Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teacup Thursday # 87

Teacup Thursday! How quickly the weeks go by! I finally got all my Christmas decorations put away and the house is back to normal. I spent all of yesterday with my dad at his place taking down his Christmas and putting up his winter snowmen. I was pretty tired last night.

I do decorate my tearoom for Valentines as soon as I take down the Christmas things. It's not that far away and it makes me happy. I recently found this lovely burgundy colored cup and saucer. It's a Royal Albert. I am on the hunt to find some cup and saucers that are burgundy. My flash kept distorting the true color on the cup. It's really a deep burgundy color.

Thanks to Miss Spenser for hosting our Teacup Thursday.

I now have 4 teacups that are in the burgundy color zone. I'm still on the hunt but isn't that part of the fun?

Last Sunday Jim and I went to a flea market and I found a little quilt with a bit of red work. I found a great wire basket in Poulsbo in December and thought it would be fun to fill it with fabric hearts. This little quilt was just perfect to cut up and use for my project. I love finding things that I can give new life to and usually I can get them for a good price! So this afternoon after bible study, I set the day aside to start my little Valentine project. I haven't finished stuffing them but yet, but I hope to do that in the next day or two. I will have to do another blog post to show the finished project! You can see my work here. It was really fun to have time to be creative. I am going to try to do more this year!


Deborah said...

Beautiful as ever sweetie, also loving your hearts :)have a wonderfully happy weekend!

Bee happy x

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Cute, cute, cute. Just in time for Valentine's Day, too. Susan

Ruthie Miller said...

Love your red cups, Linda. Never too early to think of Valentine's...I am on the same page. Went looking for red cups but wasn't as lucky as you.
Enjoy them, xo Ruthie from:

Denise said...

I see My Grammies set of dishes that I own now in one of the teacups you picked up.The floral burgundy one :) I have Her huge set.It's a little sad to see our friend,Ms.Spencer tea Thurs.end,maybe someone will pick it up ; ) Your hearts are going to be wonderful.Talk to you later Linda,have a great week-Denise

GardenofDaisies said...

The burgundy teacups are so pretty. They are a perfect romantic color for Valentine season. (I agree that the hunt is half the fun!) Your little quilt hearts are very sweet. I'm sure they will look really pretty in the basket you found.
Thank you for letting my know how beautiful Mt Hood is with the snow cover. It will forever be my Daddy's mountain.

Zaa said...

AH >>Such charming little hearts...They make me feel quite warm inside...especially when we have such lovely burgandy cups to choose from ..pretty, pretty... and It's never too late to get ready for Valentines Day..infact it's a real treat... now you've inspired me to go shopping for some Valentine cups and saucers.( ha Ha) Romantic....Hugs