Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Goodies From Friends

The mailman brought more Easter packages to my home today!
My dear friend LaVonne sent me a box of treats just perfect, as always! Candies, a lovely velvet carrot, cupcake papers, special candies for Jimmy and me that are absent from the picture because we ate them, a darling wall plaque and two wonderful butter pats in brown tones! I didn't even know she knew I collected them! My favorite has daffodils and
a little bird nest. I am sharing a photo of all six that I own now! Nice addition, heh?
I also received a lovely Easter towel from my friend Jan in Kansas and of course
Annabelle received treats from Annabelle of MT and Annabelle of KS!

Thank you my Tasha friends!

I'm posting this blog post from my phone as I'm having trouble loading pix tonight on my laptop.
Not sure how this is going to come out but we will see!


VintageBettys said...

So adorable! I love looking at these swap goodies...

my cup of tea said...

Unexpected gifts from friends are just the sweetest!

Stephanie said...

How absolutely lovely :) Enjoy, sweet friend!


LaVonne said...

Um, I confess. I didn't know you collected the butter pats, but with them being brown, they had you written all over them. The birds and daffs were my favorite too, and very difficult to let go, but alas I knew in my heart they'd have a loving home in Troutdale! Meant to be! Enjoy! And as always, mostly thrift store finds! ;-) Our fave!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What sweet gifts! I love the brown butter pats and what a sweet collection you have. I thought I was already following you but made sure you are on my blog reader now so I don't miss any of your posts!

Hugs, Linda