Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunny morning but where are the strawberries?

The sun woke me up this morning! OH MY! Glorious sunshine and I do believe we are supposed to be visited by Mr. Sun for about three days.
I'm meeting friends at a craft mall to explore that option around 1 PM so I think I'll make a stop at the nursery on my way home for one more round of plants. I'm excited. As I walked up from my storage cottage last night, the yard and the flowers looked so nice. It's nice to hear all the birds again.
We should be having fresh local strawberries now but sadly, this wet spring has delayed them.
We drove by a strawberry field yesterday and didn't even see one green strawberry-just blossoms. Strawberry shortcake is weeks away. Maybe this sunshine will move production along! I'm hoping.
I'd love to hear how you make your strawberry many family favorites!

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