Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Visit to Tasha Tudor's Home~Corgi Cottage

The Tasha Tudor Family was very kind to give me a private tour of Tasha's home and garden after I missed the Corgi Cottage Garden Tour, due to the problems I had with my flight.Tasha's grandson Winslow was my gracious guide. The family does not allow you to take pictures on the property, so all the pictures you see here are from several books or pictures that family has posted and used in their newsletter or during other tours. None of these pictures were taken by me. There are lovely Pinterest boards too if you are so inclined.Her lovely home was built by her son Seth in the 1970's without power tools. I thought that the house had been emptied after Tasha's passing and I was a bit in awe when I went into the house and everything was still there! I felt like Tasha had just stepped outside for a bit and I expected her to walk through the door any minute. It was quite magical! Her home is a charming maze of rooms with tiny narrow hauls and funny doors recycled from other buildings.It would take pages and pages to really share all the details of each room with you. The family is working hard to restore the gardens that Tasha once had. This picture above is looking at the front of her home when it was once filled with wonderful gardens and flowers. I really like this photo.

You are looking at the barn in this photo and where my tour began. As in many New England homes, everything is connected so you don't have to go outside in the winter. A home in this part of
Vermont knows all the seasons and winter brings snow. There is a marionette stage at the end of the barn with red curtains, just as you see in her art work! A treat to see that.

The May day that I was there was overcast and misty, more like this photo. I love the stone walls in New England and stone foundations that you often see.

I love the hand stenciling on the walls in the one of the kitchens. It was done by Linda Allen who stayed with Tasha for 11 years. They published several books together. You will find a buttery, a hen pantry, a summer or electric kitchen and a winter kitchen in this house.

I was so happy to see all her sets of pink luster on the shelves by the sink! I have studied this photo for years, but to stand in front of the shelves and just look and look and look was totally amazing!

The fireplace is yet another place that has been photographed often, but it's pretty exciting when you find yourself right there in person!!!

This is Tasha's bedroom. It's a separate room that looks like it was added on, much like rooms would have been added in the past. There is a canopy bed and one of the three windows looks out at the dove cote. The dollhouse is in a glass case that Seth has just built and they are in the process of filling the three shelves with the dollhouse inventory that has been returned from Williamsburg. I didn't want to leave.Can you imagine looking at all the little miniatures and dolls that you have seen in books for years? I so wish I could have taken pictures. The picture below will show you some of those wonderful dollhouse items.

The parlor is off of the kitchen and it's a lovely large room. I had to chuckle at the mark on the ceiling where the Christmas tree stands. This is the magical room that was closed off to her children as they waited for the doors to open to view the decorated tree with real candles burning.
Off of the parlor is the little library, filled with many many books. We were taken up the small stairway upstairs to shelves fill with more books and several more bedrooms. We then went down another stairway and found ourselves in the kitchen!  Seth met us to finish the tour as Winslow needed to return home. Seth took us out the door, around the side of the house by the bay tree and into the greenhouse. I love the greenhouse! We finished walking and exited the property.
Yes, Tasha doodled on her walls and left messages as you can see in the photo below. So funny. You could spend all day just reading all the notes. She wrote on more than one wall too!

Seth walked us to the car and the tour was ended. I will never forget the day and my visit. I didn't go into great detail with this blog post out of respect for the family.They are a bit guarded about the home, and rightly so. It is a real treat to visit Corgi Cottage.


mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful tour, memories made to last a lifetime. I felt I was walking with you, a delightful post.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: wonderful photos. A great trip. Very good memories. Keep in touch

Susan said...

Loved your post, Linda. Just loved it. I would have been so delighted to go on that tour but it wasn't meant to be.

Are you going to blog about Susan Branch? I'm dying to know what she talked about!

Oh, I don't know WHY photos couldn't be taken there. That was a bummer. Anyway, you did a great job with the available photos.

Thanks so much for sharing! Susan

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I am so glad you have had this opportunity and equally pleased that you shared this tour with us!
Pure delight!

Bernideen said...

I remembered seeing on Facebook when you were stuck in the airport so I came here to read this posting about your tour. That would have been a special treat and I am so glad they accommodated you.