Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration

Today, August 28th, was the birth date of the illustrator Tasha Tudor. She would have been 103 years old today. As big fans and members of the Tasha Tudor Museum Society, we love to celebrate on this day. Our Take Peace group had a gift exchange, however, I didn't participate this time. My surgeries just fell at the wrong time for me to join in the fun. Today is Tea With Tasha Tuesday, so several of us had a special tea today too.

My Jimmy has been such a great caregiver, so I thought I would put together a tea for him today too.
He drove me to the grocery store yesterday after we attended my sister in law's dad's funeral. Yes, I am still not driving...sigh. I had planned my menu so I was able to pick up my goodies.

I planned to have a lighter summer tea time using fruits and vegetables. I was happy with the results. I used my red transfer ware dishes and used lots of pink. I love setting a tea time table.

The blackberries area almost done and the peaches are really good right now.

A few yummy brownies, some pink chocolate chip cookies and a little coconut creme pie...YUM.

I used some of Tasha's books, her silhouette (a gift from LaVonne), some candles and a sweet African Violet plant.

I just made two sandwiches...egg salad and cucumber/strawberry open faced little hearts. The combo was really refreshing with a bit of cream cheese. I can now eat more tea goodies after the surgery, so it was quite a treat!

My friend sent me a box of goodies the other day. She made this wild violet jelly and oh, it is wonderful! I thought Jimmy was going to eat the whole jar. It was just delicious on the drop scones I made.

The little tomatoes are still producing , but I think we may only have fresh tomatoes for a few more weeks.

I adore little salts. These little birds and bird nests are some of my favorites. The pink salt was perfect.

So here is my very happy and very pleased Jimmy. He does love food and a good tea. We enjoyed tea chatting about Tasha friends and Tasha events. I am blessed to have such a sweet hubby who enjoys my love of Tasha Tudor. It was a very fun day. 


Creations By Cindy said...

Hope you are feeling much better Linda. Tea time looks and sounds wonderful. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Bernideen said...

Dear Linda:
You can set the most gorgeous table and celebration of Tasha. I love that you have a husband who is not intimidated by such things. My husband puts up with all sorts with me too and is a good sport. We enter an antique mall and he goes his way and I go mine or we move through slowly together until one of us gets to a "stopping point". Your food looks delicious and this was quite an undertaking. If you can, please, please come link this to my blog party today as I did a Tasha post too!

Unknown said...

What a lovely tea spread! Thanks for sharing your day. Continue to be gentle with yourself as you recover.

The Victorian Girl said...

Oh what a lovely tea for someone who really deserves it! I see you like pressback chairs too. They are one of the first antiques I started collecting. And such adorable bird & nest salts. Happy Tasha Tudor Birthday!

Szara Sowa said...

Oh! How nicely then again to read Your blog. Both to see that You are feeling better and You can prepare the tea for Tasha Tudor. Your husband is very nice and good person and is deserving such a good wife as You. A lot of happiness for both of You.:)

Susan said...

Hi Linda. How lovely your tea was. Everything looks great. Linda, I am out in left field somewhere. What surgery did you have and when? I am out of the loop, for sure. Didn't see you post anything about that at all in the email posts. Please let me know you are okay. Susan

Terra said...

What a wonderful tea for your hubby as a thank you. Tasha would appreciate this pretty table. Last Saturday I went to a tea at church as a fundraiser for a charity, which I enjoyed.