Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th

August 4th...our wedding anniversary. Today we celebrated 37 years of
marriage. It was such a nice day, not too hot, just lovely. Angie
invited us to have lunch with her at OCAC and we got to watch her at camp with the kids. She should be a teacher as she is so good with kids.
We drove out to Canby and the quilt shop there. Jim had fun teasing the owner of the store and it was just fun to wander around lost in fabric.
We enjoyed some antiquing in Aurora and then went on to Mt. Angel for dinner at the Glockenspiel Restaurant. Oh, yummy!

I have been blessed to have been loved by a wonderful man for so many
years. Thank you Jim for loving me and for taking such good care of me.
I love you. Here's to some more years together, especially now that you
are retired!

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LaVonne said...

Best wishes to an awesome couple!