Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tasha Tudor Museum

After my visit to Tasha's home, LaVonne and Kristen took me to the Tasha Tudor Museum. It's a small museum in the historic Jeremiah Beal Home in Brattleboro VT. It's a brick Federal Colonial style house that was built in 1805. The museum is cute, rather small, but quite charming.

LaVonne heading into the building. They were kind to visit with me as they had already been the day before.

The exhibit this year is called MADE FROM SCRATCH: TASHA'S HANDMADE LIFE.
It offers her fans a chance to see little handmade animals, paintings, canned goods and correspondence.

The little goat is pretty cute! Glass table top displays give you a great look at the items on display.

Love this handmade Corgi with such a great personality. Paint brushes and little drawings are just fun to see.

Two frocks were on display too. Our guide told us that even after the sale of so many of Tasha's gowns, the family kept over 150 garments.  The sewing machine did not belong to Tasha.

Here is an example of Tasha's love of correspondence...lots of handwritten letters.

We were invited to browse through the cabinet of some of Tasha's books. I think she did 80 some different books in her lifetime.

I'm sure Tahsa's son Seth made this wooden chair called a settle. We also saw these chairs in her home.
They sure don't look too comfortable to me.

You were invited to do a little watercolor or write a letter at the desk. One of our friends-Cat-is an artist and she did some little watercolors for everyone the day before.

More books......

This is Sue who was our guide...very nice and very pleasant.

This was a trunk in near the register. I'm not sure about it's history.

Books, prints, stationery and a few other books for sale.

The other room had a woodstove  and was set with a tea service. We were short on time, so we didn't get to have tea.

LaVonne was visiting with the Sue and was watching one of the videos about Tasha. It was a very nice little visit.

Amy and Winslow Tudor have two little girls and it's nice to see things in the museum for kids.
Our friend Melinda is a volunteer at the museum too and she said the murals for the walls haven't been done yet. I guess that adds a great deal to the exhibits. 


mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful visit.

Christine Crocker said...

Dear Linda,

Thank you for sharing your lovely visit to Tasha Tudor Museum~ I'm sure you were floating on a cloud everywhere you went ~
I loved seeing every one of your photos and that you shared so much that I have not seen~

I'm so very glad that you were able to do and see everything. The glimpses into Tasha's life and world are the things that dreams are made of~

xo, C.
p.s.I loved the little black goat~