Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tea Time Thursday #7

Tea Time Thursday! I hope you have had a nice week and are looking forward to spring. Do you know that we "SPRING AHEAD" this Saturday to daylight savings time? I personally do not look forward to the event and wish we didn't flip back and forth with time changes.

My teacup for this week is a pretty rose pattern by Royal Albert. It's so delicate and perfect for spring. The weather has been chilly, wet and dull here. I haven't decorated for Easter yet....better get at it!

I love all the little rose buds on this pattern. Pink and pretty and dainty-trimmed in gold with a decorative gold border.

I found this little tray with a rose fabric under glass. It perfect for a tea trivet although, I think it was a sweet little dresser tray. It seemed to be just want to join the cup and saucer and some little fabric sewing pieces that are from England. I used to sell these at my shoppe. The pin keep little lady has a tape measure in the bottom of her dress, the rectangle holds needles and the tiny square houses a thimble.

The black wooden darner has a delicate sterling silver handle and was an anniversary gift from Jimmy.

This book, SEWING TOOLS AND TRINKETS, by Helen Lester Thompson is wonderful if you are interesting in vintage sewing items. Lots of pictures and information. Lots to drool over too!

This is a photo from the book showing some examples of sewing birds. The beaks open and hold the fabric for sewing, especially when sewing a hem or a seam. The last picture is my sewing bird. We actually found it at a doll show. It has a little pin cushion right under the bird. From the information in the book, I think it English and was made sometime in the 1800's.

Here's a poem that I discovered in the book about sewing birds by Estelle Zalkin~

"Behold a willing warbler
Contrived so cunningly
The hems you turn
We'll hold quite firm
No pinned on your knee."


LELO said...

Really cute! I love the teacup and the book.
Thanks for sharing! :D

Rosetta said...

Bellissima questa tazza che sa di primavera!Bello tutto il resto!Noi l'ora legale l'avremo l'ultima domenica di marzo!Baci,Rosetta

Lady Jane said...

Lovely post. I love teacups and this one I would love to have tea from. I feel the same about the the time change I am always a little disoriented for a few days.

Sylvia said...

Love your teacup. For me they can leave the time alone also.

Chatty Crone said...

Your teacup is so delicate and beautiful. sandie

Anonymous said...

I am loving PINK right now..and your tea cup is ever so sweet. I have one just like it....but without the fancy gold filagree patterning on top. I think yours is much more elegant...and mine just sweet. But I'm okay with that!

thanks for sharing...and no, I did NOT realize that it was this weekend that the clocks go forward. Wow...didn't we just change them back. Where does the time go, eh?

Ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Love your tea cup.

All the cups in that line are so lovely, don't you think?

Thanks for sharing. Susan

Antiques And Teacups said...

Great teacup Linda. I love it! And such a nice collection of sewing collectibles. They are so fun, aren't they? So practical and so decorative as well!

xinex said...

Beautiful teacup! I think teacups with roses are very romantic...Christine

Martha's Favorites said...

Love your tea cup and the tray is stunning. I do so appreciate your prayers. I know God is faithful to hear His children. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

anita crane said...

Lovely posts! The tea cup is just beautiful. I enjoyed the sewing post very much. I woke up to a snowy ground, so I lit the kero and made a pot of tea and will hibernate until they clear things up out there.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Your teacup is very pretty, and I am facinated by the antique sewing tools.

Denise said...

Beautiful tea time Linda.Please pray for My tiny brand new Granddaughter.She was admitted in the hospital last night with a resp.infect. and low O2 levels.I'm trying to get My faith where it belongs but fear keeps creeping in.Love Denise

Anonymous said...
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fabraholic said...

Hi Linda, I just found your blog again. Had my computer cleaned up and in the process lost all of my favorites! This is such a lovely post, love the pretty teacup and so happy you shared the sewing items book with us. I am with you, wish they would just pick a time and stick with it. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Zaa said...

Dear Lady Linda...

Thank you for your loving thoughts and blessing during my mothers 90th birthday..Your love and gifts are so kindly accepted..

I am thankful to have your dear friendship.. and would love to have tea with you .. Such a sweet little fabric strainer... and teacup.. I could take a few lessons on sewing from you ( Ha Ha)

You always find the most interesting things to display...

I'm ever so busy trying to fill out that questionnaire !!!!..Big Hugs

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Linda,
What a beautiful teacup...Love it! Also, the fabric in the trivet. I haven't seen a darner in years. That sure is a pretty one.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Linda,
What a pretty teacup; love the roses! Thank you for your visit and leaving your nice comment. I hope your new week brings many blessings your way.