Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I must say that the world of blogging is so fascinating.I'm still a blog infant, but it's an adventure to travel down the blogger path. What a creative avenue and such a fun way to share your life with friends and family plus meeting interesting new people. I enjoy reading each and every blog as it's a window into who the blogger is or what the blogger loves.I never would have dreamed this up! I know it's not all reality but who cares? I love getting lost in the word of blogging...I have always loved fairy tales, so maybe that's why I enjoy blogs!
Well, I must go back to the real world, I have a quilt retreat to run this weekend.

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fabraholic said...

Hi Linda, I agree about blogging. I miss mine, just need to take a day and get it going again! In the meantime I so enjoy reading my fav's.
Is this beautiful singer sewing machine yours? I just found my grandmothers singer, so excited!
Have fun at your retreat.