Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good bye Micki~

My dear friend Natalie lost her mother early Sunday morning after a week of just being with Micki and loving her as her body slowly shut down. Micki was also a friend to me and a good customer when I had my shoppe. It was sad for her two daughters and yet, what a lovely way to finish up a long life here. She was 86. When I think of Micki I will always think of flowers and gardening....her passion. She would spend hours at her daughter's home in Washington planting and planning gardens when she no longer had a place of her own. She was so happy just being outside.
So how wonderful for her to make her exit in late spring when the flowers are so beautiful. I will always think of Micki with a smile as the flowers and the birds return each year.
Here's to you my friend...may you rest in peace.

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Bernideen said...

What a lovely tribute to this lady who loved flowers and reminds all of us of someone - my grandmother in fact!