Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jim's Father's Day....2011

Finally getting around to posting pictures from Jim's Father's Day celebration.
LOVE this picture of Jim and his girls!
We had quite the day with Angie and Gina spending the day as Jim wished. We went to several estate sales, came back home for Angie's homemade blueberry pie-YUMMY-, back out for a few more sales, Tad's for dinner (yes, LaVonne...chicken livers) and then back home for presents!
You can see us filling up Angie's car and Jimbo finding another sale with his GPS.Gina is the proud owner of some Bakelite kitchen utensils.
I think old Jimmy was pooped from all the fun!
Hope you had a great Father's Day Jimmy-you're a great husband and a fantastic father.Thanks for all you do for the three of us! We love you!


LaVonne said...

JUST NOT FAIR! How could you possibly post a picture of them.......waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Jim and the girls. So sweet. Clarice