Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Welcome SPRING! It's supposed to be spring but it sure doesn't feel like it here in Oregon today. Just had quite the hail storm and now the sun is shining! It's chilly and a good day to stay inside. No spring gardening today. I am doing Etsy work, over do, so I need to just post post post! I like posting.

I did get my dad's apartment all decorated for Easter yesterday and I have finally finished our home. I didn't think I would do too much, but Miss Ava is coming to spend the night next week so, I got a bit carried away~oh well. I hope to share some posts over the next few days . These are 3 little rabbits that I love! I didn't get them all at once. The two lady bunnies hold an egg under their skirts to puff them out and stand them up. I found the little boy last year. Their heads are wooden. just sweet.

Well, this is short and sweet and back to work for me. Happy Spring...think flowers and sunshine and the end of snow for so many of my blogger friends in the mid west and the east. 


Rosetta said...

Buona primavera cara Linda!Baci,Rosetta

Micupoftea~ said...

Oh, those bunnies are charming...I have never seen any quite like them with wooden heads! I am still not back to my old self yet, so no decorating for me. Maybe next week? Enjoy the weekend and stay cozy :)

Stephanie said...

What precious bunnies :) It doesn't feel like Spring here either. We're supposed to get snow for the next few days. It's rather gloomy and windy right now so I am off to make a cup of coffee.

Happy Spring to you!


La Tea Dah said...

It's so cold here too. I am so ready for SPRING --- but will have to be just a bit more patient, I guess.

I love your birds graphic. It goes so nicely with the one I have posted today on Gracious Hospitality.

Warm up soon!

Karen said...

Lovely little bunnies! So unique! Happy Spring! We are having hail and heavy rain. Good for future flowers, right?

Hugs, Karen xoxo

LaVonne said...

LOVE them! You know I would! :-)
Cold and windy here too. Spring this year is just a date on the calendar so far!
Miss 'ya!