Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tea Time Thursday # 33 Valentine Cards

When I was a little school girl, many years ago, I always bought the Valentine booklets that you had to cut and paste....even the envelopes. I guess I haven't changed too much as I love to participate in various Valentine card exchanges. This year I joined two exchanges. Here's a look at one of this year's project.

I cut out large tea cups from fun scrapbook papers and added some lace doilies and other little embellishments. I kept them kind of simple this year, but liked the way they turned out. Of course, I had to include a Valentine tea bag!

As this is Tea Time Thursday, I thought it would be fun to post some vintage Valentine cards that have a tea time theme. Victorian Valentines are my favorite, but I do love the mid century cards. Enjoy.

Can you believe that tomorrow is Valentine's Day? I have saved all my Valentine's from my Tasha Tudor group and my Afternoon Tea Across America for February 14th! I will have lots of cards to open. I will need a cup of tea or two! 


Cranberry Morning said...

What pretty Valentines!! I remember when Valentines used to all be pretty. Now, so many of them bought at the store are just cheap and ugly - and many just crude. I love your Valentines. So sweet!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet and fabulous post, Linda :) Your cards are adorable!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my wonderful friend!! Sending you Love and Hugs

Jan Richardson said...

Love, love this post!!

Joyce Olson said...

Oh so sweet for Valentines Day and for those of us who love your blog and you!
Happy Valentines Day!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Valentines Day. I like these cards. Very cool. Keep in touch

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Happy Valentine's Day! So nice stopping by to visit with you. I have just had the best time perusing many of your posts and enjoying each one. You have a lovely blog!

Kindly, Lorraine

Susan said...

Hello Linda. This post fits you to a , well, "tea." Perfect! Can't wait to try the white chocolate tea you sent.

Hope your day was a total blast. Susan