Monday, October 24, 2011

Estate Sale and Show Finds

Jim and I did some antique shopping and estate sailing on Sunday afternoon and we found a few really special treasures. He found this great Fairy Soap box that we can use for displaying mdse at our shows for now. It's in pretty good condition...the paper label isn't real great but all in all, it's a fun piece.

We offered the people at an estate sale a bid on this really nice vintage quilt from the Depression era. I was thrilled that they accepted our offer and brought home this little beauty complete with prairie points.
All hand quilted and good bright colors. I really like this quilt and you can't even make a quilt for the price we paid for this vintage one!

I was delighted to find this quality embroidery hoop...the wood is beautiful and I know I'll enjoy using it. It's just different from any that I own.

Those of you who know me, know that I have been longing for a vintage child's sewing machine. They are spendy and I just hadn't found one in my price range or it just wasn't the right color or vintage. LaVonne always tells me to be patient and things will come to me in due time. We walked into the Rose City Collector's show and the very first thing we saw was this sweet little machine! Just the right size, look, time period....everything was right along with the price! I still can't believe it. It's a Christmas present, so I only got to look at it once and then Jim took it away! December isn't that far away! LOL

An older man was selling it and he said he was closing out his antique shop. He said this had been his mother's. I like to believe that it was but of course you never know.

One of the blog posts I was reading inspired me to go outside and take a few pictures. The blueberry bushes are beginning to change color. We got quite a nice little harvest this year.

The holly berries are getting ready for Christmas. I love holly. One of my favorite Christmas carols is The Holly and the Ivy.

And last of all, here's my squirrel friend Buddy. He practically taps on my door waiting for peanuts or other goodies. He's so cute. I have great bird feeders that keep the squirrels off, so never have to worry about that. Buddy has his own feeder, as well as free handouts!  I hope you are enjoying these last precious days of autumn.


LaVonne said...

You didn't tell me about your finds! Keeping some secrets,huh? ;-) I love them all! So happy you have found your toy sewing machine. I can see it on display in the cottage as I type this.....
Your lovlies are, of course, all lovely and so you! What a treat that you and Jim both share this love.

LaVonne said...

Where's that totem in your cherry tree? Tell Jim to get working on that! ;-)

Denise said...

Fun and great finds with pretty fall pics.Thank you for visiting me this morning.Sorry to say I was turned down from joining :(

Linda said...

Those are some great finds. I love old quilts. The sewing machine is really different I've never seen one like it. I love the boxes too. Linda

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh! I have that sewing machine! I've had it since childhood - and I don't remember where I got it from. It was just always in our house and I took it with me when I married and moved away. I always loved old things and even as a child marveled over anything that looked from another century. I wonder how much you paid for yours - mine is just like it. If you go to this post of mine from earlier this month and scroll through the photos, you will see it in the way I'm displaying it - with a vintage Barbie dress handing from it's foot:

Nifty find for you!


Leann said...

Well you sure are on Santa's Good Girl list! Love it! And you're right Christmas is closer than you think!


Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goosh, you find the coolest things. LOVE the soap box and would have snaped that right up. The sewing maching is so sweet too. Great finds xoox Clarice

wilhelmina said...

Oh what a pretty little machine! I'll have to show you my Mom's from when she was little. She made her prom dress on it, can you believe it!