Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacup # 69 and Update

It's been a few weeks since I've much has happened and it's hard to start telling the story. Jim and I went to the Oregon coast last week to meet some friends from California, Bend and the Seattle area. We didn't have WiFi in our lovely room, so that caused a delay in my posting. On Thursday we received word that my sister's husband Marcos had had a serious stroke. He is only 54. Then my brother had to go to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection in his back. We have been busy helping family and visiting hospitals. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride but some good news today. I think my brother is going home tomorrow but will be on antibiotics for a month and so. My BIL opened his eyes today and they are hoping to wake him up slowly to access the damage. Lots of prayers, support and good wishes have been keeping us all going.
When I was at the hospital yesterday, my niece took me for a walk in the children's fun. I took some pix to share and get me writing again.

I loved the bird houses and that gave me the idea to feature my bird cup and saucer for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday.

Here's my lovely teacup that I recently got at the Aurora Antique Street Faire.

Sweet little birds! It's marked VICTORIA  Bone China England on the bottom.

This clear glass bird candy dish is also a favorite of mine since I'm sharing bird items!

I've been wanting to show this teapot that I bought earlier this spring. It's Carlton Ware, which I love and collect. Don't you adore the little teapot top? I wonder how it has survived all these years without being broken!

When I was visiting my friends up north for Clarice's birthday, I was given a wonderful gift from Angie. I do believe this is one of my most favorite handmade gifts I have ever received. I was so touched! She knit these gloves with my friend LaVonne's yarn from her sheep. The blue trim is Angie's hand dyed yarn from her sheep. I am a lucky girl! Aren't they just wonderful? Love the birds and all the little birdie tracks. Thank you so very much Angie!

I was given an embroidery pattern and supplies from  my friend Lynda that I finally have gotten ready to work on. It's so cute and she gave me dried lavender to fill it when I'm finished with the stitching. I like to have something small to do in the evenings....well, maybe before too long.

My daughter Gina told me today that her wedding is only 16 days away! YIKES! Lots to do yet. Praying for strength to get everything done between helping my family during this trying time.


ornamentsbypink said...

Linda what pretty pictures! How nice that the hospital has a childrens garden. Love the teacup with the little birds.
and the mittens are so sweet! I hope everything gets better for your family!

Denise said...

Thank you for visiting My blog and for sharing all your prayer request.I will pray for you and your family.What a touching and lovely gift your mittens are and I love your teacup and pot.May the Lord give you strength-Love to you Denise

xinex said...

So cute! I love birds. And that children garden is somewhere I would love to stroll!....Christine

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow! You have been busy, my friend! Prayers for those family members who have been ill and strength for you too. Preparing for a wedding is lots of fun but also tiring.
I have been busy too but I always try to have my posts ready within a week or two of posting in case something comes up and it almost always does.
Right now I am trying to make arrangements for my mother to go into a facility here in Charlottetown. She was taken up west to live {with a family member} last December and is now in a Home up there for respite, which is a two hour drive away. When she comes back down here where I am, she will be going into a Home where she will stay and she's not going to be very happy about that. She needs 24/7 nursing care now. So, I do have a lot on my plate right now. I would appreciate your prayers too if you happen to think of me.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your very sweet comment. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, I meant to comment on your teacup. It's very sweet. I love little bidies! Have a lovely day.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I meant to say birdies. ;)

LaVonne said...

Wow! Lots of birds coming from someone who doesn't like the real ones! ;-) Isn't it cool they way things come together that way though? I love all of the pics and the mittens are amazing. What an awesome gift!
Thinking of you, as always!

LaVonne said...

I just found a piece of Calton Ware at my favorite thrift shop! I had never heard of it before....can you believe it? When I looked it up, I fell in love! Yummy stuff!

Zaa said...

Lovely post Lady Linda... I truly enjoyed my walk through the whimsical children's garden ...your new ' Victoria" teacup is so darn " Tweet"..It made me smile. ... and what a wonderful treasure your mitten are...It was so nice to have tea with you today ... Enjoy your wedding preparations.... Bright Blessings.

romance-of-roses said...

I am in love, yes indeed with your birdy cup/saucer. I recently bought mugs with little birds now want some dishes. Yellow tea pot is a good match for the cup. Hugs, Lu