Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Dolly Post~

I enjoyed my visit last week with my dolly friends Bev and Roy. I took some things for" Show and Tell" tiny dolls. They are all so sweet and I can add tiny dolls to my collection. They sent me home with a wonderful doll book complete with patterns and all. It's a huge publication. As it's still raining, I think it will be my Sunday afternoon treat-sure can't work in the garden. I actually started a fire in the woodstove an hour ago.
Jim brought me a lovely peg head doll from Boise, Idaho. She is wonderful.I'm just fascinated with peg dolls.I may have to get another house soon for my doll collection. I have always loved dolls and always will love them!
Jim and Gina arrived at home late last night from New Mexico. Tuba the cat is just a riot and a good kitty. I haven't been able to get a good picture of him. I'm babysitting my
grandcat this afternoon...funny funny. He wants outside so badly, I may have to try to take him outside on his leash.


LaVonne said...

She is a dandy! In mourning, you suppose? She looks like a school marm to me! :-)
LOVE them all!

Terri said...

Oh it sounds like you had the most wonderful time. Isn't it fab spending time with like minded people? I love it.
I don't know very much about dolls, but yours here are really sweet. I have enjoyed visiting you today.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, your peg doll is wonderful. There is just something about her I love xoxo Clarice