Monday, August 26, 2013


We are on vacation! Hope to post soon! I miss blogging and my blogger friends but so needed a break! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Very Thoughtful Gift and a Visitor

I am just so touched by the sweet gifts that I have received from my friends to celebrate becoming a grandmother.

The mailman brought me a wonderful package! It's a lovely spoon stamped "Grandma's tea" in the bowl of the spoon. I was just thrilled and amazed at this darling spoon. As an Etsy person myself, I was delighted that it was made by an Etsy artist~Blithe Vintage is the name of the shoppe. Such a clever gifts and I just love it.

When I turned the little card over, I discovered it had been sent by my friend Clarice at Storybook Woods and her family. Thank you all of you! Clarice told me it was also from her mom, my friend, Linda.

I tried to get a good photo of the stamped words...this is the best I could get, but I think you can see the sweet message inside.

Saturday morning, Prince Otto was left at our door for an overnight visit! His mommy, daddy and sister Ava were taking a little trip to Seattle for a break. We were the lucky ones to get the baby! This is just after he arrived and he was wide awake! So cute. His little eyebrows and eyelashes are coming in. Looks pretty fair to me.

This photo just makes me smile...funny little bunny.

He didn't stay awake too long. Sound asleep in his grandpa's arms. Look at these two guys in my life!

I love how he just stretches out and sleeps on his little arm. Ahhhh.....he spends a lot of his time sleeping and growing.

This was Sunday when he was sound asleep in my arms. I love this picture. We did pretty well with Otto's first visit! The new little bed worked out quite well, he took a bottle (mommy has been nursing him) and he slept pretty good at night too. We are still trying to get used to the plumbing of a little boy! We had two daughters so this is very different for the grandparents! We're getting better.

It sure is a blessing to have a grand baby. He's our little angel. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tea Time Thursday #22 and Tea Cup Exchange!

A few weeks ago I joined my sweet blogger friend Stephanie at  The Enchanting Rose for  her tea cup exchange. I received a box from Kat White in California but waited until today to open it. I am known for being able to wait on packages, but it was pretty hard knowing a tea cup was living inside the box!!!
I carefully opened the box as you can see.

I opened her beautiful handmade card and found a pack of seeds! I love the card and the colors are just perfect!

And what was hiding in the cute little paper owl??? Candy~Yummy! I was good and only ate one.

And then I found two kinds of green tea and the anticipation was building!

I carefully lifted the teacup box out of the shipping box and took all the bubble wrap off....oh what could be inside?

Be still my heart! A beautiful flower cup and saucer, just so perfect for summer and for me! Thank you so very much Cat! I adore it and will cherish it forever. Sooooo pretty.

I went outside to water as it's been pretty dry here. This is my herb garden on the side of my backyard. This is my view every morning when I have my coffee.

I love this book that a friend gave me years ago and I decided to pick an herb bouquet from my garden.
I was reading my book and found out the meanings for some of my herbs.


Then I brewed a cup of my loose tea as I was wanting some vanilla. It's been too warm for hot tea, but it just sounded good and it was!

Isn't this just such a pretty teacup? I love these exchanges. We are linking up on Stephanie's blog tomorrow, so it will be really fun to see what others have to share. I know I will love them all.

Many thanks again to Stephanie for organizing the exchange and to Kat for my lovely teacup.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Friday Tasha Tudor Book Review....A Bit Late!

This wonderful book was written by Mary Mason Campbell in 1971 and was illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Most of the illustrations are black and white drawings, but it does include some lovely full color plates. It's a very nice guide for growing herbs and vegetables....170 pages of good stuff! It was published by NY Universal Publishing Inc.

I love the illustrations and I enjoy Tasha's work from this time period. I love the bee houses in the background along with all the hollyhocks.

Isn't this a great picture of Tasha with the foxgloves in the off to the side. I found some apricot colored ones like this for my garden in spring.

Of course, the book would have to include a drawing of a corgi! very sweet.

In 1979, the book was republished in a paperback form by NY Golden Press. I have both copies and the paperback is larger-11" x 8 1/8". It does include some recipes in the back of the book, but I like the information and drawings about herbs.

This is a photo of Tasha that you will often see, walking in her garden. Notice that she isn't wearing shoes.

This book is fairly easy to find if you are wishing to buy a copy. If you enjoy hardening, you will enjoy this one. It even has a section on Tiny Tim vegetables.

Sorry for the late posting. This grandma has been too busy but I really am trying to review a book every month. I learn so much each time I do a report.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gifts of Kindness and Friendship for Grandma and Grandpa!

Our friends have been so sweet and kind to help us celebrate the birth of our first grand baby~Prince Otto!
I am just so taken back by these wonderful friends. It is a JOY to have your friends so excited and wishing us the best as grandparents. They know we have waited so long for this. Thank you for your kindness and for honoring us.

A fantastic G'ma and G'pa gift arrived from Montana! are amazing! You sure know how to make old Jimmy and I feel very special. Thank you, thank you!!!

A whole box of goodies for the grandma and grandpa. Books,Burt's Bees box, Butt Paste, and two special books for Otto! And of course, a rubber duckie!

We just couldn't believe these darling books just for Otto. Uncle Eric will like the one about cars!

We got the biggest kick out of this little gift. It was for Jimmy so he could "toast" the Prince. So funny!

My friend Nancy gave me this book....hummmmmm....not sure I can be a perfect grandma! Cute book and lots of good advise.

Cards have been arriving ones everyday. A couple cute ones here to share. I found this adorable feeding dish for baby at the Goodwill. It's made in England and so cute!

More books for Grandma and Grandpa's library. LaVonne had given us the truck book and the farm book when she was here in May.

My friend Sue, a grandmother herself, sent me the darling one about ladybugs. So cute! Thanks to all!

I was very touched that my friend Suzanne so far away in MA sent this darling little outfit and another great book for baby Otto. Thanks so much...very thoughtful indeed!

Gina stayed one more night and we stayed up talking until 2 AM! It was time for her to go back to Seattle after helping her sister. We just so enjoyed her visit. Love ya Gina!

I love this picture of Ms Ava and Prince Otto! She is being such a big helper and a good big sister. Looks like she's got it all figured out.

This is Otto doing what he does best right now...sleep, sleep, sleep. Angie took him for a check up and he isn't gaining enough weight. She has to keep nursing him and supplement with some formula.Of course she was all concerned tonight. They have to go back in on Friday and check him out. SO MUCH to learn as a new mommy.

Such a sweetie and a blessing.

Again, a big heartfelt thank you for your good wishes, prayers, cards and gifts. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4th-Our 40th Anniversary

I walked out into my living room this morning and something pink caught my eye outside. I looked out the window to find our front yard covered with pink flamingos! We had been "FLOCKED"!
Today is our 40th wedding anniversary, yes 40th! It is hard to believe that 40 years ago, on a beautiful summer day, Jimmy and I were married at St Rose Church where I was a primary teacher.
This past year has been filled with the best of blessings. Since our last anniversary, we now have a bigger family filled with joy! Gina and Eric started it off last September, then we got to add Chris and Ava to Angie's family and just recently little Prince Otto arrived. Jimmy and I feel like we got the best gifts of all for our 40th. We waited a long time for this and got a big bundle all at once. We are thankful! I hope God grants us many more years together.

Jim and Linda 40 years after we said,"I do". Look at those smiles!

I am still laughing at all the pink flamingos that filled our yard. We knew immediately that it was the work of Chris and Angie. Thanks you guys for such a fun way to celebrate our 40th.

This sign was in the yard and we get to "adopt" on to remember the day.

Gina came over yesterday as she was very sick. We enjoyed her company and took care of her. We just let her sleep late this morning. When she got up, she also gave us a very special gift. She transfered over some airplane miles so we can buy one ticket for a belated 40th anniversary trip to New England next fall. We were going this year, but with the arrival of the baby, we decided to postpone it until next year. No excuses next year with Gina's generous gift. Thanks so much Gina.

Jimmy always brings me roses for special occasions. These are such a pretty color. Thank you Jimmy.

Mr and Mrs Colantino 1973