Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Box Exchange = Fun Fun Fun!

I just have soooo much fun with these blogger holiday swaps! I joined up again with 521 Lake Street's swap. Last year I did the Easter swap and met sweet Erica. For the Valentine box swap this year, I was paired up with Linda. Oh what a delightful box and Linda did such a great job of filling it with all kinds of goodies. The top was so sweet, covered with blue fabric and lots of lace. I love the vintage Valentine she used for the box top. The red and white teacup paper in the background is a ME print, so I was really pleased. All the little details are just very special.

You can see the front of the box and the other gifts that were tucked into the box. Linda really was very generous with all the goodies she tucked into my box! Thank you Linda. It was all carefully packed inside. I don't know how she got everything into the box! Lucky me.

Don't you love the decorated heart shaped ornament? You can't really tell, but it's made from an aluminum heart mold....clever!

A cute little tag and look at the cool vintage  pink "novelty trim"! Linda is quite the sewer and I'm surprised she could part with the trim. I love it!

This cute vintage Valentine card was tucked into the cutest vintage envelop. Lots of crafting goodies were included. You can't see all the crafting supplies she sent to me.

I love the clear heart that she sent to me. The box of candies didn't last too long.....

Linda, how did you know I needed a pair of cute slippers? I take my shoes off in my crafting cottage and my feet get cold. These are too cute and will help keep my tootsies warm! They look like little Mary Jane slippers!

This fun magazine is from 1938 and it is a riot! Lots of stories of romance. The articles are hysterical and the graphics are just too cute. I will have to share this with my daughter!

I think it's pretty funny that we sent each other some similar or "same" items! I love it. If your take a peek at Linda's blog, you can see the box I made for her. When you join up for these swaps, you are to go to your partner's blog to get an idea of her likes or interests. It's just a fun way to get to know a new blogger friend. Thanks again Linda! 


Micupoftea said...

Oh, how nice! You deserve it. You are such a sweet heart, Linda! Thank you for the charming red Valentine, chocolate(yippee!) and Bigelow tea. Wow, what a lovely surprise <3 You sure make me feel special. Love your shaker doll. I'm wishing you a wonderful Valentine with your sweet hubby. HUGS from California :)

janice15 said...

Sounds like a fun thing to do.. Happy Holiday.. with love Janice

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh my gosh! Such fun things! I love the little heart mold with the tinsel. So sweet! And the little slippers are darling!
Swapping is so much fun...and not just for the "stuff" either!
It's such a great way to make friends.
Have a Happy Valentines Day, Linda Lou!
Erica :)

mamasmercantile said...

Yet again another great idea, a wonderful way to get to know someone. I loved all the vintage things, particularly the vintage magazine. Have a great day.

Stephanie said...

Oh how fun!! All of your goodies made me smile :) And I agree, swapping is so much fun and such a blessing to meet new friends.

Hugs to you!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great box. I really like the cover. The box of hearts is fabulous .. Keep in touch