and
enjoy my friends more than I do.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another great retreat!

The Gingerbread Quilt Retreat is over and it was a great success! This
was our last one at Cascade Locks, so we really had a great time and
lived it up.Had a great group and lots of fun. So many beautiful
quilts. It was a bit sad to say good bye to the staff and to the hotel.
It's such a lovely location on the Columbia River. Next March we will
be in Washougal on the Columbia. It's a lovely new hotel, but it doesn't have the scenic view. It's new and I think our ladies will like it.
I'm still pretty tired...the four day retreat is extra work. I even went to bed at 8 PM last night and slept around the clock.
The weather has turned cold and wet. It's moving toward winter. Here it is November 8th...almost
time for Thanksgiving. I need to take down the Halloween decorations
tomorrow and put up the turkeys.Gobble gobble gobble!
My niece Anna is getting married this coming Saturday so we have another family wedding.
LaVonne called today-a trying day for her. Her daughter was in an accident and totalled her car, but she is OK. LaVonne had to put down one of her sheep this morning. A new adventure for the my shepherdess friend. I don't think I could have done it.
Tasha Tudor family settled their law suit out of court this morning. It
seems they will be able to have some type of museum on the property.
Good news!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It was a busy and sad day....

LaVonne left early on Halloween morning. Her car was so stuffed, it was
hysterical. Almost no room for Sarah! It was really hard to say good
bye. Oh my, how much fun we had. I can't believe what a strong
friendship we have developed in just a few years. Jim said the house
was so quiet and it was and is...sigh. Lots of fun memories are in my
head and heart. What could have more meaning? So, I thank God for that and being able to care for someone so much.
Helped Jim take down his booth at the antique show. He did well and brought home a fantastic fall painting.
Lots to do today-the retreat is coming! YIKES!
A new month too. The year is slipping away.