Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Word for 2013

With every New Year, I choose a word that has meaning for me or something I want to work on. As I am with more older women now (could that be because I am growing older?), I find that I am really drawn to those who are GRACIOUS. I admire woman who age with grace and have a sweet spirit. I've been thinking about this for a few months and decided it should be my word for the year.

I looked up the word to get some insight and just wanted to list some of the definitions. I guess this will be my list to look back over during the year. I hope to "grow in graciousness" in 2013. Some of these things are easy for me and some are very challenging. I hope to be a more gracious woman at the end of the year.

Kind, warm courtesy, tact, merciful, accepting, good taste, sympathy, politeness, gracious to visitors, generosity of spirit, friendly advise, helpful nature.....I think you get the idea.

Happy New Year and I pray that I will be able to become more gracious!


La Tea Dah said...

Oh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhh --- I love your word!

Linda said...

Sound like a wonderful word to aspire to. I'll have to think about the idea of a word and what mine would be.

Susan said...

Sounds like a good one to me, Linda. I think you are already gracious! Susan

Micupoftea~ said...

Perfect is one of the main reasons why I am so attracted to and charmed by Urusenke. I studied for 3 yrs with my sensei. I admire the inherent graciousness that it displays toward all guests, as well as appreciation for the 'right now', including seasonal food and dishware.