Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Therapy

Last week Jimmy and I headed over to our favorite garden center to get a truck load of plants. Deep Creek Garden Center has a great selection and the staff is really helpful. The plants are healthy and it's a very fun place to go to spend your money! It's close to home too. We took out the twisted and overgrown plant a long the front of our house this spring. I was ready for a clean and updated look. We also lost so many plants with our colder winter. I love to dig in the dirt and call it my garden therapy. Can you relate? Retired Jimmy looks so happy!

Retired Linda looks pretty excited too! We actually made 3 trips to the nursery that week. It's best to do the front and back in stages.

Here I am at home, unloading the truck and getting ready to plant, plant, plant! The weather was really nice, not too hot and no rain.

I had to replant the bed under the front window. You may remember I redid this bed a couple of years ago, but lost all my lavender plants this winter...sigh. Trying something different this spring.

A long shot of the NEW front bed...I love it! It should be easy to keep up. I planted another day lilly. This one is pink and has room to spread to catch up with the orange one.

Most of these plants did survive. I did take out some overgrown plants and cleaned out this garden area too. Looks so much better.

I just caught the pink azalea in full bloom! I think the fairy likes it too.

A few SUNNY shots to enjoy. I get full sun in the afternoons and with the brick front, it can get pretty hot. Full sun plants for sure!

My Italian hubby has gotten into his little veggie garden this year. He found some yellow tomato cages at a sale and then bought some on 1/2 price to finish it up. It looks really nice. He has onions, tomatoes, cukes, summer squash and patty pan squash. Every thing is doing well and we have tiny green tomatoes already. He does a variety of small tomatoes...we just don't have a long season for the big tomatoes here. His dad was the master of tomatoes back in Illinois when he was living. Angelo had a tomato forest...really. He had this metal pipe frame and the tomatoes would grow over it. I have a picture of me somewhere standing inside of it....amazing! We don't get much sun in the back, but I have a pumpkin and some beets back there near my herb garden. We'll see what happens.

This is the back where I put in the herbs last years. It's all really pretty this season.

I replanted my fairy garden...note the tiny tree! I hope I can keep it alive over the winter. It is a container plant. I just couldn't resist. I have put in few more items since I took this picture. It sits under the blueberry trees.

Otto and Angie stopped by one afternoon. Otto was so interested in my little plant that came up in the sidewalk. That little plant just never gives up!  Otto didn't either!

He gave it a good pruning! It has actually bounced back just fine. It's so pretty, I don't have the heart to take it out.


Miss Rhea said...

You have a Keeper in your Jimmy :) Your garden is so lovely!! Thank you for sharing. Living in the desert, I live vicariously through fellow gardeners in greener pastures :)

Lady Jane said...

Your gardens are just beautiful. I love to visit your outdoors. Love the fairy garden...

janice15 said...

The garden is the best therapy in the world for me .... I love it! Your plants look great. Looks like you had a great time.with love Janice

Susan said...

Hi Linda....

Your garden plants look great. Very nice!

And that little Otto is a heart-stealer. What a little doll baby! Loved how he's like his Grammie, pruning plants at his young age! Ha! Susan

Cranberry Morning said...

Beautiful plants and such a cute little model there! I'm trying to find a bushy pink annual that gets to about 18" high. My flowerbed needs pink. I love garden therapy but presently have a slipped disc. :-((

Debbie Harris said...

Linda, what a beautiful garden! I enjoyed my visit, and that little Otto is something else. Lol :-)
Have a blessed week end!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful family photos. I see lots of love and happiness. Your garden is very cute. Keep in touch

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Sounds like a wonderful day shopping for plants with hubby! Your gardens are beautiful and cute fairy garden!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Dearest Linda,

Gardening, is there anything more relaxing and inspiring!
Love the layout of your garden and retirement looks beautiful on you!
Otto is getting so big and what a darling tyke he is!