Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gratitude Sunday #9~Squeaky Clean!

This Sunday I'm joining Linda at A LA CARTE for Gratitude Sunday. It's such a fun weekly event that makes you think of something specific that you are quite thankful for and you can share it with blogland. It's becoming a very nice habit. Thank you Linda for starting this and I hope your continue it for the entire year.

I love specialty soaps! My friends and family often give me pretty soaps as gifts. I have loved soap from the time I was a little girl, however, I still have the same problem I had years's so hard to use them. I just have to save them up for awhile and enjoy them. I guess you can see that from the photo.

I am thankful for being able to take a bath or shower everyday. What a luxury to just be clean. I have a small Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom and when I garden in the summer, I so enjoy that bathtub! It's just nice to take a hot bath to relax or melt the stress or cold away sometimes. I am also very thankful that I am not allergic to pretty scented soaps...just real roses, flowers and grass in the spring.

Soap is a consumable gift, which makes it nice for that person who doesn't want "anything else I have to dust!"

My most favorite soap is Yardley's English Lavender. This is a vintage box my hubby found at a sale recently. It was once packaged so nicely.

 This is the way you get it now! But the good thing is, the Dollar Store carries it so it is always available and at such a good price!

I most likely will need a bath tonight. I'm off to the show to help Jim pack up. It's a lot of work but I'm also grateful that he had another very good show!

It's been a very busy week with this show and I haven't been able to been able to respond to my blog comments as I like. I have lots of Etsy work to return to this week, but hope I can get caught up with my blogger friends.


Maureen said...

I love pretty, scented soap! I used to just have them for display, but now I use them all. they are one of life's little luxeries!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Oh, I agree that scented soaps are delightful.

One of my sisters just have me some hyacynth soap for Valentine's Day!

Hope you got packed up okay. Susan

Kathryn Ross said...

What am I thankful for??? Sweet blogging friends like YOU! And yes - I do love handmade soaps. My problem, though, is that I love how pretty they can be and usually just want them for decoration - not wanting to actually use them. Recently, though, we've begun using essential oils and what a difference they have made. Ed actually got off his blood pressure and cholesterol meds and is managing his sciatica and arthritis pain with them. I've been using the peppermint to manage occasional headaches instead of Excedrin. And - how wonderful they are to use in the tub! Thanks the Lord has brought this healthy alternative into our lives - and because they're in little bottles that are best kept in a cabinet - I am not tempted to NOT use them as a decoration. TeeHee!!

janice15 said...

I love pretty soaps too...I love Yardly Lavender and the Oatmeal as well but haven't been able to use them my body is going through something where im breaking out from so many things..yukie...Have a lovely new week with love Janice

Jane said...

My mother loved Yardley Lavendar soap. In the days before the dollar store, it was one of her favorite presents, a gift bag full of soap. At $3 a bar, it was a luxury she didn't feel she could indulge. When we discovered the dollar store carried it, we were thrilled. :)

anita said...

Makes me want to check out the dollar store! The only close one is Dollar General.. they don't have anything like this.. might have to make a trip out one day. I love scented soaps..

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I can't thank you enough for joining Gratitude Sunday! Your sweet comments make my day! Oh for the love of some nice smelling soap! I don't wear much fragrance (allergies) but a nice fresh clean smell makes me so happy! I too am thankful for plenty of water and the ability to get clean whenever I want to. Not all are so blessed and it's a good reminder to us to not take things for granted.
Big Hugs,