Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ann's special birthday!

I've been so busy and my internet went down a few nights, so am a bit behind with some very special posts.
Last Saturday was my dear friend Ann's birthday. We were told that it was her 65 th and so my friend Natalie arranged a lovely birthday tea at Mrytle's Tea Shop in Richfield WA. Well, it really was Ann's 66th birthday! We all had a good laugh and as I told her, it's not everyday that one gets to go backwards for a birthday! Not a bad idea, heh?
I made some party favors for the group of ten...little packets fit for ladies at tea. One of my favorite things to do. Ginny brought a fresh rose for us all too.
I especially enjoyed the cold strawberry soup with clove seasoning. It was just delicious! Everything was so nicely done and such enjoyable ladies. Tea is just the most wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion.
I got to share all about Teacup Thursday with the invited guests and they were all very interested. I hope they will take a peak at our blogs some Thursday.
The hours just passed so quickly and it was time to return home.

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